New 10-year multi-entry Chinese visas for Canadians announced

Starting today, Canadians will now be able to receive multiple-entry Chinese visas with a validity period of up to 10 years.


The reciprocal agreement reached between China and Canada was announced by China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, at a Sunday press conference from the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

The new deal comes on the heels of a similar agreement between China and the US signed last November. Though it is not the free trade talks announcement that some in the Canadian business community were hoping for, according to Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast, the change will “reduce costs, cut red tape” while making life easier for Canadian companies.

The agreement will also allow similar 10-year Canadian visas to be issued to Chinese citizens, a move that may help ease tensions after Ottawa cancelled its foreign investor permanent residency visa scheme, which reportedly left more than 45 thousand wealthy Chinese with active applications in the lurch.


  1. Must the 10-year multriple-entry Chinese visas for Canadians be issued by the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada or can they be obtained at a Chinese Embassy abroad.

  2. David you can’t get Chinese visas at the embassy in Ottawa. You have to go through one of the “Visa Centers”. 3rd party companies that you pay to handle your visa application (they send them to the embassy). That said, I applied in Ottawa for a visitor visa last month and there is not 10 year option. $100 for single entry 30 day visit for me. I don’t think china will be in any rush to implement the 10 year visa. But it is still good news. . just wish it had come earlier.

      • Hey, Ryan, do you know if this visa for US passport holders can be obtained by a “regular person”. I’ve been in China for almost 13 years and the yearly visa routine has become pretty annoying and inconvenient, especially since I’ve been married to a Chinese woman for 11 of those years. Having to do this every year is just plain stupid.

        • I’m really not sure. However, I do know that the 10-year thing is simply a validity period. Once obtained, there are additional requirements for having to leave the country and re-enter under a certain period of time. For example, you could have a 10-year multiple-entry tourist visa that is only ever good for 90 day stays at a time. You may want to look into the Permanent Residence scheme available to those married to a national for more than five years and having lived in China for more than five years. More info here.

  3. Just saw this post and if you have been married for over 5 years to a national you can get a 3 year ‘Marriage” visa. I have one issued in 2014 in Guangzhou. Its a new type of visa for sure but very simple.

    Hope this helps

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