Potcast: first-hand account on doing time in a Chinese jail

Doing time in China

I’m not sure if it’s fitting or unseemly that I should be posting this today, April 20th, but here we are. A couple years back I remember reading about a foreigner who spent seven months in a Chinese jail. Other than a passing, “man that sucks,” I didn’t think much more about it. I certainly didn’t think it was anyone I *knew* (however loose I can use that term).

It wasn’t until I stumbled across a recent The Shape of Things to Come podcast, dubbed “Fear and Loathing in China“, that I put the pieces together and realized the subject of the podcast and the original Danwei article is someone I’ve known (in a virtual sense) nearly since I arrived in China.

You can listen to the full podcast below. Though long-time China blogsphere residents will no doubt be able to sort out who “Marvin Moses” is, lets leave the identity out of the comments.

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Further Reading

There are no shortage of foreigners incarcerated (or previously incarcerated) in China, here’s a bit of additional reading on the topic:

  • New Zealander Danny Cancian, who spent 5 years in a Chinese prison for manslaughter when a restaurant fight turned ugly.
  • Australian Carl Mather, who was convicted of assault in January of this year after attempting to resist four people who barged into his Chinese apartment, while he carried his three-year-old daughter in his arms.
  • Lockie Campbell, the subject of National Geographic’s Locked-Up Abroad: My Dad the Smuggler, who was pinched with a toddler’s weight in hash and served 12 years for it.
  • This unknown New Zealander, on death row after being arrested in Shenzhen in 2009.
  • American “Lionel Carver”, though not quite the Oz-like quality of the above articles, the story of this expat’s experience is a good reminder for any foreigners pushing the legality of their stay in China.