Photo: Outdoor Pool

China Photo: Outdoor Pool
With Summer’s inferno holding much of China tight in her sweaty clutches, I thought it poignant for the latest featured photo to be a capture of something I had never seen before coming to China, and think is all around a fantastic idea — outdoor pool (as in balls and cues, not laps and pee). Throw in a bit of chuar and a whole lot of perspiring cheap beer and summer hot summer nights don’t get any better. This is the first of three photos (Pool II and Pool III) by the very talented Michael Steverson (aka Expatriate Games)

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  1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the post! This was a fun hour or so with these guys. By the time I left the guy in the black was totally ripped and slurring his Putonghua so badly I didn’t have a clue what he was saying. It’s tough enough for me when they are sober. Still, one of those magic nights when all was right with the world.

  2. Great photo, Michael. I’ve always been a fan of your work. Pool outside is quite popular in Xinjiang as well and I loved going out in the cool evenings to watch or play. The tables weren’t always as nice as the indoor ones, but the atmosphere was much better.

  3. Very un healthy and Chinese Beer is not good at all, since must men smoke and drink in China. This looks like a very discussing habit. How about just taking a shower and clean up your act..


  4. Great imagery. Indeed some of my fondest memories in China were sitting out in the steamy evenings having some street food, drinking a few local beers and watching the world go by. Nothing beats China for street food, nothing, nowhere IMHO.

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