New Buy-Sell-Trade sites for expats in Shanghai, Beijing

Expats in Beijing and Shanghai now have two new options for buying/selling/trading their gear. and +

The two sites were created by the expat behind the Sinolicious and KalanStar blogs, and aim to provide foreigners living in or moving to China’s two largest expat hubs with a free and easy-to-use method of getting and getting rid of their stuff.

“As communities go, China’s expat ones are highly fluid and transient. This being the case, members come and go often and either need to get a bunch of dongxi for their homes or off-load a bunch of dongxi when they eventually move on,” explained the sites’ founder. “Unfortunately, the staple buy and sell sites that many expats are familiar with are not very useful within the middle kingdom. Some online communities, particularly forums, have added some buy and sell sections but the nature of forums is less than ideal for advertising and shopping.”

Features at a Glance:

  • All basic ads are for 30 days and are free.
  • Each listing can list all contact information, including street address and Google maps.
  • Each ad can contain up to 5 photos of the item, service, or business you wish to promote.
  • No membership required to contact the ad’s owner (buyer/seller).

Additionally, for businesses or people who wish to add a bit of extra promotion to their item or service, a $10 USD paid package allows ads to be placed for a period of 90 days and contains some additional display features.

As the sites have just launched, there is currently not much content on them. However, the sites’ founder expects this to change quickly as word spreads through the expat communities in Beijing and Shanghai of the new service.