Bruce Lee, Rain and Jay Chou
When people think of “Rice Chasers” the common thought is of non-Asian men chasing Asian women. In fact, it’s often believed that Asian men are the most discriminated against by white women (dating wise). No one ever really thinks about crazed non-asian girls chasing after Asian men. I guess those people have never been to an Anime (multimedia) convention. While it’s not very common now to see a laowai girl with a Chinese guy in China, it’s becoming more common and all those old stereotypes about Asian men seem to be disappearing and fangirls are appearing.

The fanaticism with Asian men probably started with the increased availability of Asian media in America. It may have all started with Bruce Lee. Now attractive Asian men are common on American TVs and computers with boy bands, dramas, and Kung Fu movies.

After I studied abroad in Japan in high school, I brought back tons of Jpop that turned several of my girl friends into crazed fangirls who kissed their posters of male Jpop stars before bed and ordered cds and plush dolls off of ebay (high school girls are always the biggest fanatics). Need I even mention the popularity of Rain or even Jay Chow? I know many girls who weren’t alone as non-asian screaming girls at their concerts.

For those girls who don’t follow boy bands, there are always the (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese) dramas. I made my American college roommate watch Meteor Garden (Taiwanese live-action drama of the Japanese Manga Boys over Flowers) once and she ooo-ed and ah-ed at the pretty boys and then vowed to learn Chinese and get a Chinese boyfriend (she eventually gave up on the Chinese language and now lives in Korea).

With more and more kung fu movies coming to America with male Chinese actors with martial artist-toned bodies, the idea of the male Asia sex symbol is more accepted.  Now, not all western girls are Asian-crazed (most probably are not) but there is quite a large group of them and I don’t know a single girl who discriminates against dating an attractive Asian man – sex appeal is fairly universal (though preferences do differ).  For the fanatics at least, a trip to China most likely includes dating; for the other girls, there’s not much taboo about it.

In China everyone is very surprised that a western girl would choose an Asian man, but in truth, there isn’t as much of a stigma about it as everyone seems to think there is. Of course, relationships are complicated (even more complicated when international/multicultural) and I’ve only discussed a surface issue of physical attraction, but I only want to break the stereotype that western woman aren’t interested in Chinese men (many are).

I know western women married to Chinese men and many more who are or have dated some.  I know some western girls who have only ever dated Asian men. Then I’ve met some Asian-crazed fanatics.  As China modernizes and more women actually visit and live in China, I’m sure more women will date Chinese men and there won’t be anything to be shocked about.


  1. This is a great post to discuss a sort of flip side to the “Hello Ladies” post a that sparked quite a discussion in the comments a few months back.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term “rice chaser.” My friends, when describing me, used the much less politically-correct term (though rice chaser probably isn’t that P.C. either) “yellow fever.” Of course, the fact that I have been learning Chinese since I was in high school and am currently majoring in East Asian Studies doesn’t help refute that image. (Not that I don’t find Asian men attractive, though.)

  2. just a minor clarification–Bruce Lee was American, not Chinese. his parents were Chinese, but he was born and raised in the US, worked and studied there. he considered himself American. his martial art form, Way of the Intercepting Fist, was neither Chinese nor GongFu, although it did include elements of the latter. Don’t take it from me–this comes straight out of the horse’s mouth. Bruce could barely speak Guangonghua, and almost no Putonghua.
    Anyways–yeah, I’ve heard all those terms, I’ve even heard “Rice King”. People are going to like who they like, regardless of what others think. What they do about it is something else. It’s a great deal more accepted for a western girl to date a Chinese guy then it is for a Chinese girl to date a western guy. Really. Women lose their jobs and get thrown out of school here for that, once the Party gets wind of it, and their parents very often go to extreme measures to prevent said union. The really brave girls do it anyways. Guess who’s coming to dinner.
    Unfortunately, some of the stereotypes about Asian men are very commonly true. For instance, most of them don’t exercise–at least, not real exercise. Ping pong and badminton are NOT exercise. Basketball is merely aerobic exercise. Chi gong and the like are soft exercise. Almost nobody in this country does any zhuzhong–weightlifting. So, those “martial arts toned-bodies” are actually weightlifting bodies. Bruce Lee had an incredibly intense regiment of lifting, he didn’t just get that way from throwing a few punches and kicks at empty air. That’s actually how he hurt his back–from doing a lift called a “good morning” with 120 pounds. ouch. It’s not that physically fit men don’t exist in China. They’re just so few and far between.
    But that’s not what all these western girls are looking for. I’ve conjectured before that somebody’s watched too many Li Lianjie–Jet Li–films, or played Final Fantasy too much, but it’s not my business. Again, people like what they like, regardless of what others think. What they do about it is something else.

    • @Meng Daxia
      I’m not really sure Bruce Lee’s nationality affects him being classified as Asian. He was still one of the first Asian men to have a staring role in Hollywood.

      In some ways it is easier for a girl and in some ways it is not. Chinese men get kicked out of school for being with western women as well. It’s true that a lot of Chinese men seem to support Chinese men with western women (it’s a gain of face) but for that western girl she is often portrayed as being easy and that can lead to very difficult and unwanted attention. If an unmarried chinese man and western woman are caught having sex in a hotel room, it’s the western girl who will be arrested for prostitution and not the man (the same goes for two chinese people together). A western man with a Chinese girl has little pressure from his Chinese in-laws but a western girl has a lot of pressure. In both cases there are still a lot of people who disagree with Chinese/western relationships and thus suffer discrimination.

      I would like to say that the sereotype about Asian men not exercising is not true. Gyms are fairly popular and often very crowded in China and a lot of Chinese college students play soccer or basketball and/or lift weights. In the countryside, farm labor builds a lot of muscle without other exercise. Just like in America, some guys care, some don’t. I’m not sure why muscle training isn’t considered part of martial arts. I don’t know any serious martial artists who doesn’t increase his strength and cardio outside of kicks and punches, all of the men in the Taekwondo studios I trained in in China were seriously fit.

      I agree, people like what they like. After living in Japan, I actually didn’t like asian men at all (the ones in Tokyo wore way too much make-up and used too many hair accessories…it scared me) but I ended up falling in love with a Chinese man even though I thought I wasn’t attracted to Asian men. I’ve also heard from a lot of girls that living in Asia actually changes preferences, they weren’t attracted to asian men at all before but after a few months abroad started to change their opions.

      • @ Ericka –nice comments, you’ve obviously thought about this

        ok, I’ll agree that western women face pressure–but to say that western men face little pressure from their Chinese in-laws is just wrong, seriously–just speaking from personal experience here, and everything I’ve seen here.
        and really, I’m sorry, but the stereotype about Chinese men not exercising is absolutely true. Just playing basketball is not enough exercise, it’s just cardio. As far as gyms go, I’ve been to gyms in Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing, and a few smaller places, and I haven’t been to one yet that was crowded at any time of day. Usually there’s barely anybody there, and most of the people there don’t know what they’re doing. I’m not a big guy, but I have good form, and when I go in, everybody watches me and asks for tips. I teach in a small college town outside of Xi’an with a population of 100,000. Once the semester ended, the only gym in town–a tiny, dirty little thing that’s only open 2 hours a day and is used by about 8 people–closed until spring. If I want to get a workout now I have to sit on a bus or train for an hour to Xi’an, where the gyms aren’t much better, but at least the equipment is less than 30 years old. I’m getting way too into this explanation, but this is just what I’ve seen. A buddy of mine who lives in Beijing and has been a personal trainer in lifting/martial arts/etc for over 20 years says exactly the same thing. I see so many men in this country with no ability to get up a flight of stairs, no wonder there’s so many elevators. –not that Americans are all fit, we’re statistically the fattest people on the planet.
        and you’re absolutely right, multicultural/multiracial couples in the US are not only commonplace, it’s actually one of the things that defines it as a nation, i.e. the melting pot.

      • Erika,
        Bruce Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. He went to the U.S. when he was a teenager. I too am from HK. Bruce practiced a northern style of kung fu call Tam’s kicks and a southern style called Wing chun (made more famous by Jackie Chan). He supported himself anyway he could, from teaching people to dance to martial arts, which eventually stuck. He also met Linda Caldwell that way. His native tougue is Cantonese, which accounts for his accent: dropping the tone on the last syllable of every phrase. Thought you may want to know.

      • Ernie–I’m sorry, but just being from Hong Kong does not mean you know anything about Bruce Lee. Most of what I’ve been saying comes from Bruce Lee himself and from Guru Dan Inosanto. While Bruce was alive, Guru, Phillipino man, was his top student, his best friend, and eventually came to teach 70% of Bruce’s classes while he was alive. Bruce passed the torch to Guru, who is the only person really officially capable of certifying instructors. Most martial artists in the world assert that you can’t have a conversation about Bruce or his martial art without at least mentioning Guru. For instance, Bruce sent Guru to learn the Filipino arts, to bring them back to Way of Intercepting Fist. Guru knows more about Bruce than anybody on the planet, perhaps save his wife (who’s gone a little nutty with telling everybody they can’t use Bruce’s crest, which includes Guru). So I’m going to go ahead and trust him, rather than somebody who says, well I know because I’m from Hong Kong.

        So–Bruce was born in the US when his father was there filming a movie. His mother, who was half-German, was also an actor. He traveled to Hong Kong from time to time, but mostly grew up in the US. His accent comes from growing up around Chinese folk, in Chinatown. But as far as his native tongue being Cantonese, he couldn’t speak much, and almost no Mandarin whatsoever. You should look up “Bruce Lee: the Lost Interview”. See the man say so himself. Or you can believe what you’ve heard a bunch of your peers say.

        Bruce only studied with Yip Man for about 6 months. Wing Chun and the like did not define his style, it was merely another style to draw inspiration from. He took just as much from western styles. For instance, most of the punches come from American boxing. Junfan was Chinese-inspired, sure, but Way of Intercepting Fist, or Jeet Kune Do as he called it to invoke a mystic feel and thereby attract newcomers, was neither Chinese, nor was it kung fu. It was a form without forms, without nations. Insisting on such merely proves an ignorance of what Bruce actually said or intended.

        Bruce may have had Chinese parents, but he was an American, and said so. He was born there, and was buried there. You can believe him and Guru or you can believe your buddies, who I’m sure know sooooooo much from watching movies and TV shows about his life. Me, I’m going to believe Guru and Bruce.

    • @Meng Daxia
      Have you ever been to that big gym by the sports complex (tiyuchang bus stop) in Xi’an? Whenever I went there it was always crowded with people and all of the equipment was very new.

      I think your point is that most Chinese people don’t look like the guys on TV and most Chinese people don’t actually practice martial arts which I’ll agree 100%.

      Though I do go to a small gym in Qingdao (it’s kind of old and dirty and small) that always has people in it. It is always very crowded after 6pm when people get off work.
      Not everyone is lazy though, most of the guys I hung out with in college in China had sports scholarships (soccer, basketball), practiced martial arts, or were just active. In Qingdao I am the only foreigner in an “outdoors club” that hikes and swims and things like that.

      As a girl I honesy don’t know the flipside – What kinds of pressure do foreign men have from their Chinese in-laws? It seems like in China, the woman marries into the husband’s family and then traditionally no longer has responsibility to her parents. From this I gather that when a man marries a woman in China, the man doesn’t have much responsibility to his in-laws (unless in modern cases the wife is an only child and the parents aren’t self-sufficient). They only time one of my foreign friends complained about pressure from his in-laws was when they didn’t approve of them getting married because he didn’t earn enough money.

      • @Ericka –I haven’t been to that gym but I’ll have to check it out, thanks! There’s a piece of equipment (a squat rack that attaches to the plates but allows for both vertical and horizontal motion) I’ve seen at a couple of gyms in China that is amazing, maybe they have it.

        Yes, most Chinese men don’t practice martial arts. It made me a little sad, and more importantly, my friend who lives in Beijing–he’s been practicing martial arts for over 25 years and has dreamed most of his life about coming here and studying with the Shaolin monks or whatnot, and he’s come to find that there’s almost no gongfu around. There’s SanDa, but that’s a joke, I mean it’s only really effective against somebody with no training at all. There’s wushu, but that’s more like ballet. It’s really beautiful to watch and looks great in the movies, but it’s not very practical. On the other hand, everybody seems very eager to learn, so when I go to the gym and throw some thai kicks on the heavy bag, everybody crowds around and asks questions and wants to try, too.

        As a teacher, I find that there is a huge change happening in China right now, not just in the education system, but a full-on gaige kaifang, a shift from Knowledge to Learning. It’s traditional for Chinese people to say, we’re China, we have the Knowledge of 1000s of years, we don’t need to Learn, we’re just going to show you what we Know. I am delighted when I see more and more kids who want to Learn, and empty their cup whether it’s in my class or at the gym or just having a conversation.

        I’m sure there’s pressure for western women who marry Chinese men. A friend of mine recently met her prospective mother-in-law and the woman was immediately asking her when they were getting married, having children, how many, etc. Because she thought my friend didn’t realize my friend’s Chinese level is so impressive, she started chattering at her son at one point, she doesn’t love you, leave her, blah blah blah. My prospective in-laws are a little out of control. The father isn’t crazy about the fact that I’m American–but at least I’m not Japanese, he’d have me assassinated. The mother is the nosiest person I’ve ever met, and is about to rent an apartment near our campus, halfway across the country from where she lives, so she can live there with her daughter and keep an eye on us. There is constant pressure to make more money, and they want to know that I’m not stealing their daughter. I guess it’s case-by-case based, but I think the pressure is equal, that Chinese parents always want to know that the project called a child they’ve been working on for a couple decades is going to blossom with their spouse into a healthy, rich, offspring-producing part of the family tree.

    • “In China everyone is very surprised that a western girl would choose an Asian man”

      Why? Is this some sort of self-derorgatory notion that shows how lacking in confidence and social status that Chinese people, more specifically, men have? Whilst women of other races in their countries are proud of themselves and actively seek to stay within their race when having a family, the Chinese is the only race I know whose women are actively seeking to breed away from their own…

      This “it’s getting more common” stuff is all very well, but means nothing in the grand scheme of things when for decades (and especially recently) we have far more asian women-white men couples than vice-versa… in fact, here in Britain it is a ratio of 10:1 (from the government’s own figures, released every 4 years). Compare this with black men-white women to black women-white men – that is 2:1, far more reasonable.

      Indeed, it has gotten to the point where every day I encounter an asian woman-white man together – this in a 98% white area. Through my extended family apparently one of my distant cousins is married to a white woman and I have heard of cases in media (usually an obscure reference such as a picture of a white woman with an asian surname), but the fact remains I have never seen an asian man-white woman couple in real life, EVER (myself excepted). Even when I left for university to a far more racially diverse city (there were lots of Chinese students there), I hadn’t encountered a single case of the above – plenty of asian women with white men though, and couples of other racial combinations.

      Even if you discount the hordes of old, wasted dirty old men buying foreign Thai, Chinese and Filipino brides online (the same sort that go on about how immigration has gotten out of hand), there is still a massive imbalance to the number of asian women going out with whites. If this sort of thing happened in Britain to the same degree it does in China, there would be race riots and white gangs would be going up to Chinese men and beating them up en masse. But it seems from your account that the men there accept, even embrace it. They should take a step back and look at the situation – there is a severe female shortage, baby girls are being adopted by foreigners and the ones that do grow up in China are taken up by white (and to a lesser extent other races) males.
      Why aren’t they outraged???

      “I guess those people have never been to an Anime (multimedia) convention. ”

      ” I made my American college roommate watch Meteor Garden (Taiwanese live-action drama of the Japanese Manga Boys over Flowers) once and she ooo-ed and ah-ed at the pretty boys ”

      See, that’s the thing. We don’t want anime obsessed weirdos. We want normal women. I have come across a lot of these girls, indeed a past girlfriend was an anime addict, something that is to be tolerated when she keeps banging on about bits in films you haven’t and won’t ever see, and how it relates to real life or whatever. Though they don’t know it at the time, it is a phase for them. The majority will reach their 20s and all that cutey oriental boy stuff is the past and suddenly they want a hard man, some rugby “Jack’s lad” who comes across as gruff and manly.

