China bans Pringles and Fanta

– In some brief news unrelated to the earthquake, the Mother Jones blog has reported that Pringles and Fanta are now banned in China because of toxins.  You need to watch out for the berry-flavored version of Fanta, the rest are apparently ok.  Also, Chinese officials found an infestation of beetles in Nestle’s coffee flavor.  Mmm, … Read More »

Mum’s the Word

– There’s this spot on my university campus that we’ve taken to calling “The Makeout Garden.” During the day it’s like any spot of green on the grounds of the ivory tower – a blip of green to contrast with the blase bathroom-tiled buildings of academic boredom. It’s full of elderly people performing taiji and students … Read More »

The 411 on Your New Job

– Chinese skills that develop so quickly it’s like they’re on steroids. Reading essays that provide a glimpse into this strange country. Blossoming friendships with students named Gorge, Pudding, and Glenn Chestnut. Oh, the glamorous life I led in my head before I actually started teaching. If you’re like me or several of my friends, and … Read More »

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