American-made Optima dog food that has been imported into China is being quickly and diligently recalled due to aflatoxin contamination. If you are in China and feeding your dog Optima dry dog food – immediately stop and have your dog checked out by a vet for symptoms of liver failure (yellow/orange urine, jaundice in skin/eyes/gums, lack of appetite, excessive consumption of water, etc.).

According to Chinese representatives for Optima (or 优格狗粮 in Chinese) the food was contaminated when it was forced to be stored at a customs location in Guangzhou due to tightened gov’t regulations during the Olympic Games. The extended storage in the hot and humid summer weather of Guangzhou were the perfect conditions for aflatoxin, an extremely toxic and carcinogenic substance.

Aflatoxin contamination made the news in 2006 when a number of dogs died after being exposed to Diamond brand dog food contaminated with the liver-destroying poison.

On a personal note, this story hits home for me, as my dog is one of the many that has been exposed to the tainted Optima food. I’ll not rehash the (ongoing) story here – but for more information, please visit my blog or contact me via either site.


  1. The headline is misleading. The fact the dogfood was made in US has nothing to do with the problem. And its not really the dogfood that is doing the harm – the harm comes from the fact that Chinese Customs delays for political reasons caused the food to go bad. But the distributor in China should have known enough about this and not distributed it..

  2. USA-big big shame! even in Poland we know taht you kill for meet dog! the same like China-shame! Bush fight with terrosrit and Osama and do nothing with this problem? USA is not wild China without mercy fot people and for dogs and every animals, do sometging! SHAME!!!!

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