On Trusted Laowai Voices

– While taking a break from my usual browsing of lolcats and youtube videos, I stumbled across this post by Shaun Rein entitled How to Deal with Piracy in China. I’m not especially familiar with Rein*, but once I ascertained that he was a businessman in China for the long haul, I felt that I could … Read More »

An American in China via Japan

– As someone who has just shown up in Japan by way of China, this China via Japan series over on Going Loco in Yokohama is pretty fascinating to me. China via Japan Pt 1 China via Japan Pt 2 China via Japan Pt 3 It looks like there might be more installments of this series … Read More »

6 Crazy Chinese Animal Mutations

– or Why I prefer Japanese Food After seeing what some people in China are willing to feed to human babies, it’s no wonder that so many animals in China are going the way of Blinky the 3-eyed fish on the Simpsons. Now I love Chinese food as much as the next guy, but I gotta … Read More »

Pretentious Chinese

– I was watching this video (see below) of some dude reading a Chinese passage. I don’t know about you, but when I hear Chinese spoken in this way it gives me that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling. Sorry no, it gives me that I-want-to-kick-you-in-the-nads feeling. Read More »

Some people you know can’t believe, Dalian, we have a Gaelic Football team!

– ***Cross-posted on PandaPassport.com. Re-posting here, in an effort to help out some fellow Laowai in China. Yeah, you heard me. A gaelic football team in China. If you don’t know what gaelic/Irish football is, that doesn’t really matter so much. Just check it out below in the video. Long story short, there’s a team here … Read More »

Chinese Tourists accidentally buy 600lb chunk of Nuclear Waste

– Because Chinese can be Lost Laowai too, can’t they? Three men – one of whom is surnamed Liu, while the other two are surnamed Wang – purchased a glittering “treasure” for $2,000 in Kyrgyzstan. They brought it back to Xinjiang, hoping to make a fortune by selling it. Because they knew nothing about the 274-kg … Read More »

Eddie Romero: Hero or Douchebag?

– The Story Pastor/Professor Eddie Romero came to Beijing to “speak for those who can’t speak for themselves,” i.e. imprisoned dissidents Hu Jia or Shi Tao and others. He did some guerilla mural painting in a few Beijing hotel rooms, which is pretty ballsy for sure. Check out one of his videos below. Lets be thankful … Read More »

Chinese Soccer Team Welcomes You

– Floating around on the internet right now is a rare example of Chinese self-deprecating humor. It’s a parody of the Beijing Welcomes You song, which makes fun of the poor performance of the Chinese men’s soccer team. It’s called 国足欢迎你 or the National Soccer team Welcomes You, and particularly funny is how they take “our … Read More »

Using a VPN to beat Chinese Internet Censorship

– Those who are in the know in China all say that a Virtual Private Network is the way to go if you want to get around the so-called Great Firewall in China. Most VPNs cost money, but I recently found this free one that works well, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. … Read More »

Driven Mad

– I’m slowly developing a phobia for mid-afternoon taxi drivers. I’m not sure if they’re all absolute twats, or if its just me.  Can’t possibly be me. I hope not anyhow… Taking a cab between 3:30 and 4pm is easily the biggest pain in my relocated ass right now. My current schedule requires me to commute … Read More »

Hong Laowai has some serious Commie Stones

– This guy has guts. And I like him for a bunch of reasons. For those who don’t know, Hong Laowai (means “Red Foreigner”) has been a bit of an internet celeb over the past year. He stands in front of a webcam, and belts out the most ridiculous old communist propaganda tunes. But you can … Read More »

NHL Hockey Game to be shown online. In Mandarin?

– In my never-ending quest to get some damn hockey in this country, I’ve come across this article on CBC’s website: CBC’s Hockey Day In Canada will add a multicultural twist to its eighth annual broadcast on Saturday in Winkler, Man. CBC will break new ground with multi-language options available live and online exclusively at CBCSports.ca. The … Read More »

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