Vimeo unblocked at the moment — eat it up while you can

Vimeo LogoYesterday Elaine at the Shanghaiist reported a number of sites were miraculously unblocked — Vimeo, Hootsuite, VOA News. Checking now and it appears Hootsuite has re-fallen to the mighty River Crab, but Vimeo is still powering along … for now.

Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are all still unaccessible.


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  2. I never heared VIMEO before,it seems great.I baidu it,found someone said that VIMEO forbad Chinese to access because we made it overload…

  3. Yes Vimeo WAS back but unfortunately blocked again this Saturday 14th of August 2010 from 13:30pm.
    Vimeo is the only site having high quality videos even in HD and no advertising. A real pity!
    Hope it will come back…

  4. Yep- I can confirm Vimeo is not available again, as of roughly the date posted above. I’m in Beijing. Sucks too, because I had a few videos on my site and have to revise the site/ host them somewhere else. ;-(

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