Karate Kid or Kungfu Kid in Beijing

There are a handful of movies that define the obsessions of my youth, but few moreso than The Karate Kid. Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi, wax on/wax off, Sweep the Leg — these things had me running around my neighbourhood pretending to be a ninja until I discovered girls (and their strange lack of admiration for ninjas).

It was less than a year ago that I sat down and re-watched the three Karate Kid movies and enjoyed every cheesy minute of them. So, my excitement can likely be guessed when I caught the following preview for the new Karate Kid remake based in Beijing and with Jackie Chan’s shifu attempting to fill Pat Morita’s sensei role.

I’m really not sure how they work in the “Karate” angle in, or if the movie would be better named “The Kungfu Kid”; but it’s nice to see Jackie in a role that displays his wise-weathered age a bit more.

H/T to Damjan_D on Hao Hao Report