Canuck expat loses it at train ticket office

Some Gems:
“Chinese people need to learn brains.”
“It’s 2011. Chairman Mao is dead.”

And the kicker:
“See, I’m Canadian, I don’t have to shut up. Chinese people have to shut up. Canada people [sic] don’t have to shut up.”

Couldn’t be prouder to be a Canadian [shakes head]. Granted, I’ve no idea what happened before the video started capturing the argument, but JTFC that b’ys gone off, eh!?

I feel for the guy though. Obviously not for what he’s saying, that’s complete douchebag material. But I think most expats in China have felt that level of frustration at some point. The only two differences being that most of us a. didn’t lose it, and b. didn’t lose it with someone’s video phone rolling.

(h/t to Chengdoo on the Hao Hao Report)