Hey folks, at the request of K. M. Morris at Barking at the Sun, I’ve whipped a little badge that can be placed on your blog or Web site to direct people to the Red Cross Society of China’s quake relief donation information.

China Quake Donation


You can just copy and paste that code directly into your site’s sidebar, or where ever. The graphic is on our servers here, but you are welcome to download it (right-click, save image as…) and re-upload it to your servers if you wish.

Also, please note that the link, by default, will direct people to a page here on Lost Laowai that I’ve set up with the Red Cross donation information (as well as some other ways to donate). I’ve done this for two reasons, 1. I can update it with the latest information (and alternative donation methods), and 2. the Red Cross Society of China’s site was working intermittently at best (3 of 5 times I accessed it, it wouldn’t load).

You are, of course, welcome to change the link to link directly to the Red Cross’ information about quake relief, or their donation page. The links are:

Know of other donation methods?

If you have any information on other ways in which people can donate time, money or needed items, please contact us and I’ll include it on the above mentioned page.


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  2. I tried putting a link to the Chinese Red Cross on my blog last night, but the page wouldn’t load. Second link on this page doesn’t work either. I ended up getting an American Red Cross badge on the page instead. I guess it’ll work better since the vast majority of my readers are in the US.

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  4. Hey People…I just ran into your site…It’s great! I spent 3 year in china, and I am so moved by all the generous people that are helping China in her need…!!
    I am in Canada now, safe and secure, but do you know?… it could happen here as well! We need to help each other on Planet Earth…So to all you expats sipping coffe on the Circle, in Shenzhen or any place at all…your’e great, It feels good to be a member of mankind, so we can help our Chinese brothers and sisters! Thanks!!!

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