Xinhua featuring weird science, poor grammar and hybrid boobs

It’s tough being a Chinese press agency. It’s even tougher being the Chinese press agency. Everyone’s just waiting for you to stumble, people label you as a “mouthpiece”, call you “unethical” and “biased”, and dub you “pseudo-journalists”; but through it all you staunchly hold your head high and publish this:

Xinhua hybrid report

Xinhua editors must have felt the much-truncated rewrite of a Daily Mail article was lacking a bit of punch. Rather than add some generic “scientist and microscope” shot like the (boring old) Daily Mail did, Xinhua bravely chose to liven things up with, really the only thing you can, a photo of the naked human/non-human hybrid from Splice.

Is August some sort of goofy picture month in China media circles? It was almost exactly 4 years ago to the day that Xinhua used an image of Homer Simpson’s brain to illustrate a breakthrough in identifying the cause of multiple sclerosis.

Just one question, if Xinhua is the mouth-piece for the boys in Zhongnanhai, and they can pull off getting nipple on their Web site, does this mean everyone’s lightening up on nudity? Or must it be the human/non-human hybrid kind?