Stanley Cup Playoffs - NHL HockeyOf all the countless things that us Canadian Laowai miss about being at home, missing the Stanley Cup Playoffs has to rank way up there — right along side real maple syrup and Anne Murray.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw that CBC was going to stream the playoffs live on their website.


But then imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was only available if you’re watching from inside Canada.


But then imagine my surprise when I found that you can work around that little stipulation with a Canadian Proxy.

Fucking A!

  • Step 1 – go to the CBC Stanley Cup 2007 Streaming Media Page
  • Step 2 – Right Click the WATCH NOW link under the LIVE tab, and copy the link shortcut. It should look something like this:
    Note: that’s from an archived game (see ARCHIVED tab), which you can watch as well!
  • Step 3Go to the proxy page, and paste the url in the text box
  • Step 4 – Go to the drop-down box labelled Select only proxies from COUNTRY, and choose ca (that means Canada!)
    Click Here for a Visual Aid
  • Step 5 – Click START SURF, and you should have hockey on your computer in a jiff!

So if you know any poor, hockey starved expats, please be sure to let them in on this little secret. You’d be making a Lost Laowai in China feel a little less lost!

Click here for 2007 NHL Playoff Schedule

October 2008 Update: You can also try watching NHL games on First install Hotspot Shield’s VPN, and you should be good to go. I’ve run the RSS feed for hockey games through this netvibes page, if you’d like to browse the latest games.


  1. It’s viewable in Windows Media Player in full screen, but shows a little blurrier than on TV.

    But that’s to be expected, I guess.

    I’ll add a screenshot to the post soon.

  2. sport is such a massively expensive (yet potentially profitable) area for TV networks, that they’re the most fiercely protected time of broadcast. Try to watch football, Formula 1, cricket, or anything online, and you’re gonna be running round in circles after 30 minutes of fruitless searches and dead-ends.

    i really hope this stops. it’s madness in a time when people want/need to consume stuff on-the-move and multimedia. hell, i’ll even pay for live English football or Formula 1 online, though free (albeit with tonnes of ads) would be preferable.

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  4. Of course, a Canadian proxy, so obvious in retrospect. Thank you very much sir.

    Now if only the Bruins were not so amazingly terrible and in the finals…

  5. Bruins schmuins…
    Whatcho talkin’ hockey for anyway, Willis?

    You’re not mistakin’ ’em with the California Golden Bears are ya, California boy?

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  7. Hey,

    I tried this, but Media Player “encountered a problem” while playing the file. (Error C00D11B1)

    Any idea why that might be?

  8. I just tried an archived game just now as well, and it came up “The Source File Could not be Loaded.”


    I’ll try a few other proxies.

    This would be just tragic if it doesn’t work anymore.

  9. You’re a god. I’m on a business trip in Texas and apparently they don’t like hockey here. But with your trick, I’m able to watch Game 6 between Detroit and Anaheim. Can’t quite see the puck and my laptop’s speakers are ass — but it’s hockey!

  10. Steven said
    [Try to watch football, Formula 1, cricket, or anything online, and you’re gonna be running round in circles after 30 minutes of fruitless searches and dead-ends.]

    Don’t know about hockey or cricket (I’m not a fan of those), but as for football or Formula 1 – there is a way not to be running around in circles. Premier Ship Live and Watch F1 online respectively have done that for you 🙂 They provide you with software and links to start watching my fav sports in about no time. I have no reasons to complaint at their services.

  11. I just tried to watch an archived game to see if it works, and it doesn’t. Same error message C00D11B1 in Media player. Anyone figure out a fix? Game 1 is tomorrow!!! I’d pay to watch the game, I can’t beleive no one offers a paid service.

  12. It seems as though the CBC has forsaken us.

    This method hasn’t seemed to work (at least from within China) for about a week now, unfortunately.

    If anything changes, I’ll keep ya posted.

    But it looks rather grim. 🙁

  13. You are a GOD!!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!! I am from Ottawa but in Hong Kong. I was so bummed this morning when I found out that I could only see the stream in Canada. I tried your fix and it worked!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  14. Well, I’ll be damned.

    It’s working now.
    Maybe it just works when the game is playing live.

    Thanks for the heads up Michael.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a game to get back to.

