My Brush with China Daily Hong Kong

– Recently a friend forwarded my name to a freelance reporter for the China Daily Hong Kong edition. Yes, like many of you, I didn’t know China Daily had a Hong Kong edition …more on that later. The Canadian born Chinese China Daily reporter emailed me a list of questions regarding English teaching and English use … Read More »

Fakes abroad, why not at home, too?

– I vividly remember my first trip to Xi’an to view the Terracotta Warriors a few years ago.  We took a public bus from Xi’an about an hour away to the site and I remember seeing dozens of factories lining the highway that showed off their wares: phony but authentic looking Terracotta warriors!  This got me … Read More »

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside?

– As a regular air traveler to and from Beijing, I read with much interest the details of the new Beijing terminal that was showcased yesterday. I have no doubt the “design is gorgeous”. I have no doubt that the “design is world-class.” And since it’s China (quality control anyone?), I’m sure they built it really … Read More »

In China, being prepared isn’t always enough

– I consider myself a veteran when it comes to backpacking in China. I’ve spent the last four years doing it and it’s taken me all over the country. I think I’ve pretty much seen it all, smelled it all and experienced it all. Needless to say, nothing surprises me now. Having said all that, I … Read More »

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