Water Wheel Extravaganza!

– In a previous entry on my own blog, I was a bit scathing about our local Water Wheel Park, but I had another look recently and I must admit I have revised my opinion. On a hot, sunny late September day, I took the screaming yellow 144 bus to the bridge over the Yellow RIver … Read More »

A Tale of Two Teachers

– We went to have lunch with one of Mei’s closest friends recently. There I met a lady who, after 2 years training in the early 80’s had been teaching English in high school. I soon became aware that she really didn’t have all that good a standard of spoken English, although she was perfectly understandable … Read More »

Cha Cha Cha!

– Yes, It’s another one of my original headlines! Anyway, call me a counter-revolutionary hooligan if you like, or even an old f**t (lot’s do), but I really can’t get on with Chinese tea. I send loads of the finest Tei Guan Yin, excuse my pinyin, 铁观音 to my Dad (86), who consumes it after lunch … Read More »

Skewers and Pots

– The photo you see here is the one that I cut my picture from for this blog. It shows me sitting in front of some of my favourite people, waiting eagerly for a favourite snack. The kebab (if you can call them that) seller is a happy faced guy who is always really friendly and … Read More »

Lots of love needed

– It’s been a pretty difficult day for Mei here in Lanzhou. Her much loved father passed away nearly 100 days ago, and it’s coming up to the time when she has to go back to her home village to pay her final respects at his grave, near her mother’s, in the hills behind her home … Read More »

First Bass

– What do people want to read on a blog about being a foreigner in China? As far as I am concerned, mainly because I am an artist and can’t understand such things, not all the rants and complaints, such as why “they” are so infuriatingly non-committal and sometimes even downright duplicitous. Those arguments are going … Read More »

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