The ebb and flow of Chinese Nationalistic fervor mixed with undying “historic” hatred of the Japanese should really replace ping pong as China’s national sport.

  • Japanese & Chinese Students Fight In Shanghai: A group of drunk Japanese foreign students making noise get into a fight with Chinese students at a university in Shanghai. Two Chinese hurt, hundreds protest – singing national anthem and marching on the foreign dorm.
  • The Japanese Train Controversy: Train makes a one-minute unscheduled stop to let some Japanese passengers off to assist them in catching their plane home. Chinese netizens respond.


  1. i’m confused by the train article. i may be wrong but i don’t really see this as something akin to the bush administration quickly getting the bi laden family out of town right after 9/11, and yet reading some of the reactions you’d think it was just that.

    is their problem that they’re mad a japanese person received special treatment or that everyone else in this country is continually treated like crap? that is, are they more upset about the exception or the rule?

  2. What Japan did in the past was wrong, it is a misuse of military advantages, But China is also misusing their power over Tibetan and other minorities, so why they are still angry with Japanese

  3. I have one student when I asked him to describe himself, he started off by saying he is a Traditional Chinese boy. Then out of nowhere, and I F@*(ing hate Japanese people. Great, I promptly requested that F@*( not be used in the class and why the hate for anyone that was born from Japanese heritage? Things going back to WW2 which is about 50 years before he was born. I suggested that such hatred doesn’t work well overseas and to let it go. For 15 minutes after that it was how Japan is the worst nation. So does ‘Traditional’ translates to Racist now?

    • Probably the most useless thing you could’ve said. Don’t take their mistake out of context and into a “overseas” frame of judgment.

      Tell them it’s wrong because it’s inhuman and unhealthy to blanket-hate another group of people, not because western moral judgement. That card is wearing thin anyways, especially considering the unabashed hate speech pumped out by fox and the conservo blogger community against Muslims, Mexican immigrants…Canada…

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