      ” Now attractive Asian men are common on American TVs and computers with boy bands, dramas, and Kung Fu movies.”

      Yay, Kung Fu movies! That’s all we’re good at!

      • @ Jeff
        I don’t think the surprise is a lack of confidence but more just because it is uncommon. It was actually fairly uncommon to see a western girl in china until not that long ago.

        I’m not too sure you can generalize women of other races trying to stay within their own. From what I’ve heard, intermarriage among European nations is very common and then in america, women marry men of different cultural backgrounds and skin colors all the time. It think the marrying out has to do with the trend of women moving to where their husbands are instead of visa versa. After working with exchange students in America, it is common to see a man meet a girl while abroad and bring her home while it’s common to see a girl meet a man abroad and stay abroad. That’s why it appears like Chinese women are exported.

        I can’t speak for Britain but in America a white girl with an asian man is not uncommon. My neighbor in America is white woman married to a Chinese-american. In college, there were tons of white girls with asian men and it’s not even considered a multiracial relationship. This is in southern america where there isn’t that large of an asian population too. In Qingdao, I know two other western women married to Chinese men living in China as expats (given it’s not a lot but I’m not alone) and there are quite a few in Beijing. I know even more western girls dating chinese men but who knows if they will get married.

        I’m not sure watching Asian movies and animation makes someone a “weirdo.” Given there are some people who go over and beyond, but Japanese anime is now shown on regular American TV and Korean dramas are pretty popular too. Teenage girls get obsessive over whatever it is they are interested whether it be Backstreet boys or Jpop and eventually they (most) grow up to be “normal.” However, the point is that as western girls grow up with images of attractive Asian men, it increases the acceptance of asian men among western girls. Whether we like it or not, a lot of a person’s ideas of what is attractive and sexy are shaped by the media and society in which he/she grew up.
        I’m sorry you don’t think Asian men can’t be “manly” or be rugby players.

        As for you thinking that white girls with Asian men have it easy, you are very naive to think that. I don’t really like to bring up the violence I’ve experienced just for being white and female in an Asian society or the fact that police do nothing in China. They don’t beat up girls but they do other things to women to show their power. You probably don’t hear about it because women don’t report it or talk about and people blame them or don’t believe them when they do (in China).

        Not all Chinese men are computer nerds! That is a stereotype that does not represent the majority of men in China. My husband went to a business university where there were no computer nerds (no computer majors). I went to a teaching university in China and the men there were also not computer nerds (again no computer majors). In fact, most students didn’t own a computer and went to the internet cafes just to watch movies.

        The feeling I get from your responses is that Britain is a very racist place and to that I really had no idea.

      • It may seem proportionately common but the overwhelmingly general consensus is that – whites in particular – would rather stick to their own. Even in run down estates, where you’d think a poverty stricken woman much akin to the Chinese women looking for that “magical rich westerner” will whisk her away, there is plenty of resistance – the “ugh, why would I date you?” kind. Part of this is down to the white men in the area – obviously hostile to non-whites, so when the women hang out with them they do get infleunced by whatever they say.

        If that is the case about the woman settling with her partner’s home, then why is it I have never seen or heard of cases where a white woman has left here for China to be with her partner? OK maybe China is quite a poor place to live in, but Singapore, Japan etc… are quite high up in living quality but still zero cases of a white woman meeting a Chinese (or Korean, Japanese) foreigner on a stay abroad in the West and then following him back there… the vast majority are of white males taking women to Europe or America… I’m surprised the Chinese men in China have not taken up on this yet, especially considering the shortage of women there.

        “I know two other western women married to Chinese men living in China as expats (given it’s not a lot but I’m not alone) and there are quite a few in Beijing. I know even more western girls dating chinese men but who knows if they will get married.”

        Well that is bizarre, at least from my point of view, having never seen this in reality. And yes, I get out often. Compared to the level of white men dating chinese women though, you can’t deny those relationships are few compared to the vast majority being of white men and chinese women.

        And no, watching anime doesn’t make them a weirdo per se, but the people who do also tend to be the ones who are fascinated with Japanese culture, obscure cartoons, excessively “cute” things… that can turn into obsession rather quickly. The media does increase acceptance of non-white men, but only if they play parts that are “normal”… you may notice that we hardly have any roles in film and movies beyond martial arts supremo, geek kid, dependable sidekick, disillusioned cop or evil triad villian. Compare and contrast with black prescence on TV…. we see more well adjusted, main roles for black male actors… THAT has made them more accepted in society. Being portrayed as a minor and disposable element of society does not get you the girl.

        “As for you thinking that white girls with Asian men have it easy, you are very naive to think that. I don’t really like to bring up the violence I’ve experienced just for being white and female in an Asian society or the fact that police do nothing in China. They don’t beat up girls but they do other things to women to show their power.”

        Wow, that’s tough. My ex-gf has been called names, we’ve had the hostile glares walking down the street, on the bus, shopping etc… but she has never been physically attacked or socially disadvantaged by it (like I said above, if her friends didn’t like me, I probably wouldn’t be dating her in the first place). Other than calling you names I don’t see how violent things could get without you getting into more detail, which obviously you don’t want. Have you ever seen hostility towards the men in such relationships? More specifically, white men with a chinese girl? I ask because I have suffered way more (physical attacks, taunts, stones thrown at me) than the verbal things my ex has suffered, but being in a vastly white region I did expect that… only I have found that logic has never applied in China, with the majority chinese men walking about seeing such couples… over here it’s the men that gets the majority of the attacks, I find it odd for them to target the women exclusively there.

        “The feeling I get from your responses is that Britain is a very racist place and to that I really had no idea.”

        On the surface it isn’t. We have probably the best equality laws in the world, and the government has made great efforts in making sure that all institutions (public at least) are fair and non-biased. It’s the people that are the problem. Not just your obvious extremist population who make it quite clear how they feel towards interracial relationships, but everyone… one minute they can be as sweet as pie, talking to you as if they were talking to someone of their own race… then now and again drop off a few racially charged comments before moving back to their own “normal” self again. It’s difficult to guage such behaviour and understand what people are really like…are they just talking to you in a civilised manner because the law says so?

    • Well, I posted that last comment all wrong – it was supposed to go on the bottom, not as a reply.

      This is however, a reply to Meng Daxia’s posts, can’t really let him post such rubbish without a response.

      ” It’s a great deal more accepted for a western girl to date a Chinese guy then it is for a Chinese girl to date a western guy. ”

      No, it really isn’t. So you may get looks on the street – I get beaten up and targeted by not only the local yobs, but by white extremist groups. I’ll choose your option, thanks.

      White girls with Chinese men seen as easy? Not really, not here in Britain (don’t know about America)…. either he’s loaded or he’s done a lot to get over the numerous stereotypes laden on him from birth merely because of his race. Conversely, Chinese/asian women with white men? They are seen as easy, “whitewashed” – who’d want to go out with a poor immigrant when you can have your dashing white man with property, eh?

      And you seem to dismiss the majority of Chinese men as non-physical, 24/7 computer nerds as the reason to why white women do not go for us… but by following the same logic, why on earth are white men attracting to asian women for having those exact same attributes? I don’t know about your situation, but over here 90% of the couples I have seen (disregarding the old white man with her sex asian slave type) consist of a decent looking white man coupled with a dowdy, emotionless/miserable looking asian girl, or one that is desperately needy (I have actually seen one of these SHAKING and tugging at his white partner, like a petulant child does when a parent doesn’t pay them attention… really, is that what white men look for in a woman?

      “Chinese parents always want to know that the project called a child they’ve been working on for a couple decades is going to blossom with their spouse into a healthy, rich, offspring-producing part of the family tree.”

      I think you’ll find that is the case everywhere, poor and rich included. Parents don’t want their future to be marrying into losers. White fathers who don’t like their daugher’s choice of spouse but tolerate it because he’s loaded. Happens all the time. It is not just a Chinese thing.

      Oh, and I think the current Chinese filial model needs to change fast. It is absurd that once a woman is married she has no responsiblity for her own family, just her husbands… blood is thicker than water, and that means parents are always your responsibility.

      • @ Jeff

        hey, thanks for trying so hard to mis-represent everything I said. I never said that it’s only Chinese parents who want their children to marry well. Now, there is a greater pressure here, generally, but no, it’s not only in China. Please read more carefully before you go on such an aggressive rant. I never said that Chinese men are non-physical computer nerds. Ever. What I said is that Chinese men, generally, do not practice martial arts or lift weights. This is true. I live in a small college town of 200,000 people and there is only one gym in the entirety, which closes down over vacation, forcing me to travel to the nearest big city several times a week. I have been to gyms in many big and small cities in China, and they are never ever crowded, to my experience. Most of the people I have met have very little idea of what to do while weightlifting. Now, this doesn’t mean there are no physically fit Chinese men. I have a Chinese training partner who is taller than I am (although he admits that I’m stronger pound for pound), and can move around iron like it’s nobody’s business. However, he is a bit of a diamond in the rough. Most Chinese people think that ping pong and badminton count as exercise, and a good deal of folk have a hard time walking up a flight of stairs. I’m sorry, but this is true. This is not as true for Chinese folk abroad, but I’m strictly talking about within China, as you would have noticed had you read more carefully, rather than just spitting venom. I also haven’t noticed any western men attracted, as you say, to any Asian women specifically for the traits of being non-physical or computer nerdy. I literally have never heard of a westerner saying, “I’d like to find a ‘dowdy, emotionless/miserable looking asian girl, or one that is desperately needy’.” Nor had I noticed Chinese women being attracted to fat western men who eat Big Macs at our favorite strip clubs while counting our guns and reading our bibles.

        As I said ” It’s a great deal more accepted for a western girl to date a Chinese guy then it is for a Chinese girl to date a western guy. ” That’s in China (as you would have noticed I was talking about, had you read and not just skimmed) and it is quite true. Perhaps not amongst their immediate friends, who may be as open-minded as they are, but amongst their other peers, their family, and certainly their school or work. Have you ever heard of a Chinese guy being thrown out of school or losing their job for dating a western girl? No. But the opposite happens way too regularly. I never said it was completely accepted. Of course it’s taboo. There a good deal of racist behavior from people in China. I mean, seriously, zhongwai. 中外. I get pointed at and hear “老外“ nearly every day here. I get refused taxi rides and such merely for being a foreigner. I’ve never seen such behavior in the west. I mean, I shrug it off, I haven’t let it make me cynical like you, but it isn’t pleasant. I see it as a challenge to overcome, not one to merely accept and let it make me angry at everybody. You are aware, I’m sure, that 93% of the population of China is “Han” Chinese (even though it’s coming to light now that there are actually very few Han left anywhere) and most of the remaining 7% is also Chinese. Not that much integration. Again, it doesn’t make me cynical, I see it merely as a product of the old world, which is gradually shifting. I’m sorry that you have had such a bad experience in Britain. I have heard that, yes, there are areas of Britain where many people are extremely racist. As you said, a country can have “probably the best equality laws in the world” (I don’t agree, but okay), and still there are tons of racist folk. However, while in Britain 3 years ago, I saw much more racial integration than I’ve seen here in China. Please don’t judge the west purely on your bad experience there. The US, for instance, is made up of mostly multi-racial couples. Seriously. We are the world’s melting pot. You will see mixed couples of nearly every combination of nationalities there, and nobody bats an eyelash. “I get beaten up and targeted by not only the local yobs, but by white extremist groups”–really? What are you doing that would make the locals in a nation with such pervasive equality laws hate you too? Maybe it’s because you think of them as yobs. Bitterness and cynicism will only hurt you in the end.

      • @Meng

        Yep, when I first came to this site I was writing from a very British centric background from a Chinese perspective, so apologies for any misunderstandings. We’re all shaped by what we see, I can only imagine how different my life experiences are to yours. I mention the dowdy doormat Chinese woman in particular because there seems to be a bit of a “trade” going on for foreign brides, mainly from the Far East – websites and agencies arranging meetups for said women with their sweaty old, thrice divorced white husbands to be. Creepy as hell. It seems the women I refer to (and they exist in plentiful numbers, I’m sure a quick google can bring up such sites) would rather the worst possible male specimen they could find as long as it meant a permanent visa to the fabled lands of the West. And I’ve actually seen quite a few Chinese women (two of which were British born) who have converted to the ways of Christ since marrying. Not that Christianity particularly bothers me, moreso that it’s an indication of the way things are to happen i.e. the man dictating the rules and the lifestyle.

        To be honest, I’ve never heard of any guy or girl of any race being thrown out of any public place or position because their partner was a different race. Comments, indirect discrimination (preventing promotion because you’re dating someone white, etc.), but nothing so blatant as what you say. That’s what the law is for, eh? Maybe I’m so cynical is because Britain is my life; you’re an expat who is just teaching in China for a while, right? Home is always America for you, free of discrimination and a country where you know you are treating as “native”. Not for me, not my home. That’s why I’m so misanthropic about it. I’m not judging the West on anything – though it is worth pointing out that there are far more organised, violent white supremacist groups here than their equivalents in the Far East.

        “–really? What are you doing that would make the locals in a nation with such pervasive equality laws hate you too? Maybe it’s because you think of them as yobs. Bitterness and cynicism will only hurt you in the end.”

        Erm, it’s truth. I can take the rose tinted glasses and try and dress those incidents as “ignorance”, but it’s more than that. Blind hatred. What else can it be when walking in my local area attracts such insults, and when I happen to be walking along with a white woman I get set upon? Should I not think of them as anything but violent yobs??? Maybe I’ll say hi to them while they throw stones at me, that might hurt me less?

    • You know why Chinese people don’t work out?

      You should know why…..

      1. They don’t have no money for that stuff. I live in China right now….I ain’t got a freaking cent. I’m still looking for a job….and plus those gyms cost…what…1000 RMB per month. The hell with that…the HELL with that (unlike in America, where membership would be around 30-40 bucks a month).

      2. They were never pressured/inspired to go lift weights. If you went to High School in China…you would NEVER lift weights. Why? Your butt would be too damn busy preparing for the college entrance exam, who the hell has time to goof off and go lift. 5-6 hours of homework each night, wake up at 6 in the morning, go to school till 5 PM…and it doesn’t end there. You get your butt to cram school till 9PM……and you wanna go lift weights???? This isn’t America, where it’s all fine and gravy, all developed and everything. You should know this.

      • that’s not why Chinese men don’t, generally, work out. The price has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’ve seen gyms that charge 1000rmb for a year. I teach at a college with 45,000 students and maybe 8 of them actually lift weights.
        of course they’re not inspired to lift weights. so many people think they can just play ping pong or badminton and they’re good to go. unfortunately, this is not even aerobic exercise. you get more exercise from walking. kids that play basketball are keeping themselves active, that’s good, but it’s still not real exercise.
        as a teacher, I have to tell you that, in many cases, the myth of hardworking Chinese students is very often just that–a myth. they will prepare and prepare for the exams, but not actually learn. it’s not their fault–the system teaches them to do such. come to class, listen to the lecture, and prepare for the exam. there’s much more emphasis on Knowledge than on Learning. after the exam, they couldn’t tell you a thing about what they just crammed for. now, this is not everybody. I have some really great students who come to class and are eager to actually learn.
        as far as the US being all fine and gravy, that’s ridiculous. it is developed, but nothing is handed to you on a platter. you have to work your ass off. that’s why Americans have such intense work ethic. I had to do more than just study in high school. the workload was enormous, but because I wanted it so badly, I was on the wrestling team all 4 years. Every day after class, I lifted for an hour, then practiced, then studied in the library for a couple hours, then went home for dinner, then studied some more. I had some other activities, as well, because I wanted them. I woke up every morning at 6 am and usually fell asleep around 12-1. the fact that I exercised so regularly helped me, gave me the energy to keep up such a crazy pace of activities, as anybody who does so would know. I don’t blame people for their lifestyle choices, just don’t pee on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

    • Meng – Bruce Lee most definitely grew up in Hong Kong. In fact I went to the same school with him prior to his emigration to the U.S. — St. Francis Xavier’s College in Kowloon. He was 2 or 3 grades above me and was known in those days as a “teddy boy” — always picking fights and leader of a sort of teen gang. The story I heard after he left in 8th or 9th grade (Form 2 or 3 in the English system) was that his father was very concern about him getting in real trouble and decided a change of environment was in order. So, he was sent to the U.S. to live with some relatives. I guess his old man made the right decision.

