You know you’ve been in China too long when…

People ask you how young you were (几岁) when you moved to China


You start shaving your eyebrows and stop shaving everywhere else


You think American clothing is very plain


Everything you are wearing was purchased in China


You don’t know the conversion between CNY and USD


People ask you where you are from and you say the Chinese province/city where you live


Your E…

Women’s Bathrooms in China — The Honest Truth about Chinese Toilets

I know, everyone always comments on Chinese toilets - they are on the floor, big deal. Well, most of those people who write about the Chinese facilities are men, and let's face it, when it comes to bathrooms, men have it easy. So here is what really goes on behind the 女 door.

Are Chinese bathrooms dirty? Yes! But Chinese people have clean hands.
There is a difference in the cultural ideas of cleanliness here.

Laowai Girls like Asian Boys

When people think of "Rice Chasers" the common thought is of non-Asian men chasing Asian women. In fact, it’s often believed that Asian men are the most discriminated against by white women (dating wise). No one ever really thinks about crazed non-asian girls chasing after Asian men. I guess those people have never been to an Anime (multimedia) convention. While it’s not very common now to see a laowai girl with a Ch…

The Urban Legends among Foreign Students

I'm sure everyone has heard the story of the friend of a friend from X country at X university in China, and the story is so remarkable you almost don't believe it.  Here are a couple I've picked up from different people, I don't know if they are true or not. They are both very motivating.


The turtle wins the race

So when my roommate was studying in Beijing before she came to Xi'an, there was a foreign guy…

Flash Dancing

It’s fairly common knowledge that Chinese people like to perform.  If you ever go to a school “dance” in China, you will sit in the audience and watch people perform on stage.  The other day I was walking on the busiest shopping street in Qingdao, when I witnessed another kind of performance, Chinese “flash" 快闪 dancing.

 Apparently these people met online and set a time.  Then at said time they all suddenly got in…

VERY Literal Chinese – and my gummy worms

I absolutely love the simplicity and practicality of the Chinese language.

This means that I can read medical journals in Chinese that I can’t even understand in English. Chinese pretty much puts complicated vocabulary into layman's terms. For example the Coccyx is the 尾臀骨 [wěi tún gǔ] or the “tail butt bone,” and Hepatopathy is 肝病 [gān bìng] or “liver illness.” Though this also means I feel really stupid when my …

Confessions of a Chinese Language Student

Chinese is a really difficult and frustrating language to learn, but it always helps to laugh at yourself to get you through the process.
My confessions 我的自白:

I have, in frustration, banged my head against my Chinese textbooks.
I’m pretty sure I’ve ruined my eyesight by staring at Chinese characters for too long.
I once got frost nip on my toes from studying for too long in my unheated Chinese apar…

An introduction to Jade – Feicui

Not your typical blog post, but I hope you find it useful

Everywhere in China you can find Jade. They sell it in street corners, in subway stations, in supermarkets, and in jewelry stores. Some Jade costs as little as 1 yuan and some as much as 100k+ yuan. Whether it’s black, blue, green, yellow or white, Jade is very shiny and alluring, though it’s often a mystery to foreigners and Chinese people alike.…

Hungry in China

People always worry able how they’ll be able to survive in China without being able to speak the language. Simple tasks like ordering food can be a challenge, especially in areas with few foreigners. This shouldn’t be discouraging though. You may get a little hungry, you may order some unexpected things, but you will survive and probably come away with some interesting stories as well. Here is how I survived my first…