BJC - The CreamcastPopular Beijing-based blog Beijing Cream has just released the inaugural episode of The Creamcast, a weekly podcast hosted by John Artman and The Good Doctor.

The podcast’s first guest is long-time China expat Frank Yu, founder of Chinese start-up Kwestr. The format is very much unstructured and conversational, and will remind most of a typical night out with a group of foreigners shooting the shit about living in China. Clocking in at over an hour and a quarter, a lot of ground is covered, and it does meander a bit.

Difficulties aside (2 mics for 3 people, Doc spends most of the show sounding like he’s in another room); it’s a decent first effort, and I’m eager to see how the show evolves. The podcast joins the ranks of other China-focused, Beijing-based podcasts Sinica and the Time Out Beijing Podcast.

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