China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson heating up Spanish poll

Photo from China Daily

Photo from China Daily

In rare form, I happened by the China Daily Web site and noticed a large picture with a caption stating, “Jiang Yu is among the most beautiful women in politics…” leading to an article lauding China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s appearence in a user-created poll at Spanish newspaper

The poll has visitors rating the world’s most beautiful women in politics on a scale of 1 to 5. The China Daily article had Jiang Yu at 45th on Thursday, but as of this writing she was down to 55th – trailing both Hillary Clinton (43rd) and Sarah Palin (32nd).

I don’t think I’m stepping too far out of line when I say that politics has more to do than it should with looks and image, and some of these (obviously very strong and intelligent) women have it to spare. But Jiang Yu? Wait… but Sarah Palin?

What I find more interesting is that while many of the countries represented had numerous sufficently beatiful women to be considered in the 65-person poll, China’s sole entrant was Jiang. Does China suffer from a lack of beautiful women in politics, or just a lack of women in politics in general?