      • Look, I’m not going by something I read, I’m going by what his best friend, Guru Dan Inosanto says. There are so many rumors flying around both in the US and here in China about Bruce. I’m well aware that, yes, he spent some time in Hong Kong as well, but the fact is that he was largely raised in the US. He never emigrated to the US, because he was born there. Why do you think his Guandonghua was so bad, not to mention that he could speak almost no Putonghua. Forget about trying to explain that he himself said he was American.

        By the way, I’d have to say that I doubt that you went to that school anytime near when Bruce did. Otherwise it would make you nearly 70 years old.

    • @Meng Daxia

      Number one, all throughout your post, you seem to “speak on behalf” of Asian men. Please do not do that, because I disagree with most everything you said and I’m Asian.

      Number two, Bruce Lee was born in the US, but raised in HK. These are minor historial issues that aren’t important. The important thing is, he’s an Asian American, grew up Asian American, and he is Chinese. End of story. Nobody is just “AMERICAN,” especially not someone born to immigrant parents.

      As for the other issues pertaining to activities in Asia, I lived there for two years, so I probably can’t speak on those issues. But as for Asian American men, as with any other demographic, some work out, some don’t.

      As for this article itself and the comments that follow, it’s all very confusing. You mix Asian and Asian-American men and talk about them interchangably. There is a considerable difference between the two groups.

      • Dave…

        Why did you put “speak on behalf” in quotations as if I said it? Please don’t try to put your words in my mouth, it’s just asinine. I’m just stating my own opinions. Remember those? Opinions? I’m allowed to have them, especially on a blog site.

        Also, you’re just going to have to take Bruce’s word for it that he was American. No, really, that’s what he said. He was not Chinese. He grew up in the US, and yes also in HK, but mostly in the US. Stop buying into what you read on Wikipedia. Just because you think he was Chinese for whatever reason does not make him Chinese. He was an American citizen and associated with Western culture and philosophy. More of his philosophy and martial arts drew upon those than Chinese.

        “Nobody is just “AMERICAN,” especially not someone born to immigrant parents.” What? Stop making such vapid statements, seriously. If you grow up in America and consider yourself an American and associate most closely with American culture, you’re an American. Forget “Enter the Dragon”. That was a character he played.

        And no, I don’t talk about Asian-American and Asian men interchangeably. I talk about Chinese men and Chinese-American men completely separately. Don’t point fingers unless you have something to back it up. It’s a waste of your time and, more importantly, mine.

  3. As an Asian guy who were formerly married to a Laowai woman I can attest it is getting Normal to see mixed racial couples, in both directions – male or female Asian. I think what started as an exotic choice has been getting increasingly about “one of the options” and that is a good thing. J-pop getting traction…here in Taiwan yes, it is getting “normal” for me to listen to my country music (sort of) 🙂

    • @Isao
      An asian man with a white girl doesn’t even turn heads in america. I once commented how I’m in a multiracial relationship and my american friends said I wasn’t, I think they agreed on the word multicultural. It’s only head turning among some American-Chinese and in China and even then it’s becoming more common.

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  6. I’ve found it more common to see Asian men with non-Asian women here in the US than in China. But I still think the reason is that single women are less likely to travel alone in a foreign country.

    • That doesn’t explain how common asian women-white men pairings are in non-asian countries… surely they travel alone as well?

      • I am a Chinese guy and have been living in Switzerland for the past 10 years. My current girlfriend of 3 years is a Swiss blonde. My last two relationships were with a Tunisian/Greek woman and an incredibly sexy (if I may say so) Sri Lankan woman. You could kind of say that I am an equal opportunity guy when it comes to dating women.

        Personally, I happen to know of a string of Asian man-western woman combos among my acquaintances. For example, one of my Swiss girlfriend’s work colleagues is married to a Japanese guy. My barber, who just so happens to be a Japanese guy, was married to a Swiss woman, just a like a couple of his own Japanese friends. Then there is the daughter of my girlfriend’s private flute teacher who married a Japanese guy.

        Just in case you were thinking that we are dealing with some kind of local phenomenon mainly limited to Japanese guys, I am befriended with a Chinese opera singer whose 19 year old son is being romantically pursued by a number of his Swiss girl classmates in school (he is a good-looking, and a very outgoing and confident chap). Last but not least, a Chinese friend of mine has been pursued by a Swiss lady, asking him to date her. However, he stubbornly wants to date Chinese women only. I have been trying hard to convince him to go for European women, but so far without any luck – I may have to resort to putting (ground) hallucinogenic mushrooms in his drink one day….

        In addition, lately I have started to actively pay attention to interracial couples on the streets, and so far I have sighted an increasing number of such couples involving Asian guys. As one example, last Sunday, as I was strolling in the park, I came across a Chinese guy walking arm in arm with a Swiss woman, probably married judging from the two young mixed looking boys who were with them.

        It is undeniable that many decades of racist and demeaning stereotyping perpetuated by Hollywood have had a severe toll on the dating chances of (East) Asian men. With this in mind, one could discount my personal observations as just anecdotal “evidence”; nevertheless I believe that things are finally changing for the better for Asian guys in the dating scene. In the latest release of marriage and co-habitation data by the European census and marriage registry bureau for the year 2008, analysts have discovered a significant trend toward greatly increasing numbers of European women marrying and living with Asian men residing in European Union member countries.

        Globalization and the gradual shift of economic and political power to East Asia have also led to an increase in more balanced, positive and truthful images of Asian men. Even Hollywood is realizing this and catching up. On a personal level, what also helps a lot is to be confident when approaching women (especially western ones) and be able to hold an intelligent conversation interlaced with humor (I believe these are one of the reasons why I have been hit on by numerous white women, mostly in corporate environments).

      • Gele Tulip

        problem is is that your little Asian c*** is going to rattle around in that big european c*** hole. the males and females of races evolved together, chinese girls are happy to have a 25 cm c*** but white girls don’t want a 10 c***.

      • my chinese cock expertice

        i am a surgeon, when i was training i worked with a chinese urologist and his patients were mostly chinese, they had the smallest cocks, like little boys, we had to order catheters from the pediatrics ward for them when we operated on them

      • @da gongji

        Hahah!! Surgeon? yah right. You sound too stupid to be a doctor. You’re comparing non-erect penises idiot.

      • And I quote from your post Eddie;

        “Hahah!! Surgeon? yah right. You sound too stupid to be a doctor. You’re comparing non-erect penises idiot.”

        I am a general surgeon and do many hernia repairs. When the patient is prepped for surgery their pubic hair is shaved off and the area is prepped, usually with proviodine or whatever the surgeon prefers, all have their favorite skin prep. the penis is stretched out, if there is a foreskin,it is retracted, and the penis is swabbed down for anti-sepsis. Stretching the non-erect penis is the official way of measuring penis length.I have as such, having been practicing for 22 years, stretched out thousands of penisis of all races. Chinese and North American Indians have the shortest penises,in my experience of say 20,000 hernia repairs.Elective hernia repairs are the most common operation a general surgeon does.North American Indians are of course genetically traced back to DNA origination in what is now North China.

        So I am thinking you are Chinese?

  7. I am a canadian boy and i worked in chengdu for a year.
    I meet many european girls that had tried to date chinese men. all the european men were dating chinese girls and ignored the european girls. upon asking the girls why they prefered being single to dating chinese men they all stated versions of.

    1) garlic breath, poor dental hygiene
    2) lack of daily bathing
    3) very small penises, lousy lovers
    4) overbearing and bossy
    5) couldn’t afford to do anything interesting (poor)
    6) narrow minded and “local”

    • Yes, that is on point. As a white girl who dated a Chinese guy — very briefly because of the above reasons — I confirm it. He was 5.5 out of those 6. There must be Asian guys with clean teeth, open minds, and decent penises, but I don’t don’t know where they’re hanging out. I literally had to teach him how to brush his teeth, and his sex was so unbelievably bad that I don’t even count him on my list. I can’t even call it sex. I still love China, but them’s the facts, for those who wonder why western women rarely date Asian men.

  8. I am white and married to a Chinese guy from HK; it is a nightmare. He totally lied and misrepresented himself b/4 we got married. Now he controls everything, including all financial matters and whether I can speak. He does not even allow me to finish sentences. He dictates how I dress and what I do, and controls everything about my career. At first I thought he wanted me to be a traditional housewife, then I found he actually wants me to do absolutely everything at home (he won’t even do yardwork, take out the trash or change a lightbulb), plus he expects me to wait on him hand and foot, though he forces me to guess what he wants because he won’t tell me directly.

    Before I got married, I was in China and wanted to date. Though I am attractive, Western men would not date me because of all the local women at their disposal, and Chinese men would not date me, because (a few Chinese told me later) the Chinese men thought things like: – western women are trash, – western women are really aggressive sexually, so you won’t be able to keep up, – western women are demanding, both sexually and otherwise (not feminine, overbearing, feminist), – Chinese women are much better because they are “real women” as far as being submissive and feminine

    I did get to date a couple of Chinese guys, but it was a bad experience each time. A couple times I found out afterward that he was married, once a guy brought his friend with a camera into our hotel room, and quite a few times I was looked at in such a lecherous way that things ended right there, because it was so scary. It seems the only Chinese guys who would date a western woman were the guys who were really sleazy or, like my husband, were pretty sure that they would be able to control her even though she was white

    • I’m sorry things turned out badly.
      Were you only in the Hong Kong/Guang Dong area? I’ve had some really bad experiences with Chinese men while living in Shenzhen where women of every ethnicity have little standing and most men with any disposable income have lovers. It was the most morally corrupt place I’d ever been and the men treat women as commodities. Not all parts of China are like that.
      I can definatly relate to a lot of what you are saying.

      • Honestly, I think that there are men everywhere that treat their wives/girlfriends this badly, and it makes me sick of some of the traits of my gender. It is inexcusable for a man to use his power, whether it’s in the physical sense or otherwise, to intimidate and control a woman. I’ve seen some horrible things in the US, just awful men that manipulated relationships to their advantage. Having said that, I’ve never heard men talk as openly about mistreating women as I have here–or rather, treating women as they think is normal–as subservient live-in companions. I’ve been told by Chinese men (and even a Chinese woman!) that, now that I have a Chinese girlfriend, she can cook and clean for me. This always makes me sick to my stomach and I spend a good deal of time explaining to them that I hold utter respect for women and my girlfriend in particular, that I would never want her to give up her dream, her career. If we ever do get married, I will be cooking and cleaning just as much as she will. I don’t think this is particularly just a western mode of thinking, as I’ve seen men in various countries who treat their wives/girlfriends spendidly, but there does, generally, seem to be a huge double standard in China where the man can do whatever he wants, and the woman has to be a model of domestic perfection. Many Chinese men have said to me, while chain-smoking and downing bottles of baijiu, that girls who drink and smoke are bad women. I know it’s fairly common, as well, for Chinese men to marry so they have a woman at home to take care of the home, and then to go out and find other sexual partners. Maybe this will change soon. Although the female population is way lower here than the male population, I’ve heard that because so many women are starting to take power careers, many couples want to have daughters nowadays, and that the female population may soon balance out. Maybe we will see another gaige kaifang entailing women asserting their gender equality. How different would China be?

  9. Dear Meng

    “””The US, for instance, is made up of mostly multi-racial couples. Seriously. We are the world’s melting pot. You will see mixed couples of nearly every combination of nationalities there, and nobody bats an eyelash.”

    That reference, was made for Canada, not the USA. You need to travel your own country. I dorove to Chicago from Toronto with 4 Chinese people who came direct from China. They were stared at in every restaurant. I had no idea the USA was so local.

    • No. It is well-known that the US IS the world’s melting pot. New York city is the most racially integrated city in the world. Canada is integrated, but not nearly half as much as the US. You really need to do more research before you make such statements. I have, in fact, done quite a bit of traveling, both in my own country and abroad. I’m sorry that your friends were stared at, but it wasn’t because of their race. It wasn’t. Especially in a city like Chicago. It doesn’t matter where I go here, people point and say “laowai”. Most Chinese people are not actively racist, but most are passively so. That’s just a simple fact. The US is not local, but in fact the most internationally-minded country in the world. Sorry. Everytime I hear somebody on CCTV talking about how China is so international, I laugh. Things are changing, which is good–I appreciate some gaige kaifang, but you can’t deny that it’s a fairy tale.

      • all things being fair, my chinese friends were staring at the massively obese americans, it was a buffet

      • Internationally minded, what a delusion. Americans are universally hated for their violent foreign policies. They are geographically ignorant, and think that they are the wealthiest country. America is one of the most self centred misguided countries, much like China actually

      • I’m sorry that you buy into all the reactionary stereotyping. “internationally hated”? not so. that’s just what you’ve bought into, listening to the nonsense of your peers and the old rich men they blather on about. “their violent foreign policies”. don’t judge us all based on the actions of George W. Bush. we no longer are governed by a rich, jingoistic thief. there’s a reason why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. or did you forget about that during your brash rant? I’m sorry that you have so many misconceptions about Americans. I’ve spent most of my life traveling internationally, and it’s given me hope that there aren’t more people spouting off and buying into stereotypes, that, more and more, people aren’t just using the US as a scapegoat and, despite what a bunch of rich old men want, are forming an international community. calling a country “self-centered” and “misguided” doesn’t help anything, it merely keeps you planted in the quagmire of the past.

      • america has 750 foreign military bases. 40 million of their people have no health insurance. your country has been invading others and assassinating and destroying governments since the phillipines.

        so which of your presidents was not a war monger?

        Raagan, Nixon, Bush1, Bush2, Clinton, when was your country not at war and killing innocents? your country is fucked, finished now, your individual debt is unpayable, the house of Saud and the Chinese own you

      • Dear Meng, get an education:

        United States
        Main article: Multiracial American

        Multiracial US Americans numbered 6.1 million in 2006, or 2.0% of the population.[21][22] They can be listed in the U.S Census by any combination of races White or Caucasian, Black or African American, Asian, Native American or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, “Some other race”) and ethnicities. The U.S. has a growing multiracial identity movement. Miscegenation or interracial marriage, most notably between whites and blacks, was deemed immoral and illegal in most states in the 18th, 19th and first half of the 20th century. California and the western US had similar laws to prohibit White-Asian American marriages until 1967 (Loving v. Virginia decision by the US Supreme Court) which overturned all remaining anti-miscegenation laws in the US.

        However, demographers state that the American people are mostly multi-ethnic descendants of various immigrant nationalities culturally distinct until assimilation and integration took place in the mid-20th century. The “Americanization” of foreign ethnic groups and the inter-racial diversity of millions of Americans is not a new phenomenon but has been a fundamental part of its history, especially on frontiers where different groups of people came together.[23]

        “Mostly” would be more than 50%, at 2% you have a long way to go.

      • The Noble Peace Prize and the half N***** Obama

        Nobody understands why that misanthrop got a Nobel prize. Probably to give him some credibility so the good ol boys in bama didn’t lynch his ass over a tree limb.

        He is the devil incarnate, destroying your country one billion dollars at a time. While the darkies think they finally go their day, he is leading the USA to 50 years of debt. China owns you ass and the USA can never pay back the debt.


      The USA is 75% white

      NYC is not the most ethnically diverse, Toronto is.

      “””The demographics of Toronto make Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Data released by Statistics Canada as part of the 2006 census indicates that Toronto is more ethnically diverse than Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. 49.9% of Toronto’s population is foreign-born.[1]””

  10. It is unfortunate that the flow tends to go – tends to go – mainly in one direction. Unfortunate at least in the sense that, because there *are* seemingly more laowai men with Chinese women than vice versa, the enquiry as to *why* this is the case (assuming that this is the case) gets sidetracked and derailed by anxiety about whatever implications there may be to the actual answer. It is indeed a good subject for sustained, semi-scholarly enquiry, and it is sad that discussion of the phenomenon in fora like these invariably devolves into name-calling, race-baiting, and profanity. Not that I have a problem with profanity. Fuck no.

