Foreigner arguing on a Chengdu busThe bad laowai category on Lost Laowai has grown a bit dusty over the past year or so, as I questioned whether it was a good idea to lend attention to a very small section of the foreigner crowd who were behaving badly in public (and becoming Youku stars for their efforts).

It appeared for a while that the Chinese, and more relevantly, the Chinese government, were weighing these autonomous events with more mass than they actually contained, and it threatened to hurt the community as a whole. But with the heat somewhat cooled from last year’s flame-up of angry nationalism towards us laowai, I think it’s probably important (or at least entertaining) to again start reminding foreigners that you are always being filmed, and if you lose it in public, you will get 400,000 views on Youku in the course of a day.

As is the case with a video Beijng Cream came across yesterday of a foreigner losing his shit on a bus driver in Chengdu. According to comments on the post, the guy is intermittently speaking English, Chinese and Croatian; and not in the friendliest terms.

It appears his anger stems from the bus driver not waiting for him, and in forcing him to run after the bus, either splashed him or caused him to splash in a puddle, getting his jeans in a mess and panties in a bunch.

And with that, we add “bus” to the list of troublesome methods of transport for the laowai to lose his cool (why is it never “her” cool?), along with trains (twice), cars, and just walkin’.

Stay classy my foreign friends, and maybe take a taxi.

The original Youku video seems to have been removed. If anyone knows of an in-China link to the video for any without VPN, please share in the comments.


  1. Wow! I mean we all get upset here and there, but that is just uncalled for! To be honest, it kind of reminded me of when dog owners stick their dogs noses in their mess when they accidently go indoors.

  2. To be fair, I feel this guys pain. I mean he is definitely way over the top. But we have all had days when the frustration gets too much.

    Plus, Chinese people are always screaming and shouting on buses, so it’s not like this is a laowai thing.

    But, yeah, in these situations it is better to just take a deep breath and count to 10!

  3. To be honest, i think that we shoulndt judge this guy. Though i never talk to strangers, let alone yell at them, even if others’ behaviour upsets me, i think it is for some of us foreigners quite annoying that in the chinese speaking world people are supposed to mind their own business and avoid criticizing strangers. After all, it is the bus driver s fault, he did not stop. Had the laowai got angry for no reason i d condemn him, but he did have a reason and he wanted the driver to understand that he had to care about the passangers. Trying to adjust to chinese society is a good thing, but we are not chinese and no one can ask us to hide ourselves or alter our behaviour completely. The same thing i believe should be the case for foreigners in the west.

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  5. Well, what can I say, we are human beings, no matter Chinese or Laowai. Yes, some Chinese may shout at bus driver too, but we consider them as those less educated people (缺乏教养的人). In most Chinese people’s mind, the Westerners are assumed to be better educated and polite. So no wonder this guy made some impact on Youku, because here we see a Westerner behaved like those less educated people. (even maybe he just had a bad day?).

  6. Chinese tend to be a little more disrespectful towards foreigners because they no they can get away with it…. that attitude from a lot of Chinese workers is that damn foreigner he should pay , too cheap…. why should he have to pay for a taxi? wHy did he have to get splashed with dirty water from the street and then chase the same bus that splashed him…. I would not want to count to 10. Chinese are able to go to foreign countries and save their money and buy businesses without speaking the local language that well but in china…… foreigners are expected to pay for everything that is most expensive to at least be treated with respect hence fewer foreigners are able to openshops or businesses in china

  7. Just came across this website. I was actually looking for a movie i also just learnt of last night: Lao Wai Foreigner (2013). Anyway… i have a story to tell as well, it happened to me.. it has all the ingredients for a youku blockbuster, except for.. blood. I just wanna say, i can’t take it anymore, i feel so fucking depressed.. i stay here only because i’m making some money.. but my heart is being telling me to leave.. for a long time. I read some comments.. i agree a bit with everyone. But i wanna say, to hell with stereotypes. Cause that’s just another excuse ppl use. Westerners are more polite? who said so? someone who has never being abroad? there are all kinds of ppl. Everywhere. China is a very racist country, very!!!! there’s a feeling here towards foreigners.. call it jealousy.. envy.. perhaps long-kept hate.. All the madness i see here everyday would be punish in many different ways out of this country. But here is alright. It is alright to look at my gf’s ass even when i noticed and i’m looking straight to the guy or group. it is ok disturb ppl with items one carry in bus, trains, etc.. it is ok to push you, it is ok to throw you the finished ciggie without even looking if you are behind.. it is ok to treat another human being like a thing.. it is ok to stare at ppl like they are animals.. it is ok not to have sex at all or feel like women here are just mannequins, shopping for clothes, eating and having an expensive phone are essential things. What’s love? it’s not in the list, love here is written: MONEY. i would never justify an aggressive behaviour. I don’t wish others what i don’t want for myself. But let’s face it, no one with a bit of decency could look at what’s happening and not care at all. I’m in Shanghai, want another reason for this place to SUCK?! The air is poisonous. And i feel more and more sick everyday. I’m outta here… hopefully soon. China is not the future, not for me.

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