You know you’ve been in China too long when…

You know you have been in China too long when:
You start shaving your eyebrows and stop shaving everywhere else;
You don’t know the conversion between CNY and USD;
You send back ice water for hot water;
You have a stock pile of deodorant;

  • People ask you how young you were (几岁) when you moved to China


  • You start shaving your eyebrows and stop shaving everywhere else


  • You think American clothing is very plain


  • Everything you are wearing was purchased in China


  • You don’t know the conversion between CNY and USD


  • People ask you where you are from and you say the Chinese province/city where you live


  • Your English has a Chinese accent


  • You can speak at least one other dialect aside from Mandarin


  • You drink powder coffee


  • You can’t understand why the waitress brought you a fork and knife instead of chop sticks


  • You send back ice water for hot water


  • You throw out your self tanners and carry an umbrella in sunny weather


  • You talk about movies and music in terms of things that are popular (in china) and things you heard are popular in America


  • You like ankle hose with sandals and a skirt


  • Your favorite beer is named after a place in China


  • You think all occasions should be celebrated with baijiu 白酒 and beer


  • You think Great Wall wine is high class


  • You add 7-up 七喜 to your wine


  • You married a Chinese person


  • You consider not buying diapers for your children


  • You play ping pong and badminton on a regular basis


  • You hear someone say “laowai” and look around not realizing he/she is talking about you


  • You can’t remember how to drive a car


  • You think a balanced meal must have rice, noodles or mantou


  • You like rice for breakfast and eggs for dinner


  • Your Chinese friends ask you to bargain for them


  • You don’t look before you cross the road


  • You talk to strangers while you are using the bathroom


  • You have never heard of any of the new English songs at KTV


  • You get excited about mid-autumn festival but forget about Halloween


  • You write the date yyyy/mm/dd when you sign your name on English documents


  • You think of months in terms of 1-12 instead of Jan-Dec


  • You drink gan mao cha 感冒茶 (南方) or banlangen 板蓝根 when you have a cold


  • You think women must be married by 30


  • You don’t think it’s weird to speak to other westerns in Chinese


  • You have a stock pile of deodorant and other western luxuries (because you don’t know when you’ll go back)


  • You talk about the China before there were so many foreigners here


  • You remember China before Starbucks


  • You know why Qingdao beer is spelled TsingTao and think it’s odd other people can’t pronounce it


  • You know what CAN, PEK, TAO mean


  • You make fun of Chinese people who speak funny Mandarin