ready for takeoff? As a regular air traveler to and from Beijing, I read with much interest the details of the new Beijing terminal that was showcased yesterday. I have no doubt the “design is gorgeous”. I have no doubt that the “design is world-class.” And since it’s China (quality control anyone?), I’m sure they built it really really quickly. But when it comes to airports, I want efficiency, I want good amenities and I want good customer service. Does it even need to be stated that I don’t want to be scammed?

Anyone who’s traveled through Beijing Capital airport a few times will have their own horror stories to tell. Uniformed airport workers scamming you for money, ill treatment from airline ground staff, delays that stretch hours if not days…signs in English that are difficult to interpret..the list goes on and on.
I’m sure it wouldn’t cost billions of dollars to hire the people who train the airport workers from Hong Kong International airport, voted the best airport in the world for 2007. HKIA wasn’t voted the best airport simply because it had a beautiful design but because of its amenities and customer service are top notch.

It is my hope that they hire ‘world class’ people to work and run this ‘world class’ terminal. Or else it will be like many other grand infrastructure projects in China: a beautiful shell with nothing good inside.

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  1. My first trip to the Beijing airport I fell into that “helpful guy in uniform” scam. Being onguard for things like this, I just sort of brushed him off, but it didn’t stop him from asking for money for leading me to the security check – dork.

    The Olympics might not bring prosperity and clean air to all – but if they can inspire an airport that doesn’t allow in touts like some 3rd world backwater… that be decent.

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