Getting a Tattoo in China

– Tattoos are getting more popular — even in China, where they are traditionally frowned upon in all but one instance — and some of the more daring among you might be tempted to venture out into the darkened hutongs of whatever city you teach English in and find someone to stick needles into your skin. … Read More »

Safety During Spring Festival

– This past week, while many people were out celebrating the Spring Festival holiday, I was stuck in my apartment with a disease I might fairly compare to demon possession in terms of severity. The upside of this condition was that I got to spend a lot of quality time listening to, watching, and being startled … Read More »

There Will Be…What?

– Last night, I had nothing to do and no classes this morning, so I popped in a pirated copy of There Will Be Blood. About halfway through, I decided to turn on the Chinese subtitles, since I’d seen the movie before anyway, but I was pretty surprised at what I found, and parts are pretty … Read More »

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