Two car accidents at the same intersection show two amazing examples of what it’s like to live with a horseshoe up your ass.

This video was found at a relatively new blog, SinoBeat, penned by Hao Hao Report member Dentrite (Mo Yu). It offers up a good collection of topical Chinese stories by and is definitely worth a look.


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  3. holy shit. I’ve tried to think of some eloquent way to describe the sensation that I would feel if I were the poor chap in the 2nd clip, but I think “holy shit” pretty much covers it.

    There’s a fantastic intersection near the Wudaokou subway stop in Beijing that anybody who’s got an interest in modern traffic art should check out. I’ve gone to the cafe in the building overlooking the intersection from the 6th floor and just watched the marvelous symphony of destruction as half the population of China tries to squeeze their cars, buses, construction vehicles, dumptrucks, cement trucks, oil rigs, and everything else into the same space. The cinema of destruction gets all the more entertaining when hundreds of people all try to clamor through the madness.

  4. I’m not sure that the second clip is from China.
    I’ve seen it around on the non-Chinese internets before.

    Pretty crazy though, regardless of where it came from.

  5. Holy Shit, that second dude is freaking lucky. If i were if i would go home and hug my mom….man, he was this close to get smashed by those two cars….

  6. As someone who’s plays poker as a second job, I don’t believe in luck only probabilistic outcomes and the expect value of one decision over another. Sometimes life can be broken down into a series of finite probabilities and I guess this is one of them. Glad those guys got out alright.

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