For anyone in the PRC, you may have noticed that Flickr images have been blocked lately. Getting onto the site isn’t a problem, but it would appear the site that serves the images has made the ever-fluctuating black list of the Great Firewall of China.

Fortunately, John over at Sinosplice was nice enough to share Access Flickr!, a little gem of a Firefox plugin that lets all us unfortunate to be subject to the schitzo on again off again (more off again) whims of the GFW view Flickr in all its photographical glory.


  1. That’s what we’re here for 😉 Well, credit really needs to go to Sinosplice, and he gives credit to a Flickr board (or something)… but it’s all about sharing 😉

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  3. Hi, but unfortunately after installing firefox and the access flickr plug in, I still cannot login to flickr at

  4. @Eoin: The Access Flickr plugin is not for helping you log into Flickr – that, best I know, isn’t blocked (or wasn’t earlier today).

    The plugin allows you to see the photos from Flickr. The flickr block was limited to the domains that host flickr photos (not the actual flickr domain), and so this allowed a way to circumvent the problem.

  5. Hey Eoin, I can’t go to that site either and am not really sure what that site is. Not sure why you’re unable to log in. I’ve not noticed any problems with the login on Flickr’s main site when I log in.

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