Eager? Or Just Inappropriate?

– The scene should be familiar to all who have lived in China for awhile: You’re out at a cafe or bar with a group of friends, having a beer and a few laughs (or is that a few beers and a laugh?). A Chinese man, or woman, approaches your table and asks to speak. He … Read More »

我有事: Suuuuuure

– For a terrible liar like myself, coming up with excuses for missing class was never easy. I always tried to strike a balance between telling the unvarnished truth and not being too evasive, but didn’t always succeed. Going to high school in the States, saying “I had things to do” simply didn’t suffice. Explanations like, … Read More »

Bad News for Baijiu

– According to The New York Times, some Chinese officials are now requiring party cadres to submit to sobriety tests in the afternoons in an effort to curtail baijiu-soaked “liquid lunches”. The reasoning behind the measure is sound- these lunches are paid for by the public purse, and having a large amount of government officials spending … Read More »

Fallacies In Learning Chinese

– Hello all – this is Matt signing in. Perhaps, like me, you’re beginning a new semester studying Chinese, or else you’re wondering whether or not you should start. That’s the easy part- go for it! Whether you’re living and working in China or are planning to do so at some point, learning Chinese will give … Read More »

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