A guide to using an Android smartphone in China, and how to get paid apps

– I’ve been enjoying my past few months of being a new Android user; but residing in China entails some frustrations and difficulties in getting the most out of your Google-powered smartphone – especially with regards a lack of paid apps support, and some popular apps missing from the Chinese version of the Android market. Here … Read More »

10 fantastic iPhone apps for your China life

– If you’ve gotten your paws on an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’ve likely added lots of useful apps to it. You might, however, have overlooked the fact that there are lots of apps – many by Chinese developers – that you can use daily to help find your way around, speak the language, or … Read More »

Google threatens to pull plug on Google.cn

– Google has announced that it might soon pull the plug on its operations in China, citing grave concerns over some recent, bizarre hack attacks, and lack of freedom of speech. The official notice on the main Google blog reveals that a concerted hacking attack, which originated in China, has been using phishing and malware to … Read More »

The Great Firewall: longer, higher, meaner

– The already unfortunate situation of internet censorship in China – imposed by the so-called Great Firewall – has been slowly getting worse this year, making a mockery of claims that the Olympics would open up China in terms of allowing a greater spread of communication and discussion. This year the Great Firewall has metamorphosed from … Read More »

Chinese-Cockney rhyming slang

– London, not quite my hometown, but a city I know very well, has its own peculiar culture called Cockney, which is evident as an accent, in traditional clothing, and in the idiosyncratic ‘Cockney rhyming slang’. The Cockney accent and mannerisms were famously mis-represented by the actor Dick van Dyke in the Mary Poppins movie, and … Read More »

R.I.P. YouTube in China, 2005 – 2009

– This year might well mark the death of YouTube in China. The world’s most popular video sharing website came to life in early 2005 and was bought by Google in November 2006. However YouTube has effectively died a death in China, being constantly blocked since March 24th of this year. On that date a Google … Read More »

Is Google Being Evil in China?

– The Chinese government notoriously dislikes any organisation, particularly a foreign one, communicating directly to its people – so it’s little wonder that the story of Google in China has been one of jumping through fiery hoops. This week Google has been under attack in China over internet pornography, especially with regards its ‘search suggestions’ drop-down … Read More »

An Afternoon at Shanghai Zoo

– I spent all of last weekend in Shanghai with my girlfriend, with two main purposes: to do some shopping for summer clothes; and to visit Shanghai Zoo, as my girlfriend has never seen any wild animals in the flesh, despite being quite expert on them from being addicted to CCTV-10’s nature shows and BBC natural … Read More »

The future’s bright, the future’s multi-racial

– China has called up its first black athlete in the form of 19-year-old Ding Hui, who is in fact mixed-race. The ace volleyball player (pictured, below right) has a Chinese mother and a South African father, and speaks only Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) and Hangzhouhua (the dialect of his home city, Hangzhou). It will be good … Read More »

Apple vs. China Mobile: Battle for the iPhone

– It’s the Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object. Apple, the Californian electronics firm, and China Mobile, the state-owned telecommunications giant, have been locked in a slow, secretive, yet embittered year-long struggle to release and control Apple’s iPhone in mainland China. By “control” I refer to both revenue from user contracts/subscriptions, as well as to the … Read More »

High Tech Misery: Factory Workers in China

– An American group by the name of the National Labor Committee (NLC) has just released a shocking in-depth report on working and living conditions for factory workers in one particular ‘hi-tech’ plant in Dongguan, southern China, which makes computer keyboards for Lenovo, HP, Dell, IBM, and Microsoft. The deeply alarming report was compiled after months … Read More »

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