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While there are many excellent China expat communities, most tend to focus on a specific geographical region of China, thus leaving folks in other parts of the country somewhat marginalized. Since its inception in 2006, Lost Laowai has striven to be a nation-wide meeting point for foreigners in China.

In the years since it started as a small blog, the site has grown to become a well-known and respected source of news, information and opinions on topics relevant to living, working and travelling in China. We’ve now set our sights on expanding that usefulness by developing a more formal community. Some of the features that this includes are:


Whether you’re a new parent looking for advice about raising kids in China, an entrepreneur looking for expat networking opportunities, or a small group of ESL teachers in otherwise expat isolation — we are here to provide you with a way to connect to others with similar interests.

Share Knowledge

We pride ourselves on bringing the China 牛B‘s to the China n00bs. Whether you have a question to ask, or some knowledge to drop, we are eager to have you involved. Commenting on articles is open to everyone, but the site’s more exciting features are limited to members only.

Exclusive Deals

Lost Laowai occasionally receives special offers from various services geared towards China expats and travellers. We are always eager to pass on these deals to our members via coupons, special access or fun contests. Just another benefit of being a member.

In truth there are a lot of reasons to join, but the best one? It’s free and easy. Wait, is that two?

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