Video: Zhapu Road

This is the first time we’ve posted a video as the “Photo of the Week” here at Lost Laowai, but watching this video it has a certain photograph’s quality about it — and hell, if Flickr can allow videos, so can we! The video comes from MK Media Productions, a relatively new and cool Shanghai-based video production company run by friend and fellow laowai Jakob Montrasio. In his words: “The Zhapu Road is north of Shanghai’s bund and full of restaurants and billboards with neon lights. You get a truly asian feeling there. It must be visited when in Shanghai, both at day and night. This video was shot in approximately 3 meter height, from a Buick Van with Steadicam. The used camera was a Sony Cinealta PMW EX1. The background music is from the japanese band Yoshida Brothers.”

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  1. Hey Jakob! Serves me right for watching it on Vimeo first and then linking to it on Flickr to maintain some amount of consistency with our other Photos of the Week – completely missed that it was truncated.

    Thanks for the notice, I’ve switched it to the Vimeo one. Zhapu Rd. reminds me of a 70s-80s HK film with all the neon.

  2. Thanks a lot Ryan, Vimeo also compresses way better 😉
    I shot many more roads in that style for an upcoming feature, but the Zhapu road really stands out of all other streets in Shanghai. It’s so beautifully old-schoolr, true, true…

  3. Thanks for bringing this great video of the street where my dad was born by European parents in 1906, and where I went to see their former home in the 1970’s. It’s good to see that the flavour of old Shanghai still remains in spite of the huge changes that have taken place lately.

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