Guy dances across China in 100 days, goes viral

I danced and filmed all over, including: Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'An, Lhasa (Tibet), Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang, and Hong Kong. In some locations I had 100+ people gathered around my camera taking pictures and videos on their phones.

The video is somewhat reminiscent of Matt Harding, who pretty much remains the be-all/end-all dance-around-the-world guy. That said, in just a week and a half since G…

Chinese visa

Clarity on new visa classes from Ministry of Foreign Affairs notice

Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a bilingual notice that spells out China's new visa structure.

Beijing-based immigration lawyer Gary Chodorow has published an article highlighting some of recent changes in the Chinese visa structure in an easy-to-read layout.

The post breaks down the most common visas, explaining both what the previous law and the new statue/regulations are, as well as providin…

Thousands stranded at Guangzhou train station due to landslide. Photo nandu.com.

Avoid Guangzhou train station, 80,000 stranded after landslide

From the Global Times:
Train service of Guangzhou Railway Station, a rail hub in south China, has been suspended after landslides blocked a railway artery linking Guangzhou and Beijing, Guangzhou Railway Corporation said on Sunday.

The company could not confirm when the train service could resume.

More than 80,000 passengers would not be able to board their trains, according to the company's estimates.

Beijing Airport. Photo by Luke Blacks.

Travel Advisory: Chinese airport security beefed up, expect delays

In addition to SWAT officers being deployed to the capital's airport, explosive checks are being carried out at both the arrival and departure halls, with security personnel swiping palm-sized testing paper on passengers' luggage.

Shanghai's Pudong and Hongqiao international airports have been checking for explosives at exits and entrances since Sunday, according to the Shanghai Airport Authority, which opera…

Photo by James M. Turley

China Daily foreigner photographer contest

The China Daily has announced a contest for foreigners interested in spending two weeks travelling around to some of China's best tourist attractions -- all expenses paid.
A FREE trip to China’s top tourist attractions, including Mogao Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the picturesque city of Hangzhou and its must-see West Lake! You can also feel the economic pulse in the world-renowned small commodity tr…


Warning to watch your carry-on luggage, thieves take to the air

Philippines-based tour operator, A3 Tours & Travel, recently posted the following story on their Facebook page from a passenger on a Hong Kong flight. The tl;dr of it is that you should not naively believe your carry-on luggage is safe in the overhead bins -- the contents might not just have shifted during flight, they might have been lifted.

As many of us routinely fly, and specifically fly the flights li…

Daniel Lau's "Wave of the Day" Barrel [photo: Jesse Warren]

A weekend of sun, sand and surf in China

Growing up on the Great Lakes in Southern Ontario, surfing was always an abstract thing. It was something you did in video games, or watched in movies. It was exotic and a bit magical.

This past weekend the family and I had an opportunity to attend China's longest running surf competition, the 2012 Skullcandy Surfing Hainan Open. I'll admit, I had no idea what to expect, but ended up having a blast.

The eve…

Darci Liu waiting for her longboard final heat at the 2011 Surfing Hainan Open

2012 Surfing Hainan Open, celebrating 5th anniversary

Surfing Hainan Open, China's longest running surf competition, hits the shores of Hainan's picturesque Riyue Bay this November 4-5.

For the first time ever, competition organizers are expecting the lion's share of the 40 competitors to be Chinese nationals; a big milestone for the sport, which is just starting to come into its adolescence in China.

Commenting on the event, Surfing Hainan founder and event organ…

A tour bus enveloped in flames after rear-ending a container truck on an expressway near Beijing on Oct 1, 2012. [Photo from weibo.com/lifecuc]

German tour bus catches fire in Beijing–6 dead, 14 injured

Tragic news out of Beijing today. A bus carrying a German tour group was engulfed in flames after rear-ending a truck on a highway near Beijing. Current reports indicate that six people have died, and a further 14 are injured.

While the identities of the victims have not yet been released, five of the dead are reportedly Germans, and one Chinese.

The joint Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday/Golden…


Assaulted on Qixi

Women 'assaulted' during festival

China Daily - Several women were sexually assaulted on Thursday during festivities to mark a local water festival in the island province of Hainan, according to eyewitnesses. Around 8:30 am, several men tried to touch some women's breasts, tearing their clothes during celebrations in Qixian Square, Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county.
Li Min, a tourist from Wanning in …