Review: You are the Apple of My Eye

– Apparently it is movie week here at Lost Laowai, because I have another recent Chinese flick to review. In an effort to help learn Chinese I always ask my students about good recent movies. Let’s be honest, most Chinese movies us foreigners hear about are either political or kung-fu based. However, I’m interested in the … Read More »

Prostitutes and Full Immersion Learning

– The best thing about learning the language of a country you are living in is full immersion learning. Everyone is a potential teacher, and everything around you is your learning materials. I really learned this lesson during a recent trip to Beijing. It was a weekend, and all the hostels were sold out so we … Read More »

Review: The New Lonely Planet China. Is it Worth it?

– If you’re planning a trip, or living in China, chances are you own a Lonely Planet guidebook. In the past, using LP showed the world you were young and crazy, and would rather stick toothpicks in your eyes than hit up the main tourists spots with all the other blue-hairs. (Or as others saw you: … Read More »

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