Jack Ma is working so that you never have to go to the bank again.Read More


Expat women in China being cheated of maternity benefits

While on paper China has some excellent maternity laws protecting expecting mothers from employers who would rather ditch them for a less baby-bearing hire, in practice this is not always the case.Read More

New 10-year multi-entry Chinese visas for Canadians announced

Starting today, Canadians will now be able to receive multiple-entry Chinese visas with a validity period of up to 10 years.Read More


Update: Suspected Canadian Christian spy in Dandong released on bail

Some positive news recently for the Canadian couple who were arrested last August in Dandong on suspicion of stealing state secrets. While husband Kevin Garratt remains in detention, his wife Julia was released on bail last week.Read More

Amazon expanding international shopping & fast shipping for Chinese consumers

Ordering from international Amazon sites is soon to be much easier for those of us living in China. The e-commerce giant has announced that starting this Single’s Day, November 11, China-based customers will be able to order from Amazon’s US, German, Spanish, French and Italian stores and have their purchases shipped to them in China.Read More

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Odd News: Foreigner in Guangzhou gets harsh sentenced for bigamy

On October 17, a 48-year-old Briton was sentenced to 5 months detention, with a 6 month suspended sentence, in a Guangzhou court for the crime of leaving his wife in the UK and living as a married couple with his Chinese business partner, Luo Ting; who was also sentenced to 4 months detention. The British …Read More

Clarity on new visa classes from Ministry of Foreign Affairs notice

Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a bilingual notice that spells out China’s new visa structure. Beijing-based immigration lawyer Gary Chodorow has published an article highlighting some of recent changes in the Chinese visa structure in an easy-to-read layout. The post breaks down the most common visas, explaining both what the previous law …Read More


Paying Taxes in China – Reprised

I’m trying to be a good citizen or resident or businesswoman or whatever you want to call me. I figure I use the things that tax money buys. I use the roads and the street lights at night. I use the parks and the heavily subsidized public transportation. So I figure it’s only right that …Read More

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Never Ending Bureaucracy

There’s always “one more thing” that wasn’t mentioned the first time around. I’m in the middle of the registration process for a client’s company. Because I know the process, and because the sole reason for hiring my personal assistant Jimmy was to have someone who stands in lines, things are going much much faster for …Read More

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5 (+1) major Job trends in China that should alert you

The latest Gallup survey says that Americans are more pessimistic about their job market while Chinese are more optimistic about theirs. Therefore, it’s a good time to understand the latest job trends in the Chinese job market and see if there is real reason for these results. Trend #1 – Naked Quitting As many as …Read More

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From Foreign Friends to Foreign Felons – new law wants your foreign fingerprints

Because living in China didn’t feel uneasy enough, a new draft law currently under review will require any foreigners staying longer than 6 months in China to have their fingerprints taken by the Entry & Exit Bureau and kept on file. China Daily: Foreigners who stay in China for more than six months will be …Read More

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One Child Policy — the great pro-life/pro-choice unifier?

A recent submission over at the Hao Hao Report has stirred up a bit of conversation about China’s One-Child Policy (OCP) and specifically an American organization that strongly opposes it. For most of my life the OCP debate was completely absent in my daily dialog. I don’t know that I ever gave it a moment’s …Read More

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