Foreigners in Shanghai mess with locals just for laughs

Some foreigners in Shanghai recently took to the streets to pull off a few Just For Laughs quality gags on the locals.Read More

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Guy dances across China in 100 days, goes viral

Student Jake Gaba spent 3.5 months (100 days) in China studying Mandarin on a Dartmouth College study abroad program. To catalogue the journey he recorded himself dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” across China.Read More


Beijing State of Mind: Commie jungle where dreams are made of

There have been a lot of laowai-led China-tribute pastiche music videos circling the interwebs over the last year or so, which is why when “Beijing State of Mind” began buzzing through the tubes about a week ago, I only gave it a raised eyebrow and moved along. My bad. Filmed by one-time-laowai Mark Griffith, and starring Andrew Dougherty and …Read More


Stealing umbrellas just for laughs in Chengdu

Youtube celebrity and prankster Andrew Hales, who makes awkwardly funny videos for his channel Losing All Hope Was Freedom (LAHWF), is currently in Chengdu, Sichuan, and messing with the locals. In his first video from the city, he randomly approaches people and takes their umbrella. Reactions range from confusion to tight-fisted objection to laughter. Watch …Read More

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Video: China 1972 — Nicholas Platt’s Home Movies

I caught a link to this video in Bill Bishop’s excellent Sinocism newsletter today. The video was published back in 2010 by the Asia Society, and shows Nicholas Platt giving a voice over description of several minutes of home movies he shot in 1972 Beijing, just after the US and China resumed diplomatic relations.Read More


Video: The 党 Dynasty’s ‘We livin in Xi’an’

Credit to Beijing Cream for introducing me to the The 党 Dynasty, westside China’s latest laowai talent. Made up of friends Bro西来 (Matt Allen) and 他马特老外 (Matt Sheehan), the duo produced the following “We livin in Xi’an” video, which is as ridiculous as it is fun. Straight off the streets of Xi’an, bilingual rap duo …Read More

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Video: Epic Chinese scooter driving fail

This Chinese scooter driver learns a valuable lesson about why it’s important to practice driving your new scooter on quiet vacant streets.Read More

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Review: Learning Chinese through video with FluentU

This week FluentU (who changed their name from Fluent Fix – which personally, I liked a bit more) announced that they now have over 300 videos available for Chinese study on their site. 308, at the moment actually, and more all the time. Congratulations to the FluentU team on all that hard work! But what’s …Read More

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Laowai Style

Much to the chagrin of my dear hubby, I’ve been watching at least one Gangnam Style parody video a day. Hey, it keeps me happy. A Gangnam Style a day keeps the bad China days away! Here’s my new favorite: Laowai Style!Read More

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City of the North – a love song to Beijing

Described as “a love letter to Beijing – and all its struggles, challenges, and unexpected beauty,” the following song was written and performed by Jason Chu, an American hip-hop artist that has been living in Beijing for the last several years.

Read More

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