I’ve been hesitant to write much about the violent [*pro*] underway in [*tib*], as I figured it was a sure way to get the site blocked(a la YouTube).

However, I’m really impressed with the folks over at Peking Duck and their ongoing updates about the [*tib*] situation. Additionally, there’s some fantastic activity in the comments coming from both (all?) camps of the issue. I encourage you all to check it out.

Also, Michael D. Manning’s Opposite End of China is dishing out some great coverage of the topic, and how things have spilled over into other areas of the country. It is, however, being blocked for those of us in-country

Which brings me to the fact that I’ve had a handful of folks contact me about their blogs being blocked after writing about [*tib*], and looking for advice on how to get around it.

First, if you’re not familiar already, definitely brush up on how the great firewall works. Particularly points #3 and #4 about URL keyword and content scanning blocks.

Obviously the easiest way to keep your site accessible to those in China is not to write about [*tib*], and particularly the [*pro*] there.

If you absolutely must, and your blog is on the WordPress platform, you may consider installing a plugin I developed a while back called Censortive. You can see it at work in this post. All the “sensitive” words that might get you in heat with the [*chingov*] are replaced by graphical representations so as to avoid tripping the censor sensors.


  1. Ryan, how do you talk to your spouse about an event like this? Here’s how I did:

    Me: “wow, the stock market has really shot down today. Must have been because of the news.”
    Her: “what news?”
    Me: “Well, the FED dropped interest rates again, and there’s a riot in Lhassa”
    Her: “WHAT??”
    Me: “Yep, they dropped the rate again.”

    The conversation hasn’t extended past that, darn.

  2. Haha, actually my wife often knows what’s going on before me. She’s obsessive about reading the newspaper (having a puppy around has given her ample excuse to buy them – as I generally think Chinese newspapers aren’t even fit for pissing on).

    Granted, her knowledge of what’s happening has a distinct “riotous terrorists attacking the bringers of harmony” slant.

  3. is interesting how history repeat itself,i wonder how many foreigners had been pissed to losing some hole in their favourite golf match at the time when the taiping yang was doing some “noise” in the north 200 years ago…

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