French expat brutally assaulted by 7 Chinese in Shanghai [Updated]

Shanghaiist is reporting that a French man was attacked outside Bar 88 on Fumin Lu in Shanghai early last Monday morning (June 10th). The unprovoked assault took place as the victim was getting in a taxi after exiting the club shortly after 4 a.m.

French man assaulted in Shanghai. Photo from Shanghaiist.

French man assaulted in Shanghai. Photo from Shanghaiist.

The incident was captured on video (embedded below) by Shawn Kregan, who happened to be outside the bar eating some chuan’r when the attack took place.

Kregan, who filmed the video at considerable risk, happened to be outside Bar 88 enjoying some kebabs on the street. He noticed a group of Chinese men having some kind of debate amongst themselves, and “we were wondering what was going on,” he says.

20 minutes later, “a tall French guy with a blue t-shirt with his girlfriend came down the stairs together from Bar 88,” says Kregan. “The couple [got] into the taxi and the group of Chinese guys ran towards the taxi and started beating him inside the taxi and proceeded to drag him out of the taxi. Once outside, two of them beat one of his friends, and the other five or six ganged up on the main victim and started violently beating him and screaming insults at the top of their voice.”

One of the guys was armed with a small knife and took a swipe at Thomas, but fortunately missed, says Kregan.

The attackers soon fled from the scene, and the police arrived within ten minutes. Kregan accompanied the French man who was bleeding and in extreme pain to the police station. (source)

It may not be coincidence that the attack happened just days before a similarly senseless assault on Chinese students occurred in France. The attack, which occurred in the village of Hostens in southwestern France, has been widely criticized on Chinese social networks since taking place last Friday night.

Correction: The original post confused the two attacks, placing the Shanghai attack after the Hostens attack. This is not the case; the attack in France occurred after the attack in China.

Update Jun 19/13: China Daily reports four people have been detained related to this attack, and a fifth is still being sought. “It’s just a civil case caused by a dispute on the dance floor,” the spokesman said. “It has nothing to do with racism or the recent attack of Chinese students in southwestern France,” said a spokesman for the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.