Here’s a great video recorded at TED2010 earlier this month in which TED curator Chris Anderson talks to Google co-founder Sergey Brin about the company’s recent statements about their China operations. You can read the whole transcript of the talk here.

Apologies for the far right-side of the video being cut off. It shouldn’t affect functionality of the embedded video and is only a minor amount of the actual video. Also, the video plays well in full-screen.


  1. He is very, very careful, and I like that. I personally believe that his intentions are really not mainly focused on profits. It’s not all about serving the Chinese people what’s best for them either.

    I also believe Brin is eager to establish Google in the Chinese market, and while Baidu is out there leading in the game, he will not give in. Having as much money as he does, he probably gets his drive from personal satisfaction, which I think he will only get once he beats Baidu. And to do that, there is no other way but to play by the rules of the government.

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