    The post to which we are all now replying does however strike me as a bit propagandist — and again, the very fact that it would or would seem to be newsworthy that laowai women have begun to have greater interest in Chinese (or – dreaded generalisation – ‘Asian’) men is telling.

    Telling of what, exactly? Well, for one thing, the disparity in the demographics of mingling, experimenting, and pairbonding seems to be a source of rather profound anxiety, frustration, or at least perplexity for many young Metrochina guys. That’s a problem, and one can’t help but wonder if and when all the expat rumbling about it will one day end up in the crosshairs of the West’s elite Chinawriters. And really, I wish it would.

    I’ve more than once wondered whether East/West tensions are possibly, at some level, aggravated by Homo sinesis’ gnawing suspicion of some de facto prezygotic reproductive isolation from the ovaried, oestrogenic inhabitants of Waiguo. A fresh-off-the-boat spotty nerd from America’s heartland can find himself a local filly within a week of his arrival in terra incognita, while the local Don Huang – despite his great ping pong game, LV manbag, and Audi A4 – has to pay for bleach blonde Ukranian hookers. How could that not bother local men?

    And I can’t say I blame the Average Zhou for not much enjoying the sight of a fifty year-old potbellied English teacher with a bad comb-over and a wife in Ohio walking hand-in-hand with a Chinese maiden. It bothers me too.

    But speculations as to whether this phenomenon is due mainly or in part to, say, differences anatomy, average net personal worth, or whether Population A flosses more than Population B (etc.) have yet to demonstrate their utility, while they seem to hazard further ill-will from our (we, the expats’) indigenous neighbours.

    So, if this news flash is a sort of a Huzzah! from (or for) Chinese men, well then: Huzzah.

    I don’t buy it, but, Huzzah. Gongxi da’jia.

    • I once hung out to much at a club in Chengdu called Cafe Panam(e). I stood watching the girls lined up at the bar and laughed and realized why the day of the white woman is over. Each American and European girl had a huge fat ass, ratty clothes, and scraggly hair. The Chinese girls all were thin, fashionable with stunning hair. (Yes it matters irrespective of your “inner beauty”. None of the
      Chinese girls smoked and each sat with an alcoholic drink that they did not drink, interesting custom.

      Chinese guys with white girls is like black guys with big fat white bitches, no one knows why. If some Chinese guy wants to slap the side walls of some fat white girls vagina, let him.

  11. Hi Ericka,

    Nice to hear from other women who love Asian men! I am married to a Chinese man from Hangzhou, and I was nodding my head through much of your article (especially the Jay Chou, I have every one of his albums, and Meteor Garden…ahhh!). It’s always great to hear women out there remind the world that, yes, we are interested in Chinese men.

    I noticed in another post, the recent fact or fiction, that you mentioned something about being married (I believe). Do you also have a Chinese husband as well?

    And do you have your own website (beyond what you do here, at Lost Laowai)? I would love to link to you.

    • Yes, I am married to a man from Shandong. I’m always happy to hear from other western women married to Chinese men! We are definately a minority in China.
      I don’t have a website, sorry:(

      • That’s really cool, Ericka — I actually haven’t been to Shandong, but I hear Qingdao is beautiful.

        No worries on the website. I just went ahead and linked to your author page. Anyhow, keep blogging — we desperately need to hear from more women like you!

    • Are you asking us if Asian guys don’t perform oral?? If so, yes they do. And I would say in my experience most of the Asian guys have been amazing in the sack.

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  13. I live in the United States and I am very interested in Asian guys. I live in North Central Washington [State]. The City I live in there are like no Asians here! I have never had a boyfriend before, let alone an Asian boyfriend. I am only 22 years old and I hope to someday meet a nice Asian guy. If I don’t though, that is okay too.

  14. Trust me in 10 years, you will see riot on the street and White men, should better watch their back, because I think this generation is more aggressive than those before them because they are more entitled and turning into Westerners.

  15. This is for Jeff:

    It seems that you have asked many times the question of why Chinese men in China do not riot against the White men going out with Chinese women and how in Britain White men will riot if they see you dating a White woman.

    I will try to offer a few possible answers to this question–

    Many white men in the west are socially conditioned to be insecure when it comes to women whereas Chinese men are not. The reason for sexual insecurity is due to a twisted combination of Western chivalry (glorified sexism), racism (the white superiority type) and a culture of violence. Chinese men in China do not have this type of sexual conditioning, therefore would not even begin to think in such a way. People in China in general today are conditioned largely by materialism, which leads to the second possible reason of overpopulation.

    There are about just as many Chinese women in China as there are people in Europe (including Russia). Depopulation has been a theme shoved down the throats of the people in China for the past few decades so both the men and women in China are aware of this. I speculate that it is possible that men in China may see their women counterparts marrying off to foreign countries with higher living standards to be a win-win situation as it simultaneously reduce the population of China (however small of an effect it has) and can potentially lead to a better life for the Chinese woman.

    Or it could just be simply that Chinese men have respect for the fact that women should marry who they want to marry and therefore conclude that its none of their business if they see a foreign male or an alien from Mars going out with a Chinese woman.

    • Yibo–你开玩笑了吗? You’re joking, right? This is a piece of satire, right, not just a chunk of hypocrisy? I see just as much, if not more, bigotry from Chinese folk against Chinese women marrying foreigners as vice versa, if not more.

      As far as sexual insecurity, I know you’re not serious. Chinese men generally can’t talk to women, and when they do they’re clumsy and disrespectful. I know a good deal of Chinese men, not just here and there, who just don’t talk to women. At all. This is part of the reason why prostitution is so rampant in this country. I suppose you’ll tell me that hiring a prostitute is a form of respect? There may be escorts in the west, but not like the culture of 小姐 here. Anybody who has to pay a woman just to sit and talk with him while he drinks doesn’t appear too confident to me.

      Glorified sexism? So why is it still so broadly accepted in China that men are the money-makers and women are the baby-makers? It’s slowly changing, but the double standards here are still awful. So many Chinese men drink and smoke, which is not, apparently, okay for women. They cheat on their wives and hire prostitutes, but that’s okay because they don’t marry for love anyways. They marry the first pretty girl that will hook up with them because they have enough money to provide them with the lifestyle they want.

      Racism? You have been to China, right? I mean, you are aware of how strong the culture of racism is here, right? 92% of this country is mistakenly called Han Chinese (scholars are now asserting that there are almost no Han left), and of the other 8%, most are also Chinese. I have been around the world and I’ve never seen the sort of racism I’ve seen here. I mean, it wasn’t until 30 years ago or so that China really opened its doors to foreigners. Even folks from different provinces are considered 老外. There may be racists in the west, but nothing to compare to the xenophobia here.

      Violence… again and again I see accusations against western violence. Because, of course, China never goes to war (except, of course, every year throughout its entire history). Chinese men don’t like violent films (except, of course, the huge industry of films with skinny men beating each other up and shooting each other). Just because Chinese men don’t know how to fight doesn’t mean they don’t fight. I’m not saying that there isn’t violence in the west. There is. There’s just sooooo much more here, but everybody is so completely nonchalant about it.

      Lastly, I don’t see much respect from Chinese men for the women they marry. Most–not just some–most Chinese men cheat on their wives. That’s respect? I hear stories every day about some guy that cheated on his wife and got somebody else pregnant. I also haven’t seen that many marriages of equality, if any. Honestly, I am sure there are Chinese men who respect their wives, who are great husbands. I just haven’t met any.

      I think you’ve got quite a bit reversed. Multi-racial marriages in America aren’t just commonplace, they’re what our country was founded on. I say this again and again, but it’s the truth. Nobody cares where your spouse came from, the color of their skin, their financial status. Here, it seems those things determine how people will treat you before they ever meet you.

      I’m not saying that the western men are better lovers than Chinese men. Not at all. But honestly, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

      • “As far as sexual insecurity, I know you’re not serious. Chinese men generally can’t talk to women, and when they do they’re clumsy and disrespectful.”

        Racist generalization. It is impossible for you to speak ‘generally’ of a demographic over 700 million.

        “I know a good deal of Chinese men, not just here and there, who just don’t talk to women. At all.”

        Interesting choice of friends. But don’t assume the entire race is of one characteristic from a small pocket.

        “This is part of the reason why prostitution is so rampant in this country”

        Another racist assumption. Prostitution is rampant in China because the laws against it are not enforced. Another factor for prostitution is economics. The money motive. Again, modern China is materialistic, pragmatic, and realistic. Do not assume Chinese women are ‘submissive’ and are not affected by this.

        “…There may be escorts in the west, but not like the culture of 小姐 here.”

        I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. As if Western cultures are more pure of something.

        “Anybody who has to pay a woman just to sit and talk with him while he drinks doesn’t appear too confident to me.”

        That is called a hostess bar. There are hostess bars in the West as well. Primary reason is to increase the bar’s revenue, it has nothing to do with confidence. Walk into the hostess bars in Shanghai and there are plenty of laowais paying women to drink with them as well as Chinese, it doesn’t have anything to do with confidence. You can say similar things about strip clubs in the West.

        “Glorified sexism? So why is it still so broadly accepted in China that men are the money-makers and women are the baby-makers? It’s slowly changing, but the double standards here are still awful.

        You said nothing in defense of the glorified sexism of western chivalry. Chinese women have been at work since the 50s when Mao declared that women are “half the Heavens”. Women in the US only got to work in the 70s after the oil crisis. Glorified sexism is only one factor in the culmination of White sexual insecurity, which leads to riots and institutionalized policy that impose racist violence against non-whites when they date white women. US history is filled with such instances.

        “So many Chinese men drink and smoke, which is not, apparently, okay for women. They cheat on their wives and hire prostitutes, but that’s okay because they don’t marry for love anyways. They marry the first pretty girl that will hook up with them because they have enough money to provide them with the lifestyle they want.”

        I find this post funny. You, being wholesomely non sexist, is telling people which is apparently okay or not okay for women. This is exactly the ‘glorified sexism’ of western chivalry that I am talking about. You can’t speak for women, only women speak for women. Your talking about how men don’t marry for love, (implying that westerners do, which is false and contains racist undertone) you do not see that perhaps women in China don’t marry for love either. Perhaps that factor is there, which drives men to want to become rich, but you cannot see that, because you are blinded by your hopeless western romantic fairytale that the media has brainwashed you to think. The Chinese, for one, are a very pragmatic people.

        “Racism? You have been to China, right? I mean, you are aware of how strong the culture of racism is here, right? 92% of this country is mistakenly called Han Chinese (scholars are now asserting that there are almost no Han left), and of the other 8%, most are also Chinese.”

        What does being mistakenly called Han have to do with racism? The term Chinese is a pan-ethnic term, so your last assertion does nt make sense. No matter how much racism is in China, the White superiority racism in the west which stems from the age of colonialism is incomparable to it.

        “Just because Chinese men don’t know how to fight doesn’t mean they don’t fight.”

        You are exposing your racist tendencies with this statement, the exact type of racism I mentioned in my first post. Please re-evaluate.

        “Lastly, I don’t see much respect from Chinese men for the women they marry. Most–not just some–most Chinese men cheat on their wives. That’s respect? I hear stories every day about some guy that cheated on his wife and got somebody else pregnant. I also haven’t seen that many marriages of equality, if any.”

        Men cheating on their wives are everywhere, even white US presidents do it. There is a saying in China, ‘When women become bad, they become rich. When men become rich, they become bad.’ Your intention to attach this negative characteristic to Chinese men shows me you have racist intention.

        “Honestly, I am sure there are Chinese men who respect their wives, who are great husbands. I just haven’t met any.”

        Then maybe you should start making friends that are not scum.

        “I think you’ve got quite a bit reversed. Multi-racial marriages in America aren’t just commonplace, they’re what our country was founded on.”

        US is not founded on multi-racial marriages. It is founded on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which is written by a small group of wealthy slave-owning landlords. The US, my friend, is founded on racism. You are misrepresenting the US. The US is not this rosy light beacon of freedom on the hill. Any type of misrepresentation such as this is propaganda that is meant to mislead people to emigrate and attract new minimum wage slave labor.

        “I say this again and again, but it’s the truth. Nobody cares where your spouse came from, the color of their skin, their financial status. Here, it seems those things determine how people will treat you before they ever meet you.”

        This is true to some extent, depending on where you are in the States. If your in NYC, then it can possibly be true. But notice that NYC is the most ethnically diverse location of the US. If you go to places where there are over 90% white, such as the Midwest or the South, this changes drastically.

        “I’m not saying that the western men are better lovers than Chinese men. Not at all. But honestly, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.”

        I don’t completely understand what you are trying to say with this, but I suspect its something racist from seeing what you are capable of saying earlier in this post. Unless your a woman, you cannot even begin to say what kind of lover is better for a woman so I don’t know why that was mentioned.

        When viewing China and the people that live within its cultural boundaries with a Western lens rather than a lens of its own, a lot of perspective is lost. Keep yourself in perspective and try not to be too racist.

  16. Yibo–Are you really just going to continue backing up your hypocritical comments with more misdirection? China is above reproach, I guess, huh? I, conversely, never ever said that the US is above reproach. I never said that western men are so great and Chinese men are so terrible. I don’t put western men on any sort of pedestal. As I said in my comment, there are tons of terrible husbands and racist folk in the west. I’m going to iterate my assertion here that you can’t just post such racist things as calling western men sexually insecure, racist, violent, and disrespectful of women when it’s so widespread here. Look, I’ll be the first to criticize the US, but you can’t just say, well American men are this way and Chinese men are so much better. It’s racist. Straight up racist, and I’m merely responding to your bigotry and misconceptions.

    It’s not okay for me to generalize? But it’s okay for you and the larger part of the Chinese population? I mean, it’s a textbook phrase–“中国人来说… 美国人来说什么?” If I had a RMB for every time I heard this, I’d be a rich man. I assert to my students and friends on a regular basis that there are too many individual opinions in such a modern society to say everybody thinks the same, but almost every Chinese person I know will still say things like –northern Chinese folk think this, and southerners say this… When Chinese folk ask me what Americans think, I say, well, we all think differently. That’s what we all think. You can go on thinking that we all sit in our strip clubs, eating our Big Macs, reading our bibles, and counting our guns. Go ahead. See how far it gets you.

    “Interesting choice of friends. But don’t assume the entire race is of one characteristic from a small pocket.”
    I don’t have any small pockets of friends. I’ve been around China and around the world. My friends are spread wide and diverse, in age, gender, culture, etc.

    “Prostitution is rampant in China because the laws against it are not enforced. Another factor for prostitution is economics.”
    So, tell me why the laws against it are not enforced? Could it be that the police themselves are partaking? Certainly not. Economics? Tell that to the children that are being drafted into service. I guess that 12 year old on her knees must really, really want a new iPod.

    You can call those xiaojie hostesses if you want, and in some cases they are. In some cases, yes, it could be a reputable professional. I never said that it doesn’t occur in the west. Again, all I’m saying is, stop trying to act like Chinese men are such valiant gentlemen and westerners are just perverted squids. It’s ridiculous. There are prostitutes and strippers in the west, for sure. There are just soooo many more here, and don’t give me the population B.S. because I used to live in NYC and even there it wasn’t as dense with people selling their bodies.

    Where did you get the misconception that American women only started working in the 70s? What a silly comment. Suffrage occurred way before then. I haven’t said anything in defense of western chivalry because it’s mostly gone. There are, of course, still places that sexual harassment still occurs, but generally women can apply for jobs the same as men can. There are laws specifically preventing giving a man a job instead of a woman just because of their genders. Don’t say there are US laws preventing multi-racial couples, it’s just silly. It’s not like here in China, where police and military folk cannot even date foreigners. But that’s not racist, right?

    Yes, you’re right, marriage has nothing to do with romance or love. People should just marry some rich jerk. Very pragmatic. They’ll be miserable, but at least they can have the plush lifestyle they want. What a great life goal.