  15. Mine still isn’t working… Says “url not valid”. I’m using a mod-ed quick time player (i’m on a mac pb) but it worked for the previous series… any more news?

  16. ah… it now appears to be working. the proxy that i was using before didn’t work. and then i re-read your msg and found the link 🙂 Cheers from London, UK (GO SENS!!!!!!)

  17. I was in Jeju, Korea on business when game 1 was on, found this link, tried it, and it worked great! Only bummer is that the Sens lost. I’m in Seoul today and praying it wil work for Game 2. I sent an e-mail to Team1200 radio in Ottawa asking them to spread the word. I’m back in Canada for Game 3 onwards, but I sure hope this keeping working for you guys who will be away from the rest of the series. Go Sens Go!!

  18. I didn’t expect this little hack create so much excitement.

    Can you guys write a cumulative letter to my girlfriend, explaining that my online exploits are not a total waste of time?

  19. Hey there,

    I was just trying to stream from Germany, and encountered some problems using this method. I found this site which has some helpful tips that seem to be working, at least for the pre-game show:

    I didn’t use, but rather the first CBC mirror mentioned, and it’s working well. Good luck to everyone else, getting it to work!

  20. You are wonderful… thanks so much. I thought the game started at 7:30… lools like it will start at 8:00. Thanks again, I am now getting the feed

  21. Damn, Sens lost again. Anyway, thanks for the tips everyone. Hopefully it continues to work. I’m gonna spead the word as much as I can, because I know many people are looking for something to watch the games with.

  22. Rick, your girlfriend needs to understand that you are a hero to all of us fellow Canadians who are living abroad and suffering without our hockey!!!! Rick’s girlfriend, please forgive him for all the seemingly wasted time he has been spending on the internet. He deserves the “Order of Canada” for this accomplishment!!!! By the way Rick, I am living in the Caribbean and I would trade in my friggin’ beach towel for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This 1) mirror worked perfectly for Game #2. It should work anywhere in the world. It is a direct CBC mirror. The 2nd and 3rd may work as well. Also, check out, I watched NBA playoffs today as well on their software, it’s free as well a P2P thing. Just enter the following in your browser. it will ask to open media player, let it. Then you have hockey, on gametime of course.


    Rick, maybe you should add this link to the top section, as your page is the only thing that show up when you Google ‘Stanley Cup Webcast’ etc.

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  25. SOS… SOS…

    I can’t make itwork because I don’t have a “watch now” under the live tab to click on!!!

    And yet, it worked 2 days ago!!

    I tried clicking on the live tab, without much success.



  26. If you download the sopcast software, you can watch the game on there as well. I’m watching the CavsPistons and SensDucks at the same time, haha.

  27. UPDATE:
    It’s game 4 and I just tried to access the proxy page. It doesn’t seem to be working now, might be blocked…

    But if you copy the proxy link, and then go through you can access the Canadian proxy page.

    That’s a retarded workaround, but at least the game is on. 🙂

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  29. Anyone got this working for the 2008 playoffs? There’s a link to a live stream on, and I’m trying to proxy it, but all I get in the popup is a short promo video for the playoffs, no live coverage.

    Anyone have better luck?

  30. I’ve been trying to watch the Habs from here in China, just my luck, the 1st year we stand a chance, I miss out all the fun in China. I was thinking of proxying it and buying coverage, but I think it might be a little slow.

  31. thank you so much
    i’m from texas and no one likes hockey here
    i can finally watch all the pens games

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  33. I am trying to find the streaming link of TQS TVA CBMT and CBFT in Canada.Do you have any idea what these links could be? I tried with Google and am not getting anywhere.
    I live in Chongqing and when I need a proxy,I use TOR with firefox but TOR does not let me choose which country I can get a proxy from.
    So the information you give on your website is great for hockey games and will be great if I ever find the streaming link of these tv stations.

  34. Hello
    I was asking in the previous post about urls for tv stations.Forget it as I found a few websites that show these tv streams without having to use proxies.Also I would like to add that I have tried many different ways to connect using the public CGI page including what you explain at the beginning of this page.It simply doesn’t work with my computer.I am never ending on the page I want.I have tried webpages that I know are blocked in China and I can never get to these pages using the CGI page.

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