City of the North – a love song to Beijing

Described as “a love letter to Beijing – and all its struggles, challenges, and unexpected beauty,” the following song was written and performed by Jason Chu, an American hip-hop artist that has been living in Beijing for the last several years.

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8-bit China – thanks Google!

I look forward to loading up Google every April 1st, but this one takes the cake. Straight from Google’s newly released Google Maps 8-bit for the NES, China:

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I’m Walkin’ Here: Consulate warns Americans to watch their step on Shanghai streets

The March edition of the Shanghai Consulate News for Americans kindly reminds its citizens not to hit cars that come to close to you, as it may lead to a “physical confrontation.” The American Citizen Services Unit has received several reports of American citizens being injured following physical altercations with drivers of automobiles within our …Read More

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Overdue Review: Factory Girls

I started writing a review of Leslie T. Chang’s “Factory Girls” several months ago when I first finished the book. Embarrassingly my attraction to shiny objects and bits of ribbon had shuffled the unfinished post into what was surely eternal-draftdom, until I happened across it this morning while doing some housekeeping here on Lost Laowai. …Read More

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Video: BASE Jumping at Tianmen Shan in China

You have to have a set of stones to don a wingsuit and jump off a mountain in China. Fortunately for all our entertainment pleasure, these guys have just such a set:

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The first time I used a squat toilet

Is successfully using a squat toilet a sign you’ve “adjusted” to life in China? I never grew comfortable with squat toilets, and the more public they were, the worse shape they were in. The absolute worst was in a public restroom in a smalltown bus station, where you had rectangle-shaped stone holes, side-by-side. No privacy. …Read More

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Review: Parfitt’s ‘Why China Will Never Rule the World’

I’m going to assume that most of the readers of Lost Laowai are the kind of people who bother to run VPNs and the kind of people who follow the China blogosphere. If so, they may have seen Troy Parfitt’s “Why China Will Never Rule the World” coming up again and again. Peking Duck, Seeing …Read More

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Fun with the 100 RMB bill

Being bright pink, the 100元 note comes across as a bit of a 2D party. That with it you can buy a boatload of stuff in cheap-as-chips China also gives it a certain fun-factor. But I’m here to tell you, there’s more!Read More

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