    So, the fact that China only opened its doors to foreigners 30 years ago has nothing to do with xenophobia? Definitely, colonialism from the west has a rich tradition of racism. The 2 biggest empires in world history have been Great Britain and, depending on what you consider colonialism, the US. I won’t deny that. It’s a good thing there’s never been colonialism from China. What’s happening in Tibet and Xinjiang, that’s just friendly. When China told Vietnam way back when that it wasn’t its own country, that it was just a Chinese prefecture, that was awfully friendly. 1000 years under Chinese rule, that was just for their own good, right?

    Yes, sometimes I stereotype Chinese men as unable to fight. It’s silly, but maybe the fact that so many talk about kung fu but very few actually study real martial arts has something to do with this. Even Wushu is beautiful to watch but not very practical in a real fight. All those spins and huge movements are only useful against somebody that has no idea how to fight.

    I never said American men don’t cheat. It’s just not as accepted. I mean, seriously, how much of what those “hostesses” make comes from married men? Quite a bit. It’s pretty widely accepted that a man here is going to cheat on his wife at some point. You’re the one that said marriages here are pragmatic. In those pragmatic marriages, at some point the husband will get bored of his wife and look elsewhere. Yes, it happens in the west too, just not as much. Honestly, all this is about is that you said something about how western men are such shitty lovers and Chinese men have so much respect for women. I’m just pointing out that you should be wary of such hypocritical statements. Saying that Chinese men don’t care who Chinese women date is absolutely ridiculous. Preventing policemen and military men from even dating a foreigner sounds to me like somebody cares. I’ve had Chinese men glare at me when I’m with my girlfriend, even try to start fights with me. One taxi driver asked me if I wanted all Chinese men to be single, why I’m trying to steal their women. I wasn’t aware that Chinese women are somebody’s property.

    “Then maybe you should start making friends that are not scum.”
    I don’t consider anybody scum, that’s ridiculous. Maybe you should stop being so angry at the world. What choices people make are their own. If somebody actually treats his wife badly, sure, I’m not going to be friends with him anymore. I have lots of friends here that treat their girlfriends just fine, as far as I can tell. Does something happen after marriage? I don’t know. If somebody wants to be a swinger, shouldn’t he tell his fiancee before they get married? Again, this is not something anybody can provide real statistics for. How many people in a census are going to admit to cheating on their spouse? I just hear about it so much more over here.

    You’re right, in the 18th century, there was quite a bit of racism in the US. It’s a good thing it wasn’t present anywhere else at that time. There’s a line in the opening of the Constitution, “All men are created equal”–I guess that must have been a typo. The Bill of Rights? I just reread a transcript of it to try to find this racism that you speak of. It’s one of the oldest standing governments in the world, over 200 years old (China is a fairly young country, only 60 years old), of course those documents were written when there was racism. If you really think that the US opened its doors to immigrants just to import slave labor then I don’t know what to do for you. Millions of people went there to escape persecution in their own countries. Obviously there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I haven’t exactly struck it rich coming to China, either.

    You’re right, there are areas in the US that are not as ethnically diverse. Generally, these are rural areas. There are many more places than just NYC that are incredibly diverse. Don’t try to misrepresent us just because of some backwater swamp in Tennessee. I won’t deny that I’ve seen racism in the US. After growing up in the city of New Haven (Yale), I went to high school for a short time in a rural area. For one year, there was only 1 African-American student in the entire school. He and I were great friends despite the social flack we received. We never got attacked and nobody called me a “N-lover” or anything ridiculous like that, but we certainly were outcasts at times. There were a few other minority students, but nobody as isolated as he was. There surely is racism in the US. I’m glad there’s nowhere like that in China. Foreigners represent less than 1% of the population in China, and most of us are in the cities. Anybody who doesn’t look Chinese here gets stared at, even pointed at with whispers of,”laowai.”

    The phrase “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks” means that you’re a hypocrite. Don’t throw insults and criticize the west and put China up on a pedestal. I’ll heartily agree to any critique of the US that is accurate, and not merely deflection. Want to talk about the US as the champion of commercial imperialism? Sure. We didn’t invent it, but yes, I’ve seen the McDonald’s and KFCs and Starbucks here. It’s a new form of imperialism, a more subtle one, but I believe it surely is imperialism. I could go on about the offenses of the west, of the embarrassments in the Middle East which are still, to some degree, continuing. I do not think that the US is a shining white city on the hill. I do not think that western men are such great lovers and all Chinese men are awful lovers and shitty husbands. I’m merely reacting to your racist comments, which are probably a result of your own insecurities. You can (wrongly) call me a racist all you want, but why don’t you re-examine your own prejudiced statements?

    • The Bill of Rights apparently was referring to only White men with property when it talked about all people. Apparently others were not considered ‘people’.

      As to the post, it was originally intended to address the issue why Jeff was being thrown rocks at in Great Britain just because a white woman is either dating him or walking along with him and why the Chinese men in China are not doing the same. Would you care to give a suggestion as to the reason for this?

      I live in southern Maryland, near Washington D.C (lots of white people), and if I walk around here with a white women (just walking, no visible signs of dating), I’ll have swarms of these white men staring down at me up to a point where it becomes distracting.

      Hows that for women being property? You can heartily agree to this critique can you not? You can heartily agree to the fact that racist INSTITUTIONS and LAWS have been in place in the US for hundreds of years. Since we’re talking about China, here is a good example, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a racist law passed to exclude and purge the Chinese Americans after the San Fransisco Gold Rush and the building of the transcontinental railroad. After the civil war ended Black Slavery, US immigration policy aimed to experiment with new ways for cheap labor. In this case, the Chinese were no longer exploitable, and started to become a demographic that competed for jobs with the white. This law of racist discrimination was not appealed until after World War II. Did you know, that prior to the Chinese Exclusion Act, there is a law that forbid Chinese to marry whites, this law was not appealed until even later. AND this is just one case that dots the racist history of the US. Chinese people in China may whisper and point “laowai” but this ‘racism’ is virtually vaporized by the time it reaches the institutional level. The military has its own laws, it is a contract and it is not subjected to all people. Your statement regarding the restriction of Chinese military and police personnel to date foreigners have a political intent, not a racist one.

      I particularly like to point out when Americans go to China and observes racism in China they tend to misperceive it as equivalent to racism in the States. No. One is based on difference and the acknowledgement of the difference, and the other, based on institutionalized white racial superiority. That is one difference. The other, is the fact that China and US are two completely different types of nation. The US is an immigrant nation, due to forced immigration (by the Europeans into the Native American lands), whereas China is a cultural civilization sitting on its own land, with no immigration policy. You may think, that China should comparatively have far more racist policies regarding foreigners than the US. Care to explain that?

      White insecurity isn’t something I made up, its textbook material. Study your history.

      What is interesting though, is the perspective you have on China and Chinese society. Take prostitution, you said that there are sooo many more in China, and the reason you imply is something embedded in the character of Chinese people. This is an perspective only a racist or ignorant mind is capable of thinking. Ever been down to New Orleans? Prostitution is huge to the point where there are ‘dynasties’ of prostitutes. Why? Corrupt government. New Orleans has one of the most corrupt governments in the States. I would never assume that people in New Orleans have a low character for the cause of rampant prostitution. I look to the government and its laws. You however, begin your racial comparisons and make assumptions that is highly offensive.

      From your statements, I’m going to have to conclude that your an average white racist chump that is brainwashed by the media and ignorant to the fact that he thinks with a racist perspective. The Chinese were not conditioned by institution or brainwashed by racist media to think like one for the past 200 years.

      And remember, despite the fact that you have been to China or all around the world, your going to still be white, coming from a certain part of the US, and unless you completely forsake that culture/background and immerse yourself as a native in another for decades, you’ll never attain the level of nativity in any country to speak as you are one of them. Reality isn’t like Hollywood movies such as Avatar. Know your place.

      • First of all, Yibo, you need to refrain from any further personal insults. They are both juvenile and entirely speculative. You don’t know the first thing about me outside of what you’ve read on this website. While you might feel that I make racist or stupid comments, you can only comment on what I write in a thread. Personal insults neither contribute to a lively discussion nor do they support your ideas. Such insipid comments only serve to degrade said written skirmish. I, likewise, find some of your comments racist and ignorant, but I only know what I read here so I’m only going to comment on that. Anything further is out of line and not only will I not respond to it, I will stop engaging you in this thread and all others. I come to this website to read a variety of opinions on a variety of topics, and sometimes to engage in friendly banter about said topics. So, let’s keep this civil, shall we?

        I think you can assume from the fact that I live and work in China, as well as date one of and am friends with many of its citizens, that I have more than a passing interest in its culture. From your comments I’m going to assume that you are a student in the US so therefore have more than a passing interest in its educational system, despite your implication that we’re all so ignorant. You opened up with generalizing statements about distinguishing all Chinese men as being superior lovers to western men, placing Chinese men on a pedestal and western men in the gutter, also known as racism. My comments were merely a reaction to such, opening your eyes past the propaganda of the Party that you seem to gobble up so readily instead of thinking for yourself.

        Honestly, it’s undeniable that racism is, to this day, instituted in China. Were you aware that the best research institute/library in Beijing has been closed to foreigners for over half a year? Why would the Chinese government do such a thing? While the US is busy instituting equality, China is still hard at work segregating. Many tourist attractions have a separate price for foreigners. Again, police and military cannot even date foreigners. This is a law, not merely a taboo. Is this because it contributes to social stability in a country with such deep-seated programs of xenophobia?

        Yes, the Bill of Rights was written by rich, old, white men. I have said for many years that if it weren’t for rich old men, the world would be a jolly place. They convince the rest of us to fight wars in order to protect their private property. I don’t buy that war creates evolution, that we only evolve in the face of adversity for survival. Surely sitting on our asses and watching TV could lead to H.G. Wells’-style de-evolution, but I don’t think that the greatest accomplishments and innovations in human history come merely in the wake of war. I also don’t think that, despite a racist background, the original institutional policies of the US were created with intended racism. Every country in the world has a tradition of racism. Some cling to it still, like China. Remember also that the US government was specifically created as an adjustable one, perhaps because the founders were aware that they lived in a time when nobody, even their compatriots, would accept complete equality for everybody. Remember also that rich white men were likely the most educated at the time, and therefore best able to sustain a stable government. One of the reasons Russia instituted communism is that a mostly agricultural and illiterate society is generally incapable of keeping current with politics. Most folk in the colonies, regardless of their race, would not have been able to draft a document that laid the plans for what, at 200 years, is currently one of the oldest countries in the world (China is quite young at only 60 years old).

        As far as Jeff having rocks thrown at him, I still don’t believe this is the whole story. I don’t think that he really has rocks thrown at him just for walking down the street with a white woman. While I’m sure there are pockets of racism in the UK, as in every country, I don’t think it’s such that somebody would actually have rocks thrown at them for dating a local. The makeup of the population is a great deal more varied than in countries like, say, China. I’ve never lived in the UK but I spent a month there a couple years ago, and I never saw said racism on such a level, nor did any of my non-white friends that I traveled with. If Jeff is truly getting rocks thrown at him, perhaps it’s not because he’s Chinese but because he looks down his nose with such disdain at the “local yobs”. If they really are just throwing rocks at him for dating a white woman, then their behavior is inexcusable and I place them somewhere in between KKK members and the orangutans at the zoo flinging their own feces.

        I find it quite humorous that you mention Maryland and Washington, D.C., because I went to school in D.C. and received two of my degrees there. I lived both there and in surrounding Maryland areas and, let’s be honest, it’s a little more integrated than you’re making it out to be. In Prince George’s County, for instance, there are areas where knowing some Spanish would really come in handy. While there are areas I wouldn’t walk around at night, it’s not because I’m white but because I’m not from the neighborhood. When I walk there during the day, I get stared at for just the same reason, and I appear Caucasian most of the year (my Mediterranean heritage becomes a bit more obvious during the summer). My ex-girlfriend, a dark-skinned Latino girl, was rather well-endowed in her undercarriage area, if you know what I mean, and we would get stared at by Latino African-American men. I never assumed that they were possessive of her because I appeared white, merely that they were jealous because she had junk in her trunk. If you’re talking about southern Maryland, then I could believe that you’ve observed racism there. Like rural areas in all countries, you’d be stupid to think you wouldn’t encounter racism. If you’re talking about more urban areas, I’ve lived in both urban and suburban Maryland, and there’s very little racism there, so just drop the act. You’re not fooling anybody, least of all me.

        I’m well aware that there is a history of racism in US policy. Yes, I’m aware that Chinese men were not permitted in the past to marry whites, but this is distant history, whereas there are still Chinese policies in place preventing said union. I won’t try to defend US policy in the past–yes, they were racist, as should be expected. Do you really think that, 50 years ago, the US was full of racists and the rest of the world held hands in brotherhood and equality? You’re right, the military and police do have their own laws. Remember though that China’s military has more people in it than any other, more than some small countries. Yes, it is a restriction with political intent, of a racist nature. This xenophobia is programmed on a very subtle but wide societal level.

        Again, you’re right, racism in China is quite different from racism in the US. In China, it’s completely accepted and instituted. In the US, it’s completely taboo and illegal. We are taught values of universal equality from a very early age, and, while it doesn’t always take, it is usually implemented. Some people, regardless of their background, while they think they might not be racist, might still have some biases that they aren’t aware of until it becomes pertinent. However, most of said people would feel guilty about this later and do whatever necessary to correct it. I don’t see that behavior here. Many people just point to things like China’s long cultural history, as if that is an excuse for racism, or the fact that there aren’t that many foreigners here, as if that would also serve as an excuse.

        I’m glad that you think your bigoted ideas are “textbook material.” Maybe they are, here in China. Then when you get out of China and see how the world really is, those textbooks are revealed as nothing more than xenophobic, reactionary propaganda. Racism isn’t based on facts, merely opinions. Don’t pretend that you actually read about white insecurity in a textbook. I’m quite sure that such material would be thrown out as the trash it is. Just because you heard from your Chinese friends that all foreign devils are insecure doesn’t mean that we actually are. Think for yourself a little. I know it’s scary for you to develop an original thought, but I’m sure you can produce at least one.

        You’re also right that the issue of prostitution has been brought to light in New Orleans and other places. I’m glad that places like Nanjing don’t have traditions like this stretching back millenia. The CCP apparently has more important things to worry about, so once a month, to fill their quotas, police do a raid on a brothel they had previously been regular customers of. In the US, many police try to actually do their job, so it seems the worst there. I’d also like to know how you’d address the issue of widespread child prostitution. Do you really think it’s just because of the economy or the population that there are so many children sold or forced into prostitution by their parents? Police just don’t try enforcing things here, they don’t have the energy or resources. I’ve tried to reconcile it but I can’t. A buddy of mine from Beijing says, “jiang yi zhi yan, bi yi zhi yan”–one eye open, one eye closed.

        Lastly, you are absolutely right, Chinese folk haven’t been brainwashed for the past 200 years. They’ve been brainwashed for over 5000 years. Honestly, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard you say yet. Are you aware that the rest of the world sees the Chinese population generally as a bunch of robots paying homage to the brainwashing propaganda of CCP? It’s not what I feel, or I wouldn’t have come here, but that’s what most people feel. I believe that there are enough free-thinking people in China today that they have a good chance of changing things, but it’s going to take a lot of work, mainly because everybody is so brainwashed and accepts that the Party is God. I mean, that’s kinda the whole idea of authoritarianism. Instead of free media, there is a state-controlled talking head. You can blather on about lying western media blah blah blah but the fact is we at least HAVE a media. You can’t call this state-controlled farce media. That would imply some sort of journalistic integrity, as opposed to merely pumping out more of the CCP’s propaganda. The closest western equivalent was FOX News during the Bush administration. The fact that FOX News exists actually as an alternative to truly fair and balanced news is a testament to the idea of free media–that anybody can look to multiple news sources with a wide range of opinions. While racism has and still does exist in some pockets in the US, it is not instituted today. Any media that supports such is generally taboo by general standards.

        I never suggested that I would ever seem like a native of China, even if, for some reason, I decided to set down roots here for the rest of my life. Both my Chinese girlfriend and I are world travelers, and we intend to, perhaps many years from now, perhaps not so many, explore living in yet other countries. I would never forsake my culture or background, what a silly idea. There are so many things I love about American culture, even if I don’t agree with everything. I also love Chinese culture, which is one of the main reasons I came here. I want to know more about this culture and can only learn so first-hand, not by reading out of a book or listening to my Chinese friends in the US tell me what it’s like over here. You, apparently, think that you know everything about the US and being an American and can speak on such matters like you are a native. I’m only assuming you aren’t because of your racist comments and your inability to speak as a native. Why don’t you take a good, long look in the mirror and see if it’s really you talking, or just your angst-ridden xenophobic programming?

    • China has been brainwashed for the past 5000 years by Confucius and Mencius? Fair enough. Thats just like how Western civilization are brainwashed by Plato and Aristotle.

      Fact: All media in the US are owned by 4 conglomerates.

      This gives Americans the delusion that their media is more “free” or “unbiased” or whatever. No. This brainwashes the people more so than China’s CCTV as the people of China knows that their media have a bias (but you would probably assume that they don’t use their heads). In addition, cable news channels like FOX and CNN are not media, they are completely propaganda designed to brainwash. Just like CCTV pumping out CCP propaganda, US media talking heads are pumping out Democratic and Republican propaganda, this gives the American people the false image that there is media competition so therefore media accuracy, enabling them to think that they are making an “unbiased” choice in their thoughts. What appears to be multiple biases and “free media” are only made by 4 companies.

      So this US media brainwash that you have received had made you think that you are capable of developing “original thoughts” and you believe to be superior to the people of China because you possess this “original thought” facility and the Chinese do not. The only thoughts that come out from you are the thoughts coming from a typical White individual basking in the delusion of White privilege. Stop thinking from that point of view for a change. The world does not revolve around the west. Just look at the subtlety derogatory statement like this one…”Are you aware that the rest of the world sees the Chinese population generally as a bunch of robots paying homage to the brainwashing propaganda of CCP?”….The “WORLD” as you stated, consists of the US and some European countries. The world, includes in actuality, the entire world, not just countries where White people are the majority. This is a delusional and false sense of superiority that is unsustainable.

      Quit saying the US is an older country than China. Its not. The Constitution and its legal institutions are older, thats all. China considers itself as a 文明 and its identity does not merely stem from a piece of paper. When people are talking about the history of China, they are usually not talking about the history starting from 1949. But then again, if you include the the thousands of years Native Americans were living on these lands, it would considered just as old. (But that would be irrelevant to you huh?)

      Its interesting to see how you assume that my views are “Party Propaganda” and “angst-ridden xenophobic programming”. Is this what you assume when a Chinese individual expresses his or her thoughts that are not in-line with your delusion? Would this be how you would dismiss things you don’t like to hear? I grew up partly in NYC Queens and partly in Montgomery County Maryland (I’m still here, and if you haven’t updated yourself on the racial politics of this region lately, I suggest you google 9500 Liberty and check out how racism in this area has panned out.) I studied US Government and Asian American studies at College Park UMD. It would be scary how little I would know about US Government if I hadn’t simultaneously studied AA studies.

      1922 Cable Act: When a white woman married a non-white man, the white women loses her American citizenship…WHAT?! Yes, that is what White Insecurity is. It is the concept behind the institutionalization of policies that cater and service the insecurity of white men in regards to their women and the cultural/historical reasoning behind it. And you can’t say this isn’t real, because its proof is in paper (the legal type; law). This is the textbook concept that I am referring to, but let me guess, minority education such as African-American Studies and Asian American Studies and their respective textbooks are probably just “trash to be thrown out” to you huh. Interesting.

      As for you thinking that I cannot “speak” like a native, proves your ignorance. Unless your a Native American, your not a native to America. Or maybe you are criticizing my ‘English-essay speaking ability’. Just because I don’t speak like a White person does not mean I am not an American. The Mexican that doesn’t speak English that crosses the border ‘illegally’ into California is an American, just like the pilgrims ‘illegally’ landed in Plymouth Rock, are Americans. You, being white, does not grant you the privilege of defining what America is or isn’t, nor does it grant you the privilege of defining what it means to be a “Native” American. What I don’t like to see, is the advertisement of America to the world from a White point of view. This is a delusional point of view and every conscious-minded minority in the states should have some idea to this.

      I would have to assume that insecurity occurs both in Chinese men and White. But what I am saying, is that the insecurity of White men is proven by the writings in the pages of history. Yes its repealed now but thats just the the repealing of the institution, lets not forget that the people always move slower than the laws. So this is how I explain certain unfortunate modern-days events like Jeff getting hit by rocks by white men just because hes dating a white women. But you would love to dismiss him somehow by ‘not believing’ or blame it on the minority huh. Closing your eyes to something does not mean it doesn’t exist.

      Some Whites seems to go travel the world to places, like China, come back and talk about how the places they visited are so much worse than the States and make criticisms of the people there. This really just seems like racial ego-tripping than opening your eyes to new cultures and people. This really makes me ask the question, if you carry a delusional mindset and travel around the world to learn shit, whats the point?

      • I never said that China was brainwashed by Kongzi or Mengzi. That would be as ridiculous as saying the west was brainwashed by Plato and Aristotle. Oops, you already said that. None of these guys forced people legally to accept their beliefs. While other men ate their ideas up and may have shoved their interpretation of said ideas down peoples’ throats, they were merely interpretations. Chinese communism isn’t Marxism, it’s just an interpretation of such. I don’t particularly like Kongzi’s assertion that everybody should follow the king, no matter what he does, because the king deserves to be the ruler, but at least Mengzi, also of the Rujia school, adjusted this concept by saying that, if the king is evil, you should take him out of power, because he doesn’t deserve the Mandate of Heaven anyways. I like that.

        I’m aware that guys like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch own all the media conglomerates in the US. Anybody who turns on the TV knows this. While they are not completely objective, to say that CNN and the like are nothing but propaganda designed to brainwash is ridiculous. I’m not ignorant enough to think that there is always journalistic integrity, but the opportunity is there. People don’t lose their jobs and get thrown in jail like they would here for speaking out against the Party. The government doesn’t actually tell them all the time what to say. While they are very often fed information, it’s ludicrous to compare them to Chinese news outlets like CCTV. How much time have you actually spent in China? It’s hard sometimes here to find out what’s going on in the rest of the world. Hell, it’s hard here sometimes to find out what’s really going on in China. Very often in the US people know when their media outlets are chock full of propaganda. Stop reading crap sites like, they’re the internet equivalent of supermarket tabloids.

        I never said that Chinese folk are incapable of original thought. In fact, I said “here are enough free-thinking people in China today that they have a good chance of changing things.” Don’t put words in my mouth just because you know your argument is bullshit. It’s true that the world, not just the west, sees China as a bunch of robots. I’m not making this up. I’ve asked many of my friends who came here to study from different continents and they all say the same thing. Maybe if you stepped outside of your bubble you could see the world for yourself. Just reading what some other idiot thinks isn’t nearly as informative as actually going to visit a place, as I’ve done in over a dozen countries across the world.

        The US is an older country than China. If you’re talking about culture, then yes, you have to take into effect both Native American culture as well as ancient European (you should also consider other cultures that made their way here during the last few centuries, willingly or not). You said yourself that the west is brainwashed by Plato and Aristotle. You are aware that they lived more than 200 years ago, right? The government of China is incredibly young. It has changed even more since its inception 60 years ago. The people may still be here but the country has changed way too much to call it the same country it was 100 years ago. If a country is defined merely by the people in it, then the US is one of the oldest countries in the world, because of the varied population. Honestly, you think that everybody who came to the US just left their culture at home? Okay guys, let’s make a new country, and just forget everything we knew before. Ridiculous.

        You really shouldn’t have told me that you grew up in Montgomery County, the 2nd richest county in the US. Did your privileged life allow you to experience anything of the world outside of that bubble? I suppose you learned all about international culture at the Lakeforest Mall. Honestly, I’m sure life was hard on the streets. Sure, those streets were filled with BMWs and Porsches, but life was still hard.

        UMCP? Really? I spent a little time there, too, and, again, you shouldn’t have told me because the AA Studies program there is crap. Most of the programs in Jimenez are completely neglected because everybody wants to study Business or Computer Science there. The Chinese program used to be okay but once Dr. Branner left it turned to shit. The Confucius Institute has fallen to shit as well. Why don’t you try going to the Brookings Institute or read “Governing China” by Kenneth Lieberthal if you can’t go there to hear him speak as he does quite often. It’s too bad that guys like Lieberthal and David Shambaugh (the #1 China expert in the world; even according to many Chinese scholars, he knows more about China than they do) don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m sure you’ve got the right perspective parroting out your programming from your little bubble.

        Again, you keep referring to US institutional policy history as racist but can’t actually provide one contemporary example. Of course there is a racist history in the US, as there is in every country in the world. Every time I bring this point up you refuse to address it. Do you honestly think that the US is the only country in the world with a history of racism? Or are you just unable to provide an answer as to why China persists yet today with racist policies. You’re talking about a law from 90 years ago that was quickly abolished. I’m talking about something that still prevents police and military from dating foreigners. Stop deflecting with these excuses about US history and address the issues head on. Or are you afraid that your arguments can’t hold water?

        The term “Native American” merely implies that their ancestors were the original settlers. To refer to somebody as a native of any country, on the other hand, means that they have been born in said nation. I just assumed from your diction that you aren’t a native because you sound like some of my students who’ve studied English for 10-11 years. Rather embarrassing for you, huh? If I didn’t think somebody raised but not born in the US was an American I’d think my mother was a foreigner. She lived in the Bronx from age 4-25 so I’m pretty sure she’s considered an American. Why don’t you read more carefully before making such ridiculous accusations?

        I know you want to believe that the big, bad white man is out to get you but honestly, this is the 21st century. Wake up and smell the international brew. I’m sorry that you think our African-American president advertises the US to the world from a white point of view. Must be awkward for him. This sort of ethnocentrism is really hurting your arguments. Seriously, once you grow up and are old enough to graduate from college, you should travel the world a bit and see how things really work instead of just learning from your armchair.

      • Interestingly you’ve shied away to speak on the NYC part of my life. and focused on the Montgomery County bubble. Can’t find any shit to talk about New York huh? Refer to my earlier post when I mentioned NYC as the only place in the States that have some kind of diversity. NYC is where I learned all of my international culture. Montgomery County is where I learned all about the White culture (DC too).

        Western civilization and philosophy stems from Plato Aristotle. And yes, Americans lose their culture when they step on board. Just ask Americans where they are from. Most of them don’t know, so they say “America”, or “I’m from here”. There is no culture here except the culture of immigrants, which fades after a generation or two.

        Yes, I am aware, the establishment of the PRC is in 1949. Don’t be the typical condescending delusional white person. I am talking about the continuity of a civilization and its people. The US is born out of European colonialism and the genocide of Native American people and culture. It is not a continuity of neither a European civilization nor the Native American.

        Making excuses with US history? I guess its normal for a white American to not want to discuss the history of the US and make believe they all never happened nor do they matter now. Its not OK to ignore your history. It is the deeds of your ancestors. They walked the lands before you and you inherit them. There is no sense in talking about contemporary issues without looking back into history to see where they arise from. Just like where your twisted world views also, have a history.

        Obama is half African-American. Check out all the racist crap that has went down from half of this country ever since he got elected. Saying we live in a post-racial society is only wishful thinking.

        I’ve been up. But you, you should wake up and smell the international brew and from the delusion of white superiority that makes you think any less of the fact that the US is the most hated country in the world. What you think as the world, is directly correlated with your background and upbringing. If you lived as a White American in US, with a upbringing of White Privilege, your world view and arguments will come from that perspective. Acknowledge this perspective, your objectivity is just western subjectivity. All that “original thought” that you have argued, are not original (as you may think) and I have heard them way too many times in politics lectures.

        Nice shit talking about UMCP. Very classy. But I agree, the AA is kinda crappy, and thats because there are some people that don’t think its a good idea to fund it.

        I spent 2 years living in China. As a native. I thought I was never going to leave.

        “It’s true that the world, not just the west, sees China as a bunch of robots. I’m not making this up. I’ve asked many of my friends who came here to study from different continents and they all say the same thing.”

        Your friends and you got the same kind of world view. If your friends says some garbage propaganda like that, why would you even choose to believe it? Unless of course, it is also your own racist belief. Probably why you all are friends.

        This kind of thing can be also be said of people of the States. Robots working endlessly for a fascist state that brainwashes them into thinking that they are “free”. Same derogatory shit. Since your in China, why don’t you open your eyes and see the country in its own perspective instead of following some racist western propaganda?

        “I never said that Chinese folk are incapable of original thought. In fact, I said “here are enough free-thinking people in China today that they have a good chance of changing things.””

        And this is for you to determine? Changing things? If your so “free-thinking” and capable why don’t get back here and change some things right here. You don’t come from a utopia, so how do you know what is good somebody else? Free-thinking, do you see what I’m saying? Thats American media brainwash right there. Free thinking does not mean Western thinking, and that is all you have demonstrated to me, except perhaps regurgitating a few academic definitions.

        Maybe you don’t notice the bigotry and subtle racism of American media because your white, and your ethnic is fully represented in media and reality while you were being conditioned. Don’t underplay American mass media. It reports less information and repeats more propaganda than CCTV. Although CCTV is definitely catching up in its sensationalizing. If someone in China really want information, they can just log on and take a bypass and get onto the western net. I assume your in China right now, how hard is it really to get information if you and I are writing on the same blog. I been to China. The internet is fine, you just have to jump the wall (which virtually every computer-using youth knows how to do, and does). I’m beginning to think that the Great Firewall of China is just used to create jobs.

        “Very often in the US people know when their media outlets are chock full of propaganda.”

        Wishful thinking. If that is remotely close to being true then they would stop pumping them out.

        “Do you honestly think that the US is the only country in the world with a history of racism? Or are you just unable to provide an answer as to why China persists yet today with racist policies.”

        This is very important. You are trying to compare the racism in China to the racism of the US like many of my American peers like to do. The key to this is history. Modern China did not engage in the largest slave trade in the history of the world. Modern China did not commit genocide on an entire continent. Modern China does not have a history of institutional policies that caters to white insecurity and the oppression of non-whites. You are trying to imply, that China has also partaken in such atrocities and ask me to tell you “why China persists yet today with racist policies”. Excuse me. Your comparing the code of Chinese military and police officials with the heinous crimes of western colonialism? The people of China has lived with its minorities for thousands of years. The Chinese never instituted the moronic idea that there are biologically inferior races (and don’t say oh ya thats the past and even if there are people who still believe this, they are bad). Racism in China and White racism are of two completely different nature with a historical narrative that are not remotely similar. Don’t define White racism in the same box as being mean to someone different just because they look or seem different. Its a lot more than that.

        “I just assumed from your diction that you aren’t a native because you sound like some of my students who’ve studied English for 10-11 years. Rather embarrassing for you, huh? ”

        No, not really. Because I could careless how you think of my English diction. As I am not white and would not like speak white diction. You completely failed to understand what I meant in the last post. You assume I’m not a native because I don’t speak white diction? I never thought that you had to speak English to be a native to America. Chinese Americans can live a whole life in San Fransisco without speaking a single word of English. Are you also assuming, that they are not natives to America? This is precisely the form of delusion I am speaking of.

        Lastly, these days, there are no big bad white men going after anybody, just ones that do not wish to wake up from their Disney movies.

  17. I am Asian man and in Sydney. I agreed to say that there are much more Chinese/Asian woman with White man in here. That being said, I also have seen more and more Asian man/White woman in here, but that’s only recently. I don’t know if it’s because of the White woman want to have revenge on White man or Asian woman, I don’t really care. I, myself really attracted to White women/girls, I think they are really elegant and beautiful, what seems exotic for White man in Asian girl seem to work for me in white woman.

    I also noticed that majority of the Asian girls are from Korea, they are massively dating white guy in here. And the Asian boy that dated the white girl are always born and raised in Australia. Every time I tried to approach white girl, they always look down on me as in being Asian and all of those stereotype. I also noticed that Asian girl who dates white guy in here, also look down on the Asian guy. I wonder what happen to these girls. Especially Asian girl, I just don’t get why would they look down upon Asian men after they date White guy, as if White guys are God for them. I have seen so many rejection from Asian girl to Asian guy regarding the race issue and am not really happy with it, personally I have never been rejected by Asian girl, but every time I heard from my Asian friend, my heart ache for them being rejected for being Asian… I wonder what should we do to make ourselves look better.

    I don’t think guy is all about big body, big muscle and sharp feature right? Sometimes, it can be polite, smart (not nerdy), and dress well. Also, when a white guy dress well, they would be seen as trendy, when Asian guy dress exactly like that white guy, they would be seen as fail… I wonder why… Remember not every guy were blessed to be born with big body and tall, especially Asian, even by going to the gym, majority of Asian man is ectomorph, one of the example is Bruce Lee, he is very muscular but we all know he is not a big man.

    Maybe I am wrong but with all of the things I have seen, I am pretty sure I got a point in saying so.

    • If what you are saying is true, then it seems like the Asian girls there are self-racist and the white girls who wants “revenge” have some issues as well. Both of these types are to avoid as neither of them are something you want to deal with, as they have been conditioned in negativity. The type to seek out are the ones that are fully aware of these issues of race-relations and are not brainwashed by Hollywood and western media.

      On the issue of how to dress or which body type is attractive, I feel very strongly to stress the importance of originality. Beauty is intrinsic and objective, but it can become heavily influenced by media. If the media is white-biased, it is imperial that you, as an Asian, do not dress or look that way. What looks good on one ethnic does not necessarily look good on others. I am here in the States and when I see Asian Americans dress in Abercrombie or other clothing lines that are not marketed to Asians, I question what makes them think that they look good wearing them, because they obviously do not. Becoming “Westernized” or “Americanized” or “Austraulianized”, if that is even a word, does not mean being White.

      The standard of beauty for different ethnics are different. If your aware of the White standard of beauty and your White friends are not aware of the Asian standard of beauty, then inform them. If they refuse to accept and be appreciative of your standard of beauty, then your friends are racist and narrow-minded.

      It is always my belief, that whichever media outlet has more economic and populist clout, the bias of that media outlet sets the standard of beauty. SEE THROUGH THIS.

    • Dreamt about this design company (Ichi design???)

      Originally I gave a “statement” to the company, I think it was a complaint about something I wasn’t happy with, or suggestions to improve an existing product… applying for a job there was NOT my original intention, and this guy initially directed me into a room to watch a video whilst he “fixed” the complaint, During this time, some girls (probably workers) came in, but largely ignored me. When the guy came back he looked at my original “statement”, and asked me what I had for GCSE Science (???)… I replied A*…double, to which he replied “Wow…” (which I thought was a bit surprising because it wasn’t that big an achievement, but hey, I wanted to go along)… he then said he’ll see if he could “do something about it”.

      After waiting some more he comes back and tells me that I wouldn’t have got in with the “quality of standard that I have shown” (despite the fact I had no intention of applying for a job there, thus not even putting in the effort in my original “statement” [not a CV or application form], and that it was he who did the “applying” for me).

      At the end a woman came in and I was given the choice between having a Ichi or Nippon… my eyes were closed at the time (as I had decided to rest whilst waiting from before – ???) so didn’t have a clue what the woman was talking about… opened them to see her (jokingly) grimace [as in, “Arghh, I KNEW I would have to explain that”], then she explains… either the Ichi branded messenger bag, or the Nippon branded condoms (???)…I realised in the dream that they were offering me either as the “consolation prize” for coming there/applying – even though that was not my original intention in the first place.

      My initial thoughts was obviously the bag, but shortly after I swayed towards the condoms.. probably to convince the woman I had sex frequently… then I woke up.

      If anyone wants to see just how idolized the white man is from the Chinese woman’s point of view, just look at this:

      Image 7 of 10 – we have a fat, blind man hugging a VERY young, reasonably attractive Chinese woman. Have you ever seen a young white woman go out with an old, let alone blind and fat Chinese man? Nope, it will never happen.

      Chances are this guy knew he was a loser in white society and went to every white man’s fall back option i.e. get a young girl (she doesn’t even look 16) from the Far East, where the failure rate, even if you’re blind and fat, is 0%. Chinese women are EASY. They have been indoctrinated somehow to bow down to anything white, this is exacerbated in foreign countries where the Chinese woman, a minority, condescends the Chinese man, which is what you have been seeing in Australia.

      Couple that with the ease of access that white men have to Chinese women and you have a recipe for future genetic disaster – pretty soon there will be no Chinese descendants remaining, all have been fucked by the white man. Maybe if the Chinese men studied how white men defend their women when being pursued by black men, for example in groups and with threats and intimidation, as well as a bit of help from white extremist groups (another thing the Chinese do not have), then this would not be such a walkover for the white man.

      And also start to build up negative stereotypes about the white man in media, parents and teaching, so that very few Chinese women would grow up to even consider white men as a partner, much like is the case in white countries regarding Chinese men.

      Lastly, Far Eastern countries can bring in legislation first of all to ban mail order brides from being shipped out like commodities (China has much to gain from this seeing as there are more men than women there, losing them to white countries is not going to help with that), and secondly to introduce laws that protect young people and women re: paedophiles and serial players, who take advantage of Chinese women’s naivety and who subsequently lose their virginity to these white men. By focusing on strict punishments (life imprisonment) for child abuse, and making it illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with those in his trust (many cases have been heard where the white man goes to China to be an English teacher, then goes on to bed hundreds of immature, virgin, Chinese girls) and in addition to ancountrywide educational campaign spelling out the problem of Stranger Danger, Chinese women can thus be informed about the realities of the world and how not to be taken advantage of, just like white women now how things work nowadays (which in turn makes it far more difficult for predators to prey on them).

  18. Lmao at the picture! That is so typical! In Chinese culture, Fat man considered wealthy. Let me explain something about white. I am a Chinese descendent in Indonesia, although rarely any Chinese descendent girls dating a white boy there, but the girls do obsess about white skin, that explains why they all go for Japanese and Korean guy. But thankfully, Chinese Indonesian is one of the few who stick with their kind and not so influenced by the media. Vietnamese also the same, although I have to say that after living in Sydney for 5 years and having to know lots of people from different cultures, I have to say that majority boys from Indonesia and Vietnamese which are chinese descendent are fairer skin, have wider eyes and pointy nose and although some of them are typical ‘anime’ type but most of us are indie, music band kind of type. And that’s why the Indonesian and vietnamese girls stick with us. Also out of all of the myth about Chinese guy in China, the myths doesn’t play upon us, as we treat the girl better (although I am not really sure if the myths is true back in mainland China, but I do sometimes avoid having friend with mainland guy due to the rude behaviour that they had and the vulgar words they sometimes said upon people). However, I never really have problem with dating Asian girl from mainland China, Hongkong, or sometimes Japan. The only girl who has been maybe totally being white-washed is probably the one from Korea, even the Korean friend of mine (boy) dating Indian girl (barbie type and skinny) and they do look good together, and both of them are my best friends.

    The same goes to the cosmetics advertising, in Asian countries, we were encouraged to be fairer by using the whitening creams and make your skin look so pinky white which is ridiculous but I was a bit shocked the first time I came to sydney to know that, here in sydney, they were encouraged to have tanner skin, which is the vice versa of what we had back in Asia. So my point is, people just want more out of themselves and somehow being brain-washed by the media and becoming the victims of the media.

    That’s why the Chinese women sees White as a God, I’m pretty sure if the Chinese guy were a bit taller and bigger in size, they would definitely chase the white girl. I, myself dated a russian girl before and for me she is the best out of my girlfriends, because of how exotic she looks like, blond, hazel eyes, white porcelain skin, almost as tall as me, and really really model type, maybe she was just a luck for me, because she is so perfect. Her sister married to a Thai guy and had a very beautiful daughter. But if I were going to marry a white girl, I think my parents would be devastated because White girls are considered the control-freak in Indonesia and in Chinese culture, parents should stay with their son and I am the only son, so basically they are scared that I would listen to my white wife more than them. So go figure.

  19. Holy essay writing contest batman! I really don’t see why who chinese girls or chinese guys decide to date has to become a social commentary. Attraction is a very personal thing, often it happens or it doesn’t, likely no amount of reasoning will change things. Personally it doesn’t upset me to see an Asian girl with a white guy or vice-versa.

  20. I couldn’t finish reading this discussion but anyway, Girls don’t care if guys have enough exercise. We care about their brain and personality, maybe their culture background because this will avoid communication issues.

  21. I’m shallow…I don’t care if the guy has brains as long as he looks good 🙂 So, yes he should exercise more, because muscles are important.

  22. LOL I managed to turn all my previously narrow-minded friends into crazed Korean pretty boy fangirls/Kpop lovers (it’s all about the hot guys)…it’s actually kind of annoying and I wish I hadn’t, TBH! x)

  23. To Meng: I don’t know who make you the expert on Bruce Lee but it is common knowledge to people in HK that he was raise in Hong Kong and he can speak fluent cantonese, he was a child actor in HK and did a few HK movies when he was like 10 or 12 before he went to America when he was in his 20s. His English has a strong cantonese accent if he was raise in America he would not have any accent, and I have hear him speak cantonese and it was fluent as any native speaker and he knew how to read and write chinese. So I don’t know where you got your BS information from but stop trying to act like you are the expert in Bruce Lee you just sound like a fool!! This info never came from Bruce Lee he never said that in any interview, and if search up anything about his life they will tell you he was raise in HK!!

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, Dan, but what’s “common knowledge” to HK people about Bruce Lee is generally far from the truth. Did you know, for instance, that Yip Man only taught him for 6 months? Did you know that, while Bruce was alive, Dan Inosanto taught more than 70% of his classes? Don’t buy into what you’ve seen on that completely bogus TV show about his life, it’s absolute BS. I didn’t get the information from any interview, website, or magazine. This comes directly from Bruce, then to his best friend and partner Guru Dan, then to me. Or you could believe what you’ve heard from a bunch of HK folk. “Common knowledge” is always accurate, right? Seems like you need to do a little more digging. I’ve never said that I’m “the expert in Bruce Lee” but you are just completely in the black. Buy a clue.

      • Meng, Just to let you know- Yes I did know about Bruce Li,( real spelling of his name), My husband is from Xian and I have been to China 3 times to many cities, In the Shenzhen you can not walk without getting flyers on gyms handed to you every block, My husband does Martial arts as a job he has also met Dan and I can tell you my husband ( close to 50) and his younger Martial arts brothers- many of them DO weight lift and most Chinese men are very fit- very few overweight guys ( unlike the USA!) never saw one have trouble walking the stairs–lol! ( unless they are old or sick) Bruce Li was raised in HK he never denied being Chinese- he was sent here since he was getting into trouble in HK- He is ” American” since that is his citizenship- but not his thinking or belief– how many American back then did feng shui? Bruce told Dan that he should not study just one art and told him he should go to his homeland and learn his native style– that is true and yes he only certified 2 people , and had his students teach— good bussiness man– he died young- I am sure if he lived longer he would have had more, Also most HK people at that time did NOT speak Mandarin- SO why would Bruce Li? How does that show he is not Chinese? How many PPL in the north Speak Cantonese?
        Most Cantonese have only in the last 20 years started to learn Mandarin and many there still do not speak it or speak it poorly I know this from friends only in their 20’s!
        It seems you want to try to make Bruce Li American “in blood” He IS Chinese but has American Nationality since he was born here and 1/4 German–
        I have many chinese friends here in the USA that live here and are ” American Citizens” but they all call themselfs Chinese and so do the other American here- That their cultural chinese… the do not turn American just because they live here- no more then I turn ” into a Chinese ” when I am there- even though my kids are 1/2 Chinese
        His parents returned and raised him there in HK with his family–
        after he was born – He was there when he died as well– that is the facts! There are Chinese PPL who are Still alive that did not know as well not just Dan BTW—- Dan was a student of his and a friend but not his only one..
        ps he did movies in CHinese as well if you want to watch some they had to dubb him since he he has his HK accent….My parents are from Europe I was raised in the USA and I do NOT have a accent-
        but they both do 🙂 you accent comes from where you are raised

  24. Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍; pinyin: Lǐ Xiăolóng, born Lee Jun-fan (Chinese: 李振藩; pinyin: Lǐ Zhènfān); 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was a Chinese American[2] actor,[3] martial arts instructor,[4] philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement. He is considered one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century, and a cultural icon.[5]

    Lee was born in San Francisco, California in the United States, to parents of Hong Kong heritage but raised in Hong Kong until his late teens. Upon reaching the age of 18, Lee emigrated to the United States to claim his U.S. Citizenship[6] and receive his higher education. It was during this time he began teaching martial arts, which soon led to film and television roles.

    His Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced films elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts film to a new level of popularity and acclaim, and sparked a major surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West in the 1970s. The direction and tone of his films changed and influenced martial arts and martial arts films in Hong Kong and the rest of the world as well. He is noted for his roles in five feature-length films, Lo Wei’s The Big Boss (1971) and Fist of Fury (1972); Way of the Dragon (1972), directed and written by Lee; Warner Brothers’ Enter the Dragon (1973), directed by Robert Clouse, and The Game of Death (1978).

    Lee became an iconic figure known throughout the world and remains very popular among Asian people and in particular among the Chinese, as he portrayed Chinese nationalism through his films.[7] While Lee initially trained in Wing Chun, he later rejected well-defined martial art styles, favoring instead to utilize useful techniques from various sources in the spirit of his personal martial arts philosophy he dubbed Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting Fist).[8]

  25. BTW Meng- I don’t want to burst your bubble but you can check the facts on Bruce Lee’s Offical web site- That his Blood family ..( not friends or fans) own and run.
    Have a great day!

    • You’re not bursting any bubbles, Gina, or you “L.Li”. Nobody on this site has yes to tell me anything I haven’t heard about Bruce. I wish there were, but it seems most people here just have word-of-mouth or a website or know somebody that met somebody once who knew Bruce. I don’t need to check any facts on Wikipedia or whatever silly website you’ve pulled things from. Everybody and their grandmother can read Black Belt Magazine. Tons of people have met Dan Inosanto, tons of people say they’re “Jeet Kune Do Certified” after a single weekend seminar with Dan. My buddy has over 200 of those certificates–he could wallpaper a room with them. Having met the guy means nothing. You can play the telephone game all day and circle around the facts.

      The development of Bruce’s art was NOT one smooth indivisible path, that’s absurd. It was form without form. Bruce knew that he couldn’t do everything on his own, so he sent Dan to bring in things like the Filipino martial arts. Bruce died so soon that there were very important things he wasn’t able to delve into, like grappling. That was one of his major disappointments. In his words, the deadliest man in the world was Gene LeBell, a grappler. Jeet Kune Do was a broken ladder.

      After Bruce died, Dan carried on the legacy, and now it’s just silly to talk about Way of Intercepting Fist without mentioning him. No, Dan will never be Bruce, it’s ridiculous to think he’d want to be. The whole idea of Jeet Kune Do is that every person has their own way of doing things.

      And please stop calling him “Bruce Li”. We all know his Chinese name was 李小龙. His American name was Bruce Lee. That’s on his birth certificate. “Bruce Li” was a Bruce lookalike who tried to pick up the movie career when Lee died, unsuccessfully.

      You may really want Bruce to be Chinese, but he said he was an American. That and his citizenship are good enough for me, not to mention his education. Show me a punch in Jeet Kune Do that doesn’t come from American boxing. Forget about his Mandarin, even Bruce’s Cantonese was awful. I’m not trying to make Bruce American “in blood”, that’s ridiculous. Blood has very little to do with nationality in the modern world. You seem to be the one trying to make him Chinese “in blood”. I’m not trying to “make Bruce American”, he called himself American. I’m not trying to make him anything, I wouldn’t go do something fatuous and trite like copying and pasting from another website. You can get angry at him all you want but that was his choice. It was his life, not yours.


      While there surely are men in China who work out, there aren’t many. During the day I teach English at a university in the 陕西 province, but at night I teach weightlifting and yoga. I have seen so few men in China that lift it sickens me, and even less that know what they’re doing. They few that know that the squat is the most important exercise in the gym very often end up doing a Plie Squat, which is specifically for women. There’s a reason why China is now statistically the FATTEST country in the world. Go into any city and you will see obese men and women every where you look–or the anorexic. Fast food and no exercise did the trick.

  26. Bruce Lee real information- Bruce Lee certified three instructors: Dan Inosanto, Taky Kimura, and James Yimm Lee (no relation to Bruce Lee). James Yimm Lee, a close friend of Bruce Lee, died without certifying additional students. Taky Kimura, to date, has certified one person in Jun Fan Gung Fu: his son and heir Andy Kimura. All other instructors are certified under Dan Inosanto. Prior to his death, Lee told his then only two living instructors Inosanto and Kimura (James Yimm Lee had died in 1972.) to dismantle his schools. Both Taky Kimura and Dan Inosanto were allowed to teach small classes thereafter without using the name Jeet Kune Do.
    As a result of a lawsuit between the estate of Bruce Lee (also known as Concord Moon) and the Inosanto Academy, the name “Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do” was legally trademarked, and the rights were given solely to the Lee estate. “The name is made up of two parts: ‘Jun Fan’ (Bruce’s given Chinese name) and ‘Jeet Kune Do’ (the Way of the Intercepting Fist). The development of Bruce Lee’s art from 1961 until the end of his life was one smooth and indivisible path. In the beginning, he referred to his teachings simply as Jun Fan Gung Fu. Later he further refined his art as a unique Gung fu all its own – Jeet Kune Do” (from the Bruce Lee Foundation Web site)…………

    BTW Lee told them to close all the schools and Inosanto and the other 2 ppl taught at Lees’ school because by then Lee was famous and doing movies– Lee was smart- why would be waste his time teaching when he can have his 3 students/instructors do it for him? That does not make these students/instructors anywhere near Bruce’s level it was a smart bussiness choice…. While Inosanto may be a good at his skills and a good teacher- he is not – nor will he ever be Bruce Lee!
    In fact his biggest claim to fame is he was someone Bruce Lee certified as a instructors.. would you or anyone else be as intersted in him if he was not ( in fact he was a student of Ed Parker before he was Bruce Lee’s student) He may be very very good; but being some one’s student/instructor does not mean you are the best- there may be other people better at JKD but just not as well known…. His connection to Bruce Lee is what gives him fame at times is almost seems like he still use those ” coat tails”
    If I were him— I’d want to be more like Bruce and cut the ties & not talk about ” my teacher” but talk about ” what I do” become known in my own right… Bruce Lee did not go on about who his teachers were but who HE WAS
    God Bless

  27. I’m an American of complete Western European descent and I’m dating a guy who comes from Taiwan. I know a decent amount of white girls who are particularly interested in Asian men.

  28. Meng
    Again you are wrong– Bruce Lee’s wife, parents and kids have all said he was CHINESE – check out their web site and show me where he or his family denies he is Chinese?
    He had a US citizenship just by chance; since he was born there BUT he was raised by his CHINESE parents, He left at the age of 18! That is his whole childhood he lived in HK. I take the families word over yours- You never met the man.
    Why do you try to claim him ? Who are you? What knowledge do you have?
    None~! You can’t speak for a man you do not know or never met- You do not have the right. His FAMILY does- those are the people he chose by marriage or who he was raised by not you a stranger – stop spreading falsehoods you looks so uneducated and jealous..
    Don’t you have a good US kung fu champs? YOu sound like a wannabee.

    SO if you get your Chinese citizenship? Will that really make you Chinese? Will Chinese really consider you Chinese? Will Americans?
    Even if you married and had kids with a Chinese and lived there the rest of your days- no one will ever really consider you Chinese.
    Any more than you or any American would care or consider Bruce Lee
    anything but Chinese if he as not so well known-
    There are tons of Chinese who moved to the USA at 10 , 12, 15 way younger than Bruce Lee and no American crying out “Hey these are Americans” No they say they are Chinese! Lets not try to kid anyone.

    BTW where are you in Mcd’s all day that you see so many fat Chinese HA! You are joking — !
    DO you close your eyes when you walk?

    In the US you are SO fat every other girl/guy is HUGE most guys cant wear Chinese made clothing? You are just too BIG! I am not taking height!

    Pc why are you living in CHINA- you seems to think you are better?
    Why not go back to the US?

    As far as Hookers they are just more hidden in the US? Tons more child murders there, men having sex with kids there boys and girls just hidden often with their own family!
    GO on ANY city in Craigslist in the US and find hooker galore!
    Go to all the strip clubs there some close to where kids live?
    Again get the VIP treatment-
    Also plenty of newpaper ads , yellow page ads..
    Where there are men who will buy sex you have hookers!
    How many deals are done in ” gentlemen’s clubs in the US?

    And if you have trouble finding Chinese that know Kung fu
    I can get a few who will be willing to give you a lesson or two
    Send you your mobile number…there lots of them right in Xian that
    can show you a guy who can fight

    • NO personal remarks. Ever. This is not the place for such. You can take your angst and go somewhere else. Or you can engage me on a civil level.

      Saying “I take the family’s word over yours” would imply that you have met his family. You haven’t. I am 2 steps away from Bruce. You are, what, 7, 8 steps away? And you’re basing your “knowledge” on a website? Puh-lease. Anybody can read a website.

      I’m not trying to get Chinese citizenship. What a silly idea, where did you get that? I don’t consider Bruce American just because of his citizenship. I consider Bruce American because he said he was American. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

      Chinese men are statistically more obese. Get over it. Deal with it. Exercise. Pingpong and badminton are not exercise. Even basketball is not exercise. Do you honestly think that professional basketball players only play basketball? No. They also lift weights and the like. This is why there are so many Chinese men with large shouldercaps and virtually no other muscle. On the other end of the spectrum are the obese, and their numbers are growing. There are very few men who are actually fit.

      I don’t think I’m better. It really just destroys your entire argument when you suggest such vapid ideas. I’m in China because I love the culture and I think that the future of the world lies in the friendship between China and the US, that we have so much to teach each other. You don’t seem to be helping, so I’ll let you continue contributing to entropy.

      No, there is not more prostitution or child molestation or child murder in the US. There is not. No. Sorry. Saying there’s more and it’s just hidden is ridiculous. You know that’s a load of BS. Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

      I don’t have trouble finding Chinese Kung Fu, just trouble finding anything that’s worth a damn. WuShu is very pretty to watch, but impractical in a fight. While somebody is doing all that whirling and spinning around, I’d just drive right down the pike and take them out, with boxing or grappling. Fight over. SanDa is a joke. Besides, sticking to one style is stupid anyways. Give me 6 months to train somebody in mixed martial arts and send them against somebody who’s been training in any single style forever, my guy will win. I’ve trained with guys in China and most of those guys move very fast but can’t actually throw a decent punch or kick.

  29. From the USA cdc–

    Look how many American are overweight and even obese!

    LESS THAN 1/3 of AMERICAN are at a healthy weight from your own research below:

    Over 72% of your MEN are fat!

    That’s 7 out of every 10 men you see are fat!
    Maybe one out of 10 Chinese men in China you see are fat– of course the Chinese who move to the USA will have more of a chance to get fat living there. But most do not.

    Don’t try to deny the facts or your eyes.. we know we can you so here is your proof in black and white from your own CDC
    ha ha

    Estimates on Overweight and Obesity

    The estimates on overweight and obesity in this fact sheet were taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Data are based on the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from 2003–2006 and 2007–2008.

    Q: How many adults age 20 and older are overweight or obese (Body Mass Index, or BMI, > 25)?

    A: Over two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.[4]

    All adults: 68 percent
    Women: 64.1 percent
    Men: 72.3 percent

    Q: How many adults age 20 and older are obese (BMI > 30)?

    A: Over one-third of U.S. adults are obese.[4]

    All adults: 33.8 percent
    Women: 35.5 percent
    Men: 32.2 percent

    Q: How many adults age 20 and older are extremely obese (BMI > 40)?

    A: A small percentage of U.S. adults are extremely obese.[4]

    All adults: 5.7 percent

    Q: How many adults age 20 and older are at a healthy weight (BMI > 18.5 to 30) in racial and ethnic groups is higher among non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic women than among non-Hispanic White women. Among these three groups of men, the difference in prevalence is less significant. In this context, the term Hispanic includes Mexican Americans.[4]

    Non-Hispanic Black Women: 49.6 percent
    Hispanic Women: 43 percent
    Non-Hispanic White Women: 33 percent

    Non-Hispanic Black Men: 37.3 percent
    Hispanic Men: 34.3 percent
    Non-Hispanic White Men: 31.9 percent

    (Statistics are for populations age 20 and older.)

    Q: What are the percent distributions of obesity in other racial and ethnic groups?**

    A: Gender-specific data for Asian Americans, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders are not available. Following are percent distributions of obesity for men and women in these groups. Rates of obesity among Asian Americans are much lower in comparison to other racial and ethnic groups.[8]

    Asian Americans: 8.9 percent
    Native Americans and Alaska Natives: 32.4 percent
    Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders: 31 percent

    **Statistics are for populations age 18 and older.

    • You’re right, many Americans are fat. Pretty embarrassing, then, that China is statistically fatter. Have you actually opened your eyes when in China? There are morbidly obese people everywhere, especially in the cities. Fast food and lack of exercise do the trick. Fried foods and lack of vegetables don’t help. However fat Americans are, Chinese folk take the cake. Literally.

      By the way, PLEASE stop copying and pasting wiki-style data, it’s really annoying. If you want to paste links, that’s fine, but filling the page with statistics is just annoying.

  30. Meng.
    I think what is annoying to you is you can’t face the truth, and yes my eyes are open, By the reports the USA did only 8.9 % of Asians over overweight yet 72% of the white people are.
    It is annoying that you make stuff up

  31. Meng,
    Where does Bruce Lee say he is American? I looked at ” The lost interview” all he says is he SPEAKS Cantonese and not Mandrian–
    Yeah- we knew that! Shocking! Most HK people his age did not speak Mandarain – read a history book.
    It is no surprise there..go look up the 20 movies he did while he was raised in Hk..or ask his wife she wrote a book ” Bruce Lee the man ONLY I knew” — I did not see your name anywhere in the book.
    She spent a hell of a lot more time with him than you or any Guru as you call him of yours
    Like all the years he was back living and working in his hometown on HK…..
    You foreign know it all devils are such a pain-
    return to your Motherland take your Bs there or did they ask you to leave too? You lost your face there as well?
    Maybe Korea can take you?
    Ps if you are ” sicken” by The Chinese men who do not weight lift please feel free to Return to your homeland! Anytime now.

    Also weight lifting does not require that much exercsie just strenght and who died and left you in charge to say that only weight lifting is exercise? I thinking running is much better, I guess you you ran the Olympics there would be one sport- ” weightlifting?” please give us all a break–
    Please leave.

    I am so done with you– You are a a foolish one.


      “Foreign devil”. “Return to your motherland”. Thanks. I needed a good laugh. Racism is so primitive, it’s like watching a neanderthal rooting around in their own feces.

      Stop trying to pull stuff from the “lost interview” until you’ve actually trained in Jeet Kune Do and have some clue of what he’s actually talking about. Linda Lee has gone a bit nutty. Stating that she’s the only person that knew him is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as that Taiwanese TV show, what a piece of drivel. And no, Dan spent a lot more time training with Bruce than anybody else did. That’s a fact. Get with it. I didn’t just decide to call him “Guru”, that’s his accepted title as he is likely the most qualified and knowledgeable martial arts instructor currently living. At least, that’s what the international community says. You can go ahead and dispute it, what does the international community know? You know much better, you’ve watched martial arts films and visited websites.

      I never ever said that weightlifting is the only valid exercise. I also teach yoga, which I have been practicing for 28 years. Oh and just so you don’t think I don’t know what I’m doing there either, I’m 2 steps away from Bikram Choudhury. My father and his brother lived at Bikram’s school in Japan and were his first 2 students, maybe 35 years ago.
      Running is a good warm-up, but it should not be your primary exercise. People who only run end up with ACL and knee injuries. A friend of mine who only runs recently punched his friend in the shoulder, jokingly, like “hey,” punch, and broke his hand and wrist. He now has 12 metal pins in his hand and wrist. All he had to do was some push-ups. No, weightlifting isn’t the only exercise. But real exercise means a balance between hard and soft. Real athletes know this.

      • Hey Dude,
        Wake up — Your the one of here that told people to look at the “lost interview” go read you own post–LMAO
        You do not have any right to tell people what to do-or not to do/
        You are not anyone’s Boss here and we can say what we like- if your so smart then you know JKD is a mix- so anyone can do that and there really are not many schools around and few worth training in- Yeah I have a friend that had a JKD school- he agreed. Shame but all the BS in JKD it will fade away… there are almost no JKD in the US.
        You like Japan-
        Good have a stay there

  32. Meng,
    I have a friend with a Kung fu school there in Xian ,
    Zhao Chang Jun.He is a very close friend, I am sure the students there -at the school , will love to show you some fit Chinese!
    Since he is in NJ now however, please still go visit the school anytime. Just tell them you have not found many fit Chinese and that you want to find some- Join a class ( do not worry they take it easy on the White guys- You can skip the early morning classes if you like)-
    Maybe his newphew Ma Chao if he is not in Las Vegas or Ma Yuan can teach you if they are there.

    You are not a step or two away from Bruce Lee–ha ha keep telling that story- so funny~

    Tell then they are not in good shape, as you AMericansI wonder can you even compare to the teenagers there ?
    You are a step or two away from Bruce Lee– tell yourself that in your dreams! LOL~
    If you never spoke or met him you are a Million steps away-Even the information you gave is wrong/ he grew up in the USA? he he
    I believe Bruce Lee and his family -not You- or your Guru??
    He grew up in HK the Mainland – we never try to change the fact and say he grew up in the mainland we would not like to be so foolish-
    Your Guru who has lots of schools and Lots of students of which you are one just one. Even if you are his Best student ( I doubt it) many people have met and trained with your Guru as you call him- he has a big bussiness- most of which is by the simple fact he can use Bruce Lee’s name — he built his fame on anothers fame— he is not a house hold name like Bruce or made himself a film star- he is not Jet Li. Bruce Li, Jackie Chan– How well known would he be on his own?
    Seems you went to him since you are impressed by Bruce Lee- You said you are from NYC- yet Dan his school is in CA? how do you know him so well? I guess we contact him – he will know you very well Meng?
    Is this correct? Did you ask why they do not want to Follow Bruce Lee wishes to close his schools? his family I think had to sue your teacher is this correct? What kind of friend is this?
    Yes he was a student and one THREE certified, Does not make him the best- just the one with time and money to train there… If Bruce Lived you know there would be many more cause in the end that was a bussiness … just like your teacher has as well

    So Stop making yourslef look more silly
    I am starting to pity you.

  33. Meng,
    Your teacher may be nice and good but you are annoying. The true best Kung Fu teachers are ones you will most likely never meet.
    Since they train and do not look for fame.

  34. Honestly you should check your comments before you post them because you sound like a child. I don’t mean just that you’re immature but also that you can’t put a sentence together properly. Please go over your comments first because reading them is quite frustrating and a waste of my time.

    Why would I go all the way to New Jersey to practice with somebody who insists on only teaching one style? It’s ridiculous. No serious martial artist does that anymore.

    I’m having a hard time reading a good deal of the rest of what you wrote. Honestly, it’s embarrassing for you. I’m an English teacher, and I’ve spent time with some of the most difficult novels in the English language (including the elusive Finnegan’s Wake) and reading this is killing my brain. What are you trying to say? You’ve got contradictory statements going on in the midst of each sentence.

    You’re also trying to criticize statements that I’ve never made. I think you’ve got me confused with somebody else, something that you read somewhere else. Drink some coffee, wake up, clear the wax out of your eyes, and try to put together a lucid thought.

    The one thing I did manage to get out of this without confusion is that you think that since Dan Inosanto is based out of California that he only teaches there. Not so. He travels internationally, as he is the most sought-after martial arts instructor in the world.

    Get with it! Stop making fallacious statements and please, please, take an English class if you want to take part in such discussions.

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