So what if the gunman was Chinese?

As most everyone with Internet, cable, a radio or a newspaper knows by now – there was a terrible shooting at Virginia Tech University yesterday where a man shot and killed 32 people, injuring 15 others.

What’s quickly coming to light is that the killer was very likely a 25-year-old Chinese man in the US on a student visa.

It’s interesting to me, as this morning when I first heard about the shooting, and well before anything about a Chinese connection had been released, I immediately pictured the Chinese reaction: “Yet another loony shooting people in that overly violent America.”

Everything here, media-wise at least, comes with a bit of hype-and-deflectionism. To see if my thoughts were right, I baited my Chinese wife, by explaining to her what happened and leaving out the fact that the nutjob was ‘Asian’. As expected she was quick to comment that stuff like that was always happening in the US.

I added the shooter was ‘Asian’… she lost her “so typical” momentum.

Now, when it becomes certain that a Chinese national was responsible for ‘the deadliest shooting rampage in American history‘, I am quite curious how it will go down in the media here. At a guess, it’ll either be glossed over, or used to support the idea that America, with its degenerate culture, is quite capable (in only eight short months no less) to pollute an otherwise good Chinese’s mind and turn him into a killer.

Anyone want to put bets on CS taking some of the heat?

No matter how it turns out, the whole thing is going to lead to galvanized gross-misrepresentations of things, stupid comments regarding allowing foreign students into a country, and a good lot of extrapohating.

Still, all the numerous deaths in other parts of the world don’t make for near as good headlines – in the US or in China.

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