Back in June, I posted about The Walking Dutchman, Jans Vroomans. This dude is pretty hardcore. He set out last year, on October 14 (2006), from the Netherlands. His intention was to walk all the way to China, passing through the Ukraine, Russia, and Kazachstan.

Ambitious hey? And here I find it hard to walk to Wal~Mart…

 The Walking Dutchman

Anyway, here we are one year later – almost to the day – and believe it or not Jans has arrived in China. He hasn’t updated his site in English yet, but he is flying a china flag on his site.  And here’s the map of his route which proudly proclaims that he’s successfully arrived at the Chinese border.

Congradulations Jans!  And welcome to China.
I hope you brought your passport. It’d be a shame to have to run back and get it…

Walking Dutchman Website

Crossing the finish line: Hope you brought your passport!
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  1. woho, this sounds incredible and awesome. I only heard of people who wanted to cycle to China just in time to arrive at the olympics. But walking?! I can’t imagine how exhausting it would be to cross the deserts and the mountains…

  2. You know there’s some guy sitting in a cubicle in Northern California, with his nose sticking out over a pile of TPS reports and manila folders, reading this article and slumping dejectedtly lower in his chair. Walk on, Jans, walk on.

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