Taoism in modern times

– In October of 2010, I was invited to take a welcome break from my life on the hamster wheel that is Shanghai, and visit Jinhua’s famous Taoist temple and caves. I was very excited by this invitation, partly because of my interest in Taoism and its place in Chinese culture, and partly because I had … Read More »

What’s up Doc?

– A favourite thread for the ‘China ranter’, surely, is the enormous gulf between rich and poor in this society supposedly forged through class struggle; and the inequality this imposes. It wouldn’t be a huge leap of faith to guess that another area that draws criticism among expat ranters and others is the health care system … Read More »

Riding the Chinese Railway: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

– I am in some doubt as to where I stand on taking the train for long-distance journeys in China. I have in the past found myself admiring the rail networks ability to transport you to the farthest corners of the country, provided with food, water, and a place to lie down and sleep. On other … Read More »

Xenophobia on the Shanghai underground

– We expats have a strange relationship with the phenomenon of xenophobia. These occasional encounters of the red-neck kind are a two-edged sword for us bloggy types. They can be a morale-sapping reminder of inescapable ‘otherness’, whilst providing excellent grist for the expat mill, that sees us shaking our heads at the nonsensical society we have … Read More »

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the water, Jim lad.

– Fortunately during these difficult times, the forces of harmonious ascent onto the global stage have an ally. Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals, and obviously recognize the importance of China’s role in international trade to the ‘greater good’ of the planet as a whole. As such, a large task force of Anti-Pirate Dolphins has been … Read More »

The Story of the White Snake – reviewed.

– When I started writing a blog, I didn’t anticipate that I would end up reviewing a Chinese TV series filmed in the early 1990’s. The reason I decided to write the review is that, like a lot of expats living in China, I had viewed a lot of homegrown TV with a kind of resigned … Read More »

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