Feedup with Feedburner

In a last ditch effort to get my feeds working again, I wrote Feedburner. Their response, despite not being what I was hoping for, was at least honest. They’ve basically given up, and so shall I.


Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have any new information to share and any blocks you noticed a week or two ago are likely to still be in place. We’re working with Google China staff to see if any possible resolution might be available, but the only ‘workaround’ to try at this point would be something like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2864 (gladder) for potential subscribers.

We will be sure to post something in the Known Issues and Workarounds section of FeedBurner Forums should a significant update become available. If you need to get publishing now, however, we suggest you seek other alternatives.

Thanks for your persistence,

Matt Shobe
Google Support – FeedBurner

So, I’m going to implement some of the (mostly in-house) alternatives that I discussed previously, and say farewell to Feedburner, at least until the realizes they’re being assholes and blocking a service that really needs not be blocked.

For anyone that’s still using our http://feeds.feedburner.com/LostLaowaiBlog feed, please make sure you update it to http://www.lostlaowai.com/commentary/blog/feed. Sorry for the inconvenience.