Group Writing Project: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

I ran across a blog post over at Dalian blogger Kim’s great new spot, East-West Station, and it got me thinking. In the post, entitled “The Years BC“, Kim recounts the (often entertainment-industry induced) rather skewed knowledge he had of China before moving here last year. He shares tales of stereotypes, evil villains, kung-fu legends … Read More »

The First Honest Apartment Advertising in China

In American suburbia, like the one I grew up in, new housing developments fell into two categories: those named after the streams and hills which they drained/bulldozed to develop, and those named using esoteric Celt words that sound mysterious and intoxicatingly inviting. The apartment buildings Chinese developers are popping up makes good ol’ Plum Run … Read More »

Get A Job – We’ll Help

I’ve just added a brand-spankin’-new feature to Lost Laowai – A China Jobs Board! And like most job boards, it features jobs. Neat eh? Though initially most jobs will very likely be of the ESL nature, it’s by no means limited to such, and all businesses looking for laowai to fill positions in their company … Read More »

The Kids are Alright . . . Or are they?

Before I begin, a quick note about my last post, on How to Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs Online. It seems as though there have been some intermittent problems, but for the most part, I think I can generalize and say it’s working now. So be sure to send it along to friends who might … Read More »

Lost in Pinyin-ation

While in the Shanghai Museum a month ago, I picked up a museum guide flier “Treasures in museum’s collection” which featured this instantly forgettable sentence: “Yuan Ji (Shi Tao), Zhu Da (Bada Shanren), Kun Can (Shi Xi), and Zhan Jiang (Hong Ren) were the four monk painters of the late Ming and early Qing period.” … Read More »

The Binge and Purge of Chinese Politics

Hi, my name is Zheng Xiaoyu, and the reason I look so happy is that I’ve just won a no-expense paid trip to visit my ancestors. That’s right folks, I have been awarded the coveted title of 2007 Chinese Scapegoat of the Year – an honour unlike any other. I mean, I had wished and … Read More »

Hao Hao Report: New Look – New Features

As many of you likely know, Lost Laowai runs a sister site, The Hao Hao Report. HHR is a social bookmarking site for all us sinophiles that just love reading blog posts and news about China. Essentially it works the same as other social bookmarking sites (digg, netscape,, etc.), whereby community members submit links … Read More »

Live in China: Watch Hockey Playoffs Online

Of all the countless things that us Canadian Laowai miss about being at home, missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs has to rank way up there — right along side real maple syrup and Anne Murray. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw that CBC was going to stream the playoffs live on their website. Wow! … Read More »

Our Harmonious Society

By now, just about all laowai should have heard of our “Harmonious Society“. The first time I saw those words was about three years ago, in Chinese, written in huge font on a billboard along the road just after the Lupu Bridge in Pudong, Shanghai. At the time the sign was an anomaly, but within … Read More »

Welcome to the “It’s not summer yet” purgatory

It’s been pretty hot today: a reported 30 degrees Celsius (that’s 86 Fahrenheit, if you prefer to count it that way), coupled with near 70% humidity that is tempered only slightly by a gentle, warm breeze. No complaints from me whatsoever. Being from the U.K., where the number of summer days can be counted on … Read More »

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