When I first saw the title of this post, “Chinese Red Army performing ‘Beat It’“, I had assumed it was just the latest attempt at a mass MJ viral tribute. Which I guess it sort of is, just with less criminals. Either way, I laughed my bits off.

The Er Hu solo around the 2:50 min mark is stellar. If you closed your eyes you’d assume it was Eddie V himself.

ChinaSmack also gave a rundown of this video, and listed a boatload more mashups using the same (or similar) PLA promotional materials. My fav. is “We Will Rock You” — the sync seems to be just a touch off, but the placement is awesome (could have done with using the same Er Hu solo though):

(h/t to AjS’ 55)


  1. Wouw, my wife and I were laughing non-stop to work this morning after viewing that madness. I have a running joke in China that whenever I see a foreign film on television dubbed in Chinese I always say to the Chinese around me: “Wa, tade zhongwen shuo de hen hao!!!”.

    Any ideas who made this??

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