Hong Kong-based photographer, and sometimes LLW blogger, Derrick Chang is on a mission to keep Sichuan warm this winter.

Though the region is usually most associated with hot and steamy bamboo forests, when the winter months hit, much of Sichuan is very cold and rainy – a fact that is no doubt looming on the minds of the many left homeless by the May 12 earthquake.

To help with this, Derrick has decided to spend his Christmas holidays in Sichuan “to volunteer and shoot a photo documentary of the lives of the earthquake victims and social workers who are supporting them.”

Additionally, he is raiding his closet and asking us all to do the same to help assure these people who have already endured so much can at least be kept warm.

From the Keep Sichuan Warm Facebook Group:

My social worker contacts working in the region (from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Guangzhou’s Zhongshan University) tell me that warm winter clothing would be most appreciated and I will be emptying out my closets for un(der)used clothing and bringing it with me on my trek to the villages.

I would like to ask my friends especially those in Hong Kong and southern China to donate whatever warm clothes/toys they can for this effort. If I collect more than I can carry in my luggage on the flight, I will probably post the excess clothing to the social workers in the area.

If you would like to send some winter clothes (new or old), be sure to contact Derrick via the Facebook group, or his Web site (maskofchina.com), for more information.


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  2. sichuan has suffered a terrible earthquake on may 12 this year.and many lives peished there.i am terribly sad when i watch the TV. what i want to say is that the earthquake is cold and lifeless,but we human being has the feeling that can help us pull through this disaster.i believe china will be better in the future.
    i am very thankful to those foreiners who donated or gave any kind of aid to sichuan and those people who are from hong kong.it is very kind of you to give china a lot of help.

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