zhangziyi-topless-beachIn what, shamelessly, promises to be one of the most popular posts here at Lost Laowai, Zhang Ziyi‘s itty bitty titties have popped up and are on display across the Inter web this week – with postings at Tianya, Netease and an 80+ image set at X17 Galleries (seemingly blocked in China).

The photos show the 29-year-old Chinese starlet (of Memoirs of a Geisha, House of the Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, etc. fame) on a St. Barts’ beach with her fiance Aviv Nevo, a rich Israeli venture capitalist (seen in the photos getting handsy with Ziyi’s tush).

(h/t to Twitterer Niubi)


    • SHe is one of the hottest asian actresses in hollywood. I truely wish people would stap hunting her down and snapping these pics. No one would like that if it was them! Its so rude and inconsiderate. I wish i could gouage the eyes out of all papparazzi ! hahaha

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    Man, it’d be worth translating some of these comments too, although I’m sure the folks at ChinaSMACK are on top of it, or will be shortly anyway. Nice find, though. And X17 galleries works in Harbin, too, although it is loading extremely slowly.

    Also, nice title. You’ll be getting Google traffic for years and years with that one.

  2. This is pretty bad timing considering that the government has been busy slapping the wrists of a lot of websites for ‘yellow’ content that feature near-nudity and raunchy poses, such as is seen in many Chinese internet “portals” that drum up more traffic through their “mei nv” and “mei mei” channels.

    So, with that in mind, this might not spread quite so much through mainstream Chinese websites, as it might have had it happened just a few days ago.

    That X17 site is not blocked here in China, but it is a bit slow. I’m now up to picture 8 of 81, but still no flash of tits. Did I just say that out loud? :-p

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    @Charlie: That’s sort of what I figured, re: chinaSMACK – I’ll leave it to the experts. 🙂

    @Steven: That it’s already on Tianya and Netease either illustrates that users aren’t aware of the crackdown, or simply don’t care.

    Though I completely disagree with the censorship, I do think it destroys the already broken credibility when a major national news portal (ie China Daily) uses hot chicks to sell their news… I mean, even blue collar rags keep the sunshine girls to one page. But maybe I’m just bitter because the pictures never seem to lead where they’re supposed to.

    @John: I think the best part of the pictures (of the ones I saw – I didn’t even get to #8 Steven) was Vivi’s big grin and giving what (in my imagination at least) looks like a raspberry to Ziyi’s ass.

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  5. She’s an individual, and she’s a celebrity. So she can flaunt her body however she wants to. I am Chinese-American, but I don’t feel she’s done any shame to me, because that’s her business. There are many western starlets go topless before they become famous: ie Angelina Jolie. Beautiful women should be appreciated.

    Now it depends how you define beauty, some define beauty by their skinny itsy bitsy titties, others with full melons 😉 I tend to like thin women more, Zhang, Keira, etc 😀

  6. Zhang is intimate with her fiance in a private beach, so there’s nothing wrong or shameful about the actions they did. It’s what romantic and loving couples do. It’s not a big deal. They just got caught that’s all 🙂

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