Rule Of Law

– Just got back from the Dalian beer festival, Xu Zhiyong was arrested, The piss ran in streams from the urinals, And not a soul protested, Here we are in the land of the dragons, Xu Zhiyong was arrested, Maybe Hu’s words got lost in the Jargon, Cause not a soul protested, The rule of law, The rule of law, … Read More »


– We have come for various reasons, in a variety of guises from different places, with the educations and habits of our homelands as guides in our judgment of the world. We interpret what we find here, in the peerless republic of China, according to standards and assumptions formed in distant cauldrons of human experience and … Read More »

Words on Paper, Words on Walls

– Got my copy of Charter 08, bilingual, with the names of 300 supporters affixed. At the very least it is food for thought and fodder for conversation and that can go a long way in a country where words, printed, spoken, recorded, sculpted, etched, molded, callagraphised, stamped, blasted, tatooed, broadcast and fired like blazing arrows into the throng are … Read More »

The Faith of the Fooled

– In the people of the United-States of America and the People’s Republic of China we have two examples of a citizenry brazenly immune to the betrayals visited upon them by their political leaders. After 8 years of Bush chaos, death and destruction, a Republican candidate still stands a good chance of seceding him at the … Read More »

The O’Pimpics

– Three days to go, the country is primed, factories temporarily closed, cars off the roads, the algea invasion temporarily stymied, battalions of garbage collectors pulled back from the urban front-line, peddlers of counterfeit goods pushed further underground, city streets beautified, foreign media covering China like they just found out it’s there, the delegations of diplomats … Read More »

Foreign Abject

– I’ve lived in a few countries, travelled through some more, went to school, made friends, associated or worked with people from all over the world and have learned languages that were never spoken by any of my ancestors, but not before I crossed into the People’s Universe of China, had the concept of someone or … Read More »

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