unclemao.jpgHey you. Yeah, you with the chopstick cramped hands, belly full of Gong Bao Ji Ding and a cough that just wont go away. We’re looking for a few people with a unique voice and solid relationship with their keyboard to help us fill this space with more than just requests for writers.

Now that the Lost Laowai Blog has got some footing and posts under our belt, we’re on the lookout for some writers and we think you might just be that person.

I know what you’re thinking – how can we know it’s you we’re looking for… and the truth is, we’ve been watching you for sometime. We’ve followed you into those stalls where you defied all laws of balance to keep from soiling yourself. We’ve witnessed the look of pure hatred you gave upon hearing your 10,000th “helloooo”. We watched silently as you ‘accidently’ elbowed that old lady in the face getting on the bus. We were even there that fluid-filled night you left out of your postcards home.

We shed some tears the first time you were able to ordered off a menu yourself, and more tears when it arrived all wrong. We watched you struggle with pronunciation, constipation and navigation. We know it’s you we’re looking for, because you’re one of us – a Lost Laowai.

So, now that you know we know you are the you we are talking about… check out the details and let us know if you’re interested.


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  2. Are you paying or is this a “volunteer” position. I already have several of those and have been a blogger for several years. I can do it.

    But not for free 🙂 Not no more does this old broad write entertainingly for free.

    Google annegb. I’ve been posting mostly at Mormon sites, but I can write about almost anything. And entertain.

  3. Hi, i am very interested about what you offer , i am living in Lijiang Yunnan China now , i have worked for a ecotourism company for last two years ,i quit two months ago ,i have a good communication skill and english literacy , please give my details .

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