***Cross-posted on PandaPassport.com. Re-posting here, in an effort to help out some fellow Laowai in China.

Yeah, you heard me. A gaelic football team in China. If you don’t know what gaelic/Irish football is, that doesn’t really matter so much. Just check it out below in the video. Long story short, there’s a team here in Dalian, China — not a likely place to find that brand of football either. The Dalian Wolfhounds, as they’re called, have quite a few Chinese starters this year, more than any other team I’m told. That’s great to see. It’s almost like the Jamaican bobsled team, in a way — only without the bobsled and stuff.

They’ve been training every week and drinking their milk, and fund-raising as well, in the hopes of traveling to Malaysia for the All-Asia Games on October 11th and 12th. Read more about that here, on their blog. But they could use your help. If you have a paypal account, it’d be much appreciated if you send a modest donation. No amount is too small.

Update 9/28: Mikey Farrelly, coach of the Wolfhounds, has just announced that unfortunately they didn’t reach their fund-raising target, and will not be able to make the trip to Malaysia. However, your donations are still welcome, as they will continue fund-raising for the club — and according to Mikey, they are “going to hit next year’s China Games like a ton of bricks!”


  1. “some people can’t believe”
    Gaelic football doesn’t exist outside the emerald isle. There are a few places that put up imitation teams [a few in the USA, UK and probably one or two other parts of the world] but to see the real thing there is only one way and one place. So a Chinese Gaelic Football team – it’s just an oxymoron. Amusing, but not to be taken seriously.

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