Weird Things That I Got Used to in China, Part II

– Part 2 of my two-part rip off of a Forbes article of a similar name.  Did I mention there are two parts?  This is the second one (of two). 7. The Internet I’m a freedom-loving American, so the whole idea of the The Great Fire Wall is a great annoyance to me and my values.  It … Read More »

Weird Things That I Got Used to in China, Part I

– Today I read part 1 of the Forbes China Tracker Blog article Weird Things That People Get Used to in China (a translation of a Chinese article on NetEase).  I suppose it is about things that Chinese people get used to, but since I’m leaving soon (countdown: 4 days), I figured I’d write one based on the … Read More »

Google and the Illegal Flower Tribute

– At this point, everyone knows about Google’s decision to channel Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” and more or less say “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” when it comes to complying with China’s internet censorship laws.  In its January 12 blog post, Google stated that the company does in fact recognize … Read More »

Chinese Graduates’ Lives Destroyed by Manila Envelopes

– I recently read this NYT article on missing student records and became infuriated.  In short, the article is about recent graduates from various universities, who came from poor families, worked incredibly hard to set the foundations for their futures, only to find that their entire academic records (high school grades, college grades, test scores, proof … Read